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How to Dress Like a Zombie


Who hasn’t seen the classic movie night of the Living Dead? If you haven’t seen it, the movie features the ‘living dead’ or what are better known as zombies walking the streets in a quest for fresh brains. Once one of these zombies bit a living person, that person was quickly transformed into a zombie and they too began to roam the streets. Sound fun?

If walking amongst the living dead sounds like your sort of thing, here are some sure fire tips that will have you looking like a zombie:

•    Shirts: Since the zombies were simply the living dead, they really wore whatever they died in. But to truly pull off the zombie look you want to go with a shirt that is dirty and tattered as this will show that you may have once been buried, but rose again to eat some brains. An easy shirt to use to pull off this look is a white long sleeved button down shirt that is half tucked in and half untucked. Unbutton the top two or three buttons and wear a dirty tie, just be sure it is tied loosely.

•    Pants:
Slacks do the trick here, especially with the button down shirt look. To get the authentic zombie look go ahead and tear one of the pant legs and tear it good. Be sure that the skin that will be exposed through the tear is dirty.

•    Shoes: A nice pair of dress shoes is the ticket and be sure that you leave at least one untied. Again, you have to be sure that the shoes are dirty and worn looking to give it the proper look. You don’t want to look grubby everywhere else and have sparkly clean shoes. Want to throw everyone for a loop, try wearing only one shoe. This gives the illusion that you lost one of your shoes rising from the grave, or perhaps because you were chasing down an unwilling brain donor.

•    Women:
Alright those tips were certainly for the guys but there are surely ladies that want to dress like zombies too. Your look is even easier than the fellows. Simply get a nice looking sun dress or any other type of dress and make sure you get it nice and dirty. If you want to tear your dress in certain spots that is great and an easy tear to accomplish is a strap being sure to leave it dangle after tearing. You will have more skin showing than the guys so be sure that your flesh is showing its fair share of dirt. You can also try wearing only one earring as if to show that your trip through the dirt was not an easy one, or go with big hoop earrings that are mis-shapened.

•    Hair:
The messier the better. This applies for both the guys and the gals. Get it good and tattered looking and hold it in place with some extra firm hair spray.

Now just practice walking around with your arms straight out in front of you and mumble a lot and your zombie look is complete. Just be sure to stay away from the brains, you don’t need to be that authentic.

Dwight Shrute

How to Dress Like Dwight Schrute

Dwight Shrute

One of the most popular television shows in the last couple of years is The Office. One of the main characters on the show is Dwight Schrute, played by actor Rainn Wilson. Dwight works for the fictional company Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. Though he is one of the salesmen he continually tries to elevate himself to be seen as second-in-command to the office manager, Michael Scott. Dwight acts like a know-it-all, is relatively humorless, wants to be the boss of every one of his peers, and is quite gullible and is therefore often the target of pranks and tricks.

Dwight is one of the most popular characters on the show. His sense of fashion on the show works well to portray his nerdy nature as well as his hunger for authority, which he never truly claims. He has a unique sense of style that is easy and fun to imitate. Dressing like Dwight Schrute just takes a few simple steps.

A great place to shop for Dwight Schrute style clothing is a thrift or second-hand store. Dwight wears drab suits and basic shirts and ties and a thrift store would have just what you need to get his look.

When dressing like Dwight Schrute the first thing to get is a shirt. He prefers geeky short-sleeved, button down variety in colors such as mustard yellow, lime or olive green. To go with the shirt select a tie that doesn’t necessarily match the shirt. Dwight tends to go with mismatched items when he dresses.

The next important item is a suit. Thrift or bargain is the keyword here! Earth tones are big with Dwight as are off colors such as muted beige and gray and strange tones of brown and blue. If the sleeves are too short, that’s ok, that would fit Dwight’s style.

To really get the Dwight Schrute look you have to wear a pair of glasses. They can’t be fancy or with a designer label, they must be simple, preferably with simple frames and sort of an old school oval shape. You cannot get the Dwight look without the glasses!

Finally, when dressing like Dwight Schrute you have to get the hair right. Dwight does not necessarily have a full head of hair, but what he has is quite something! It’s somewhat unruly, looks like it needs to be cut, and is haphazardly parted down the middle. And don’t forget the sideburns. Dwight has sideburns that come down to the bottom of his earlobe. They’re not significantly large, but they are significant to his look. As far as hair goes, make sure you go sans facial hair. Dwight is always clean shaven.

Dwight Schrute, though a fictional character, is a popular guy with a huge following. Dressing like Dwight Schrute can be fun and funny. A few simple and inexpensive thrift store items will have you well on your way to looking the part of the Dunder Mifflin salesman.


How to Dress Like a Vampire


When we think of vampires we typically think of dressing in all black, however in vampire mythology, there are several different styles of vampires when it comes to fashion. The cardinal rule of vampires is looking good. In fact, the vampire books that are most popular right now have the good vampires dressed in lighter colors. So whether it’s a black outfit or not, style is the most important thing when it comes to dressing like a vampire.

Generally, modern interpretations of vampires focus on the commitment to high fashion and always looking fabulous. Male and female vampires always want to look their best, supposedly so that they can better seduce their victims. Female vampires often dress in form fitting, sexy dresses while male vampires dress their best in a dark suit with a bright white shirt below. In fact, a tuxedo and a black cape are required if you want to go for the very classy vampire look.

Even if you are not quite ready for the slinky dress or tuxedo look, you can still dress like a vampire in a more casual way. In this case, black clothes will definitely be essential. Black jeans or pants are the basics of any casual vampire outfit. Be sure that they are very black. Faded black jeans that are almost gray will definitely dilute the effect you are after. Wear black shoes or boots also.

For women, it is important to choose a top that is sexy. A tight T-shirt can create the effect you are looking for. However, a more elaborate form fitting top with some metal accents like grommets, buckles or zippers is an even better choice. If you are uncomfortable wearing tight fitting clothes, a long black open jacket is a great fashion accessory.

For men, a classic white T-shirt or button-down shirt is a great vampire look. If wearing a regular shirt, a fancy pin at the neckline is a nice touch. If you choose to go the white shirt way, be sure that your shirt is ultra-clean and bright white. Vampires always dress sharply. A black T-shirt or button down shirt is also an option for male vampires. Don’t forget the long black jacket for those cold nights.

Remember that whatever you choose to wear needs to be in a classic style. Vampires, while fashionable, don’t follow trends of the day. They are eternal creatures and as such, wear clothing that will stand the test of time.

Details are important when striving for a particular look. The vampire look requires some attention to the makeup you choose also. Wear foundation that is too light for you. This will give you a vampire-like complexion. Even men can choose to use this technique. Darken your eyes with eye shadow, liner and mascara. Vivid red lipstick or even almost black lipstick will perfect that unmistakable vampire look. Some people even have permanent dental work done so that can look like a vampire!

Many people are fascinated with vampires because they appear to be so glamorous. Vampires have always been known for dressing well. Whether you’re lined up at your dentist’s office for fake teeth or not, dressing like a vampire could be a good rule of thumb if you’ve set your sights on dressing well.

Charlie Chaplin

How to Dress Like Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin was an English actor born in 1889 who became one of the iconic images of early Hollywood. He started as a theater actor before moving into comedy in his early twenties. In his 65 years in the entertainment industry he wrote, produced and acted in countless films. However, even with all of these accomplishments, Charlie Chaplin was, and still is, best known and always quickly recognized for his tramp character.

Charlie Chaplin created the tramp costume when he was 24 years old for a role in a film. He came up with the costume based on contradictions. He chose big shoes and a tiny hat, baggy pants and a tight jacket. He then added a moustache to make himself look older without extra makeup that would hide his expressions. Dressing like Charlie Chaplin can be easy but it requires the right articles of clothing to pull it off successfully.

To dress like Charlie Chaplin the first and most important piece for the outfit is the hat. Charlie Chaplin’s tramp character always wore a black derby, also known as a bowler hat.  The hat you wear to dress like Charlie Chaplin must be black with a rounded top.

The next item for the tramp costume is a black tailcoat. The jacket should be at least fitted if not a bit tight. Under the tailcoat be sure to wear a white shirt, and if it’s a bit wrinkled, all the better to fit the character. If you have a black or gray vest to add under the jacket, that’s a great addition. Next you need a tie, bow tie is preferable but an ascot will do. Now you’re halfway to completing the look.

Once you have the jacket, shirt, tie and hat, the next thing you need to dress like Charlie Chaplin is a baggy pair of trousers. Black is ideal but a dark gray would suffice. Make sure they’re quite oversized, but not too long. Charlie’s pants were loose but they didn’t drag on the ground. Make sure you wear a belt to keep them up!

For your feet you must wear oversized shoes. Charlie Chaplin wore a size 14, so big on him that he had to wear them on the wrong feet just to keep them on. Black dress shoes of some variety would be perfect. Just don’t go overboard with the size, you don’t want to end up tripping over your feet for the sake of a good costume.

Finally, to really create an authentic Charlie Chaplin look, there are two other must-have items. First, you have to add the fake moustache. Charlie used crepe hair but you can use a costume moustache or you can pencil one in with a makeup grease pencil or a simple black eyeliner pencil. Second, you need a cane. Charlie Chaplin carried a bamboo cane, but any simple, single-colored cane will work.

Charlie Chaplin’s tramp character evokes a sense of whimsy and joy. This well-known personality has become a favorite for Halloween and costume occasions. Once you have all of the pieces pulled together, dressing like Charlie Chaplin can be simple and entertaining.

Fortune teller

How to Dress Like a Fortune Teller

Fortune teller

A fortune teller is someone who foretells your personal future. Typically known to use mystical or supernatural means to do so, most people picture a woman in a dark room peering into a crystal ball to see your future. Fortune tellers are often thought of as beautiful and seductive and can be mysterious and intriguing.

Fortune tellers are known to have a certain style which many people choose to interpret or emulate on occasions such as Halloween or for costume parties. In order to duplicate their style and dress like a fortune teller there are couple of simple things to keep in mind. First and foremost are the layers. From the top to the skirt to the jewelry, layers are essential. Also, wear bright colors and lots of them. Wear lots of purple, red and gold. There are very few fortune teller fashions that include boring beige or simple monochromatic tones.

If you want to dress like a fortune teller your first step is to find a top. The perfect top would be a peasant blouse with puffy sleeves. Bright colors are preferred but white will do. A blouse that ties or has a draw string at the neck or a loose fit with a v-neck is perfect. You can also add a vest over the shirt or even a cape.

The next item is a skirt. A full skirt that comes down to at least mid-calf is ideal, especially if it has many layers and many colors. Around the waist of the skirt you should wear a long scarf or sash that ties on the side and hangs long. If you are a male, wear loose trousers in a dark color.

Next on the list is jewelry. To dress like a fortune teller you need lots of jewelry. Wear big hoop or chandelier earrings, lots of big bead necklaces or long strands of gold chains. Make sure you wear many gold and silver bangle bracelets and wear as many big, chunky rings with sparkly fake gems as you can fit on your fingers.

For your head, the best choice is a scarf. Wear it low on your forehead, just above your eyebrows, and tie it in the back. Use a long scarf so the tied ends hang down your back. If you have long hair wear it down and in lots of curls. If you are a male dressing as a fortune teller, you can wear a scarf or you can choose to wear a turban with a sparkly jewel attached to the front.

Wear lots of makeup to portray the mysterious look of a fortune teller. Do your eyes in dark, smoky colors and wear a matte red lipstick. You can even add a subtle beauty mark on your cheek or above your lip.

Dressing like a fortune teller can be fun and easy. Make sure you wear lots of flowing layers and lots of beautiful colors and you’ll be able to pull off the perfect look.

Mummy costume

How To Create A Mummy Costume

Mummy costume

It’s Halloween and you need a costume. Maybe you want to be a little more creative than the store-bought cookie-cutter outfits that are offered at a lot of the major retail chains. To be a hit at your costume party, or to simply make your child stand out when trick-or-treating, a mummy costume might be the way to go.

Creating a mummy costume will require time, but not a lot of time. You are probably picturing the fancy, purposefully antique-looking dark monsters from mummy films you’ve seen and thinking it would be impossible to recreate something like that. Actually, it’s a lot easier than you think.

Don’t get overwhelmed. The creation of a mummy costume can be broken down into simple steps, all of which don’t have to be completed at the same time.

1)  First, gather the materials. You’ll need white everything. Get a twin set of white sheets, a pair of white pants or jeans, and a long sleeve white shirt or sweatshirt, preferably a turtleneck. All of these materials can be collected from a thrift shop for under 10 dollars.

2)  Next, color the whites to achieve that rustic, having-sat-in-a-coffin for centuries look. To do this, dye all of these white materials in black tea. Add black tea bags to warm water in 3-5 gallon buckets, add the materials, and steep for about 4-6 hours. After soaking in the water, lay the now off-white clothes out in the sun to completely dry.

3)  First you’ll need a lot of mummy bandages. Start with the white sheets. Cut 2-3 inch slits down one side of the sheet. It doesn’t matter if it’s the long side of the short side. Then tear the strips up the length of the sheet . You’ll find that the strips will tear evenly and also have a very authentic looking frayed edge.

4)  With the turtleneck shirt laid out on a flat surface, wrap the mummy bandages around the shirt loosely up to the level of the armpit. To hold them in place you can use safety pins. Then, using a sewing machine, sew the strips to the shirt. This can be time consuming, but keep in mind that all you want to do is make sure the strips don’t fall off. Also, the more sloppy and haphazard you can do this will make the costume look better in the end. Feel free to overlap the strips and make some look longer than others. Avoid perfection at all costs!

5)  Now the arms. Cut along the inseam of each of the sleeves up to the armpit with a pair of scissors. Spread out the sleeves and then wrap around the mummy bandages in the same fashion. When finished, turn the shirt inside-out and sew the sleeves back together.

6)  For the pants, rip or cut the inseam all the way up to the crotch. Spread the material out on a flat surface and wrap or cover with more mummy bandages. Start from the bottom and begin sewing strips onto both legs. You can stop at the crotch because the shirt will cover the rest. Then turn the pants inside out and sew the legs back up again.

7)  At this point you’ll be running out of mummy strips. With any that are left-over, cover your face.

8)  When you’re wearing the suit, sprinkle baby powder all over for that ancient mummy effect.
That’s it! Simple! Now have fun!

Halloween 1

How to Decide What to Be for Halloween

Halloween 1

Halloween is a really great chance for you to step out of your usual boundaries and become something you’re not, which is why people of all ages love this strange but fun holiday. Instead of waiting until the day-of to pick up some cheap, plastic get-up from the costume aisle, plan ahead for a Halloween costume that will leave everyone terrified, charmed, screaming with laughter, or even turned on — all depending on the crowd and the reaction you’re going for.

•    Set aside some time to plan and shop. Don’t wait until the last minute if you want to have a costume that will wow on the big night. If you are creating a couples costume, you will want to coordinate the planning with your partner also.

•    Do some research. Check out Halloween costume websites to see what’s available and check out the most popular styles. You might just find the perfect costume for you, or get a really great idea for a unique design of your own creation.

•    Think about what interests you, such as hobbies, favorite celebrities, favorite characters from the movies or television, or famous historical figures. Choose a character that you are familiar with so you can imitate that individual’s dress, mannerisms and speech. You might also consider characters with whom you share a physical resemblance, such as a bald head or pregnant belly.

•    Determine how much money you want to invest in your costume. If you have an unlimited budget, a company specializing in costume rentals may be the place to get the outfit that will blow everyone away at the party.

•    If renting is too expensive an option, consider a visit to your local thrift store to search for uniforms, suits, out-of-date dress clothes and accessories. With a little imagination, your own closet may even turn into a costume gold mine. Consider what you could repurpose or alter with scissors and tape.

•    Keep in mind the type of event you will be attending and dress appropriately.
A horrifying, gory mask will not be appropriate for a children’s event, for example, and neither will your super-sexy French maid costume.

•    Weather can be a major factor when selecting a costume. If you will be wearing the ensemble outdoors, be careful to choose clothing that is warm enough, depending on your location. Many locales will be experiencing winter weather at this time of the year.

•    Pay attention to the details.
Small touches including hair, makeup and accessories can make or break your costume. What’s a pirate without the eye patch and peg leg, or Dorothy without Toto in a basket?

With a little time and effort, you can come up with an awesome costume that will make heads turn on Halloween. Plan ahead, get creative and have fun!