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Pippi Longstocking

How to Dress Like Pippi Longstocking

Pippi Longstocking

Pippi Longstocking is a fictional character from a series of children’s books. Pippi is a child living in a Swedish village with just her monkey and her horse. She doesn’t live with any relatives or adults and spends most of her time with two children who live next door, with whom she shares many adventures. Pippi is very cunning and very adventurous and is quick to dupe any adult who does not treat her and her friends nicely. Pippi is also unusually strong and can even pick up her horse with her own two hands.

To go along with her adventurous spirit, Pippi has a style all her own. With her mismatched clothes and whimsical hair, she is a sight to behold! And dressing like Pippi Longstocking can be as much of a crazy experience as the girl herself. Fun and easy, dressing like Pippi Longstocking just takes some preparation and a sense of adventure.

The most recognizable thing about Pippi Longstocking’s appearance is her hair. It’s fiery red and done up in braids that stick out straight from her head. Most people don’t have red hair, so a wig is a good option when trying to get the Pippi look. If you have hair that’s long enough, you can duplicate the style even if it’s not red. Part your hair in the middle and braid each half into equal braids. Slide a wire such as a straightened clothes hanger or some pipe cleaners down the center of each braid to get them to stick out. To make the look authentically Pippi, spray your hair with temporary red hair color. You should be able to find this at a costume shop. At the end of each braid tie a strip of brightly colored fabric or ribbon in a bow.

The next most noticeable element of Pippi’s style is her mismatched wardrobe. Pippi is often in a dress, usually a patchwork jumper. If you can’t find a patchwork jumper you can always use a brightly colored or patterned jumper that you can get at a thrift store or department store. Short overalls are another option if you can’t find a jumper. Wear either the overalls or the jumper over a turtle neck or bright t-shirt to complete the outfit.

On her feet and legs Pippi wears knee high socks in a variety of bright colors and patterns. Find some knee high socks to wear, even if they don’t match, and you’ll get the Pippi look. Add some big clunky shoes, maybe lace-up leather boots or chunky clogs. You could also try some Converse sneakers to get the look.

Pippi was a little girl so not much makeup is required except to replicate her famous freckles on your face. Use an eyeliner pencil or some costume makeup to dot freckles across your nose and cheeks.

Pippi Longstocking is an iconic image in children’s literature. Dressing like Pippi is fun and easy as long as you have the right materials. Once you do you can pull off the look in no time.

Jack Sparrow

How to Dress Like Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow

The Pirates of the Caribbean movies really put Jonny Depp on the map as a marquee actor. What’s more is that it ushered in a whole new style in fashion. Call it the “pirate fashion” or the “Jack Sparrow fashion” but if you want to achieve the look you have to be particular in what you wear.

It should be noted that the look of Jack Sparrow turned out totally different than what the writers envisioned. The original design for Jack Sparrow was a much more dumbed-down version than the version you saw on the movie screen. Once Johnny Depp was hired to play Sparrow he brought on a whole host of changes that really spiced up the outfit.

Starting at the head you will need to get a red bandana. Don’t use a bandana with paisleys or any other design, stick to a solid red one. If you really want to go for the look all the way then you have to get yourself a tricone which is the signature three cornered leather hat worn by Sparrow in the movie.

Your shirt should consist of a white silk shirt with puffy sleeves. Make sure that at least the top four buttons are undone and do not button the cufflinks. Your coat should be a lightweight silk tweed frock coat and needs to be light brown in color. While wearing the coat never button it up, always leave it open.

As for your mid-section you will need a rather thick belt with an outrageously big buckle. Depp later wore two belts but one will suffice if you don’t want two. Next a nice pink silk sash needs to be worn. Simply tie it around your waist and let it hang off to one side.

The pants can be any type of trouser that is light brown in color. If you wish a pair of corduroys will do the trick. Just be sure that the color of the pants is one shade lighter than the thigh high suede boots –folded down- that you will also need to wear.

As far as accessories goes you can get a satchel and have the strap go diagonally across you chest and hang it off your side. Old looking guns and swords are a nice touch too.

If you really want to commit to the style, you will need earrings, several rings, and trinkets for your hair –if your hair is long enough.- Dark makeup around your eyes is also part of the look. Jack Sparrow had several gold teeth but that is not a necessity for the fashion. Finish it off with a scruff face and a long goatee with two braids.

If you go to these lengths it will hard for anyone to distinguish you from the real Jack Sparrow. Now all you will need to do is talk like you are drunk or do what Depp did for the movie and mimic the voice and movements of Rolling Stones guitar player Keith Richards and the illusion will be complete. Now you will be living the Jack Sparrow fashion.