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How To Dress Like An Intellectual


An intellectual can cover so many different types of styles. You have your philosophers, scientists, general geniuses, computer geeks and so on. So, if you want to dress like someone who other people consider to be really stinking smart, you have to decide on which way you want to go. Here are a few options:

The Genius Look

People who are geniuses are normally too busy being smart and thinking of new ways to make, interpret, test or prove things than they have for their personal fashion. This being said, a genius should look a little disheveled at all times, even when they dress up. Because they are so busy with thinking, they ignore fashion trends all together, because of this, think ten year old fashion and go with that to a degree. Slightly messy hair and wrinkled clothing is a good call as well.

Slippers are a big win for this look as are button down sweaters with pockets. Your shoes should like as if you’ve had them for years and so should your clothes in general. A Genius is not concerned with appearance, just science! Albert Einstein is a perfect example of the archetypal genius.

The Philosopher Look

Generally a philosopher is very concerned as to how people see them because their whole existence is figuring out why things are the way they are and not how they are the way they are. They are more concerned with appearance. If you are going for a suit, then you want something tailored and a little older looking. If you are taking it easy, a sweater vest with pockets, comfortable cargo pants and some soft shoes are needed. Your overall appearance should exude a quiet air of superiority and organization.

The Computer/Tech Geek Look

Ok, this is the most confusing of them all. The typical computer geek look of fashion are high-water pants, white socks, black shoes, a white short sleeve shirt with a pocket protector, short hair and black horn rimmed glasses held together with white tape. Well, if you are doing this for a one-time gig then go for that, if this is a style change, you will need to dig a bit deeper.

Honestly, a computer/tech geek these days like wearing stuff that lets people know they are computer geeks. T-shirts with computer logos or sayings are the way to go with this. As long as you have that you are pretty much done these days. For the rest, some comfortable jeans, sneakers and an unbuttoned dress shirt over the t-shirt and you are good to go. Sometimes it’s hard to tell these apart from computer gamers but they are closely related anyway.