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Dressing to Look 10 Years Younger


Nobody wants to get older, but until the fountain of youth is found it is just a sad fact of life that everyone has to deal with. Fortunately for you there is always something you can do to help you look 10 years younger; change the way you dress. Dressing to look 10 years younger is not as hard as might think and there is inspiration everywhere you just have to know where to look.

When dressing to look 10 years younger, you can always look to these individuals for inspiration:

•    News Casters: That’s right; the media darlings that are always in the spotlight are a great source of what’s hot and what’s not in fashion. Beyond that, they tend to dress younger looking as there is always competition from younger members of the media that are fighting to take the camera eye away. Viewing you local news will give you some great ideas.
•    Display Mannequins: These dummies are no dummies. They are dressed with the latest in fashion and are a great place to look when you are trying to accomplish the 10 years younger look. Just be sure that you are looking at the top end department store mannequins as these places usually are a bit more up to date on fashion versus the bargain department stores.
•    Top End Department Store Associates: This is probably the easiest way to actually find someone who is 10 years younger that you and simply emulate their style. These individuals make a great model for you to follow as their job requires them to dress in the latest fashions. If you feel brave you can actually go and talk to the sales associate and ask them questions about how they dress. They will more than likely be flattered and more than willing to help you out.

Equally as important as knowing where to look is knowing were not to look for advice. The following sources will provide you with plenty of advice; it will just be the wrong kind:

•    Teenagers: The biggest mistake most people make when trying to dress 10 years younger is looking to their teenage kids for advice. Your goal is 10 years, not several generations. If you go around looking like your teenager, you will accomplish nothing more than looking like you are trying too hard and are clinging to your youth.
•    Friends your own age: If you want to seek the advice of your friends, make sure that you are asking friends that are younger than you. If you ask someone the same age as you how to look ten years younger, unless they are in the fashion biz, you may be asking for disaster.
•    Wrong department: A huge mistake that many women make is going to the wrong department and looking for clothes. Instead of looking to the Misses section, women should focus on the Junior section because these fashions are going to emulate the latest fashions that the younger generations wear as opposed to the Misses section were fashions may be in style, but tend to have an ‘older’ look.

Don’t stop with the cloths though. You can also achieve that 10 years younger look by accessorizing. Follow the same dos and don’ts for accessories and your youthful look should be easily achieved.