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Dwight Shrute

How to Dress Like Dwight Schrute

Dwight Shrute

One of the most popular television shows in the last couple of years is The Office. One of the main characters on the show is Dwight Schrute, played by actor Rainn Wilson. Dwight works for the fictional company Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. Though he is one of the salesmen he continually tries to elevate himself to be seen as second-in-command to the office manager, Michael Scott. Dwight acts like a know-it-all, is relatively humorless, wants to be the boss of every one of his peers, and is quite gullible and is therefore often the target of pranks and tricks.

Dwight is one of the most popular characters on the show. His sense of fashion on the show works well to portray his nerdy nature as well as his hunger for authority, which he never truly claims. He has a unique sense of style that is easy and fun to imitate. Dressing like Dwight Schrute just takes a few simple steps.

A great place to shop for Dwight Schrute style clothing is a thrift or second-hand store. Dwight wears drab suits and basic shirts and ties and a thrift store would have just what you need to get his look.

When dressing like Dwight Schrute the first thing to get is a shirt. He prefers geeky short-sleeved, button down variety in colors such as mustard yellow, lime or olive green. To go with the shirt select a tie that doesn’t necessarily match the shirt. Dwight tends to go with mismatched items when he dresses.

The next important item is a suit. Thrift or bargain is the keyword here! Earth tones are big with Dwight as are off colors such as muted beige and gray and strange tones of brown and blue. If the sleeves are too short, that’s ok, that would fit Dwight’s style.

To really get the Dwight Schrute look you have to wear a pair of glasses. They can’t be fancy or with a designer label, they must be simple, preferably with simple frames and sort of an old school oval shape. You cannot get the Dwight look without the glasses!

Finally, when dressing like Dwight Schrute you have to get the hair right. Dwight does not necessarily have a full head of hair, but what he has is quite something! It’s somewhat unruly, looks like it needs to be cut, and is haphazardly parted down the middle. And don’t forget the sideburns. Dwight has sideburns that come down to the bottom of his earlobe. They’re not significantly large, but they are significant to his look. As far as hair goes, make sure you go sans facial hair. Dwight is always clean shaven.

Dwight Schrute, though a fictional character, is a popular guy with a huge following. Dressing like Dwight Schrute can be fun and funny. A few simple and inexpensive thrift store items will have you well on your way to looking the part of the Dunder Mifflin salesman.

Charlie Chaplin

How to Dress Like Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin was an English actor born in 1889 who became one of the iconic images of early Hollywood. He started as a theater actor before moving into comedy in his early twenties. In his 65 years in the entertainment industry he wrote, produced and acted in countless films. However, even with all of these accomplishments, Charlie Chaplin was, and still is, best known and always quickly recognized for his tramp character.

Charlie Chaplin created the tramp costume when he was 24 years old for a role in a film. He came up with the costume based on contradictions. He chose big shoes and a tiny hat, baggy pants and a tight jacket. He then added a moustache to make himself look older without extra makeup that would hide his expressions. Dressing like Charlie Chaplin can be easy but it requires the right articles of clothing to pull it off successfully.

To dress like Charlie Chaplin the first and most important piece for the outfit is the hat. Charlie Chaplin’s tramp character always wore a black derby, also known as a bowler hat.  The hat you wear to dress like Charlie Chaplin must be black with a rounded top.

The next item for the tramp costume is a black tailcoat. The jacket should be at least fitted if not a bit tight. Under the tailcoat be sure to wear a white shirt, and if it’s a bit wrinkled, all the better to fit the character. If you have a black or gray vest to add under the jacket, that’s a great addition. Next you need a tie, bow tie is preferable but an ascot will do. Now you’re halfway to completing the look.

Once you have the jacket, shirt, tie and hat, the next thing you need to dress like Charlie Chaplin is a baggy pair of trousers. Black is ideal but a dark gray would suffice. Make sure they’re quite oversized, but not too long. Charlie’s pants were loose but they didn’t drag on the ground. Make sure you wear a belt to keep them up!

For your feet you must wear oversized shoes. Charlie Chaplin wore a size 14, so big on him that he had to wear them on the wrong feet just to keep them on. Black dress shoes of some variety would be perfect. Just don’t go overboard with the size, you don’t want to end up tripping over your feet for the sake of a good costume.

Finally, to really create an authentic Charlie Chaplin look, there are two other must-have items. First, you have to add the fake moustache. Charlie used crepe hair but you can use a costume moustache or you can pencil one in with a makeup grease pencil or a simple black eyeliner pencil. Second, you need a cane. Charlie Chaplin carried a bamboo cane, but any simple, single-colored cane will work.

Charlie Chaplin’s tramp character evokes a sense of whimsy and joy. This well-known personality has become a favorite for Halloween and costume occasions. Once you have all of the pieces pulled together, dressing like Charlie Chaplin can be simple and entertaining.

Fortune teller

How to Dress Like a Fortune Teller

Fortune teller

A fortune teller is someone who foretells your personal future. Typically known to use mystical or supernatural means to do so, most people picture a woman in a dark room peering into a crystal ball to see your future. Fortune tellers are often thought of as beautiful and seductive and can be mysterious and intriguing.

Fortune tellers are known to have a certain style which many people choose to interpret or emulate on occasions such as Halloween or for costume parties. In order to duplicate their style and dress like a fortune teller there are couple of simple things to keep in mind. First and foremost are the layers. From the top to the skirt to the jewelry, layers are essential. Also, wear bright colors and lots of them. Wear lots of purple, red and gold. There are very few fortune teller fashions that include boring beige or simple monochromatic tones.

If you want to dress like a fortune teller your first step is to find a top. The perfect top would be a peasant blouse with puffy sleeves. Bright colors are preferred but white will do. A blouse that ties or has a draw string at the neck or a loose fit with a v-neck is perfect. You can also add a vest over the shirt or even a cape.

The next item is a skirt. A full skirt that comes down to at least mid-calf is ideal, especially if it has many layers and many colors. Around the waist of the skirt you should wear a long scarf or sash that ties on the side and hangs long. If you are a male, wear loose trousers in a dark color.

Next on the list is jewelry. To dress like a fortune teller you need lots of jewelry. Wear big hoop or chandelier earrings, lots of big bead necklaces or long strands of gold chains. Make sure you wear many gold and silver bangle bracelets and wear as many big, chunky rings with sparkly fake gems as you can fit on your fingers.

For your head, the best choice is a scarf. Wear it low on your forehead, just above your eyebrows, and tie it in the back. Use a long scarf so the tied ends hang down your back. If you have long hair wear it down and in lots of curls. If you are a male dressing as a fortune teller, you can wear a scarf or you can choose to wear a turban with a sparkly jewel attached to the front.

Wear lots of makeup to portray the mysterious look of a fortune teller. Do your eyes in dark, smoky colors and wear a matte red lipstick. You can even add a subtle beauty mark on your cheek or above your lip.

Dressing like a fortune teller can be fun and easy. Make sure you wear lots of flowing layers and lots of beautiful colors and you’ll be able to pull off the perfect look.

White trash

How to Dress Like White Trash

White trash

If you’re invited to a costume party or looking for ideas for Halloween or your school’s spirit week, you may want to consider dressing like white trash. It’s not morally correct to judge a person by their appearance, or label an entire group of people as trash, but if you’re looking for an innovative way to poke fun at stereo-types, dress up like one. It brings consciousness to the stereo-type and is an instant conversation starter.

Dressing like white trash is very easy to do. It requires dedication to your costume, though, because white trash is very much an attitude. The attitude is a study in contrasts. White trash cares deeply about cars, patriotism, and beer. They are very proud. That said, white trash does not care as much about their physical appearance. White trash will wear clothes with stains or tears. They will wear dirty shoes. They are also guilty of not washing their hair every day, which creates a greasy, matted appearance. White trash may or may not care for their teeth.

Women looking to dress in this fashion need to consider tattoos. White trash love tattoos. One of the most popular tattoos is the affectionately named “tramp stamp.” A tramp stamp is a tattoo on the lower back, just above the panty line. It should peak through clothes when you bend over. Some tramp stamps are just decorative laurels, but many of these tattoos spell out a name, usually the name of a boyfriend or husband.

Another popular tattoo spot is over the bosom. White trash women usually sport tattoos on the cleavage. These tattoos are partially visible when wearing tank or tubes tops. Cleavage tattoos are most often flowers, but can also be hearts with a name inscribed. Other popular locations are on the ankles, over the shoulder, on the arm, and on the back of the calf. Whichever tattoo you choose, and you must choose a tattoo, you can buy temporary ones. Of course, you can just get a tattoo and fully commit to the role.

Aside from tattoos, wardrobe is very important. White trash women wear tight clothes, usually creating unflattering ripples and bulges. A good tip is to shop at your local thrift store. You can purchase lots of unbearably tight clothes. Be on special look out for acid washed jeans. These jeans are the lightest blue, or gray. They look overly washed, and tragically 1980s. Make sure the jeans are three sizes too small. This also applies to shorts. White trash loves to wear shorts, especially cut-off jean shorts, and the tighter the better. If you can’t button up the pants, that’s even better.

Shirts are easy. They should be shorter than you’re comfortable with, on the same level with your belly button, so that when you raise your arms, it goes up, and shows your stomach. Make sure to invest in t-shirts with holes in them. Halter tops are also very popular, because they show off skin and tattoos. Never wear a bra.

If you’re a man looking to capture the white trash look, invest in a mullet wig. Mullets are haircuts that look short in the front, but long in the back. Ironically, most of the tips for women also work for men. Tight clothes are a must. Short shirts and shorts are also appropriate. Tattoos, preferably of the rebel flag, are also recommended. You may also want to wear dirty boots, wife beater t-shirts, and leather jackets when you’re going somewhere fancy.

Remember that stereo-types are wrong, but making fun of them is right.

Jack Sparrow

How to Dress Like Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow

The Pirates of the Caribbean movies really put Jonny Depp on the map as a marquee actor. What’s more is that it ushered in a whole new style in fashion. Call it the “pirate fashion” or the “Jack Sparrow fashion” but if you want to achieve the look you have to be particular in what you wear.

It should be noted that the look of Jack Sparrow turned out totally different than what the writers envisioned. The original design for Jack Sparrow was a much more dumbed-down version than the version you saw on the movie screen. Once Johnny Depp was hired to play Sparrow he brought on a whole host of changes that really spiced up the outfit.

Starting at the head you will need to get a red bandana. Don’t use a bandana with paisleys or any other design, stick to a solid red one. If you really want to go for the look all the way then you have to get yourself a tricone which is the signature three cornered leather hat worn by Sparrow in the movie.

Your shirt should consist of a white silk shirt with puffy sleeves. Make sure that at least the top four buttons are undone and do not button the cufflinks. Your coat should be a lightweight silk tweed frock coat and needs to be light brown in color. While wearing the coat never button it up, always leave it open.

As for your mid-section you will need a rather thick belt with an outrageously big buckle. Depp later wore two belts but one will suffice if you don’t want two. Next a nice pink silk sash needs to be worn. Simply tie it around your waist and let it hang off to one side.

The pants can be any type of trouser that is light brown in color. If you wish a pair of corduroys will do the trick. Just be sure that the color of the pants is one shade lighter than the thigh high suede boots –folded down- that you will also need to wear.

As far as accessories goes you can get a satchel and have the strap go diagonally across you chest and hang it off your side. Old looking guns and swords are a nice touch too.

If you really want to commit to the style, you will need earrings, several rings, and trinkets for your hair –if your hair is long enough.- Dark makeup around your eyes is also part of the look. Jack Sparrow had several gold teeth but that is not a necessity for the fashion. Finish it off with a scruff face and a long goatee with two braids.

If you go to these lengths it will hard for anyone to distinguish you from the real Jack Sparrow. Now all you will need to do is talk like you are drunk or do what Depp did for the movie and mimic the voice and movements of Rolling Stones guitar player Keith Richards and the illusion will be complete. Now you will be living the Jack Sparrow fashion.