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Cat hair

Tips on How to Remove Cat Hair From Clothing

Cat hair

Every cat lover can list dozens of reasons why they can’t live without their favorite feline. The cuddling, the purring, the simple beauty … there are so many things to cherish about this amazing animal. Chances are, however, you probably won’t find anyone with the following item on their list: cat hair. If every rose has its thorns, cat hair is definitely the thorn associated with owning a cat. These clingy hairs can find their way onto every surface in a house, especially clothing.

So what can you do to remove cat hair from your t-shirts, sweaters and every other article of clothing you own? The first line of defense starts with your environment. Good housekeeping (the habit, not the magazine) can do wonders in the battle to keep cat hair from becoming a staple of your wardrobe. Frequent cleaning, including sweeping hard floor surfaces and vacuuming carpets, is very important to keeping pet hair out of the house. Be sure to thoroughly vacuum furniture as well. If your cat is fond of sleeping on a certain piece of furniture in your home, use a removable slipcover which can be frequently washed to remove hair.

Another method for keeping cat hair off clothing involves removing the hair from the cat itself. Try using a pet brush or a pet hair roller from your local pet supply store to remove loose hairs from your pet before they have a chance to cling to other items. As a bonus, your cat will likely enjoy the extra attention given during the process.

Once you have reduced the amount of cat hair in your environment, you can then focus on ways to remove those remaining hairs that find their way onto your clothing. Lint brushes and hair rollers are excellent tools to accomplish this task, and they can be found at nearly every retailer that sells clothing. For a cheaper solution, try wrapping a length of masking tape (or any type of thick tape) around your hand and patting it over the material’s surface to trap the hairs. While this method is probably not a good long-term solution, it will get the job done in a pinch.
If you have time, toss your fur-covered items into the dryer with a fabric softener sheet. The fabric softener will take away the static cling and the hair will be sucked into the dryer vent.

Washing your garments regularly will also remove cat hair. Be careful what you do with your clothing once it comes out of the dryer, however. Cats love to snuggle up in piles of warm, freshly washed clothing, so take the time to hang your items or tuck them away in a closet or dresser to avoid a repeat of cat hair cling.

If you enjoy cuddling and playing with your cat, it’s probably a good idea to find some “play clothes” that you don’t mind getting hair on. Keep this set of clothing away from other items in your wardrobe, ensuring a fuzz-free appearance.