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How to Dry A Shirt

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The Fastest Way To Dry A Shirt

Isn’t it always the worst possible time, when you are in a rush to get out the door, that you discover your favorite T-shirt, your work T-shirt, or the T-shirt that is perfect for the occasion that you are heading to is still in the washer dripping wet! Those kinds of moments seem to happen way too often. However, if you know the trick to quickly drying a T-shirt, you will never have to sweat it again while your tee takes its time drying.

Much debate is held about the ideal way to dry clothing. Some people advocate hanging clothes to dry only, in order to avoid shrinkage and color fading. Others love the wrinkle-free softness that only a clothes dryer can deliver. When speed is what you are looking for in clothes drying, an electric or gas dryer is the way to go.

Before you even begin to officially dry your T-shirt, make sure it is as dry as it can be so you don’t overtax your clothes dryer and to speed up the process. Put the tee through an extra spin cycle in the washing machine, in order to spin out as much excess water as possible. You can also lay your T-shirt flat on a dry towel and then roll up the towel and T-shirt together in a jelly roll fashion. Squeeze the rolled up towel/tee combination to get rid of extra humidity.

Then, you will need to put it into the dryer inside out, with another dry towel. The towel will help to absorb some more of the moisture in your T-shirt. Alone, except for the towel, the shirt will not be competing for other wet clothes for heat or air and will dry amazingly quickly. Use the highest heat setting recommended on the care tag of the T-shirt.

When selecting a towel to go in the dryer with your tee, remember to choose one that is the same color as your T-shirt or there may be unwanted color transference. The towel may also transfer a little lint onto the T-shirt, so if it is in the same color as the tee, it is less noticeable. Be sure to dry your T-shirt inside out because it will protect the exterior of the T-shirt from developing pills from the friction of rubbing against the towel. Drying it this way also minimizes the appearance of lint.

Another trick for those people who seem to get stuck needing to dry a shirt quickly often is to get a backup shirt. Have a custom T-shirt made that is identical to the one you end up needing to dry often. Custom T-shirts can be printed exactly as you want them in the color, style and quality of your choice. This is the perfect solution because you can make sure to always have one T-shirt clean and dry before putting the other in the laundry.

Outfit yourself with a selection of great looking custom-made T-shirts for every occasion and never again be stuck trying to dry that must-have tee at the last minute.