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How to Dress like an EMT for Halloween


Probably one of the easiest costumes to pull off for Halloween is that of an Emergency Medical Technician, or EMT for short. You know these guys and gals, they are the ones that ride in the back of an ambulance and are the first response to medical emergencies and then transport the victims to the hospital if need be. Because they are just everyday people in a special uniform there is nothing really super fancy that needs to be purchased in order to create a great looking costume.

Follow these instructions to ensure that you have the best looking EMT costume this Halloween:

•    Shirt: When selecting your shirt for your EMT costume go with a short sleeve white button down shirt. This is the style most commonly worn by EMTs. If white is not available you can also go with a lighter color blue, like baby blue. Try to stay with short sleeves unless only long sleeves are available. If the shirt is at all uncomfortable on your skin, wear a white short sleeved undershirt before you put on the button down. The shirt should of course be tucked into the pants you wear as an EMT is a very professional looking occupation.

•    Pants: An EMT’s pants are dressy looking slacks that are Navy Blue in color. If you can’t find Navy Blue, then go with black, but never go with a light color. Don’t go with actual dress pants, but rather a brand like Dickies or even Dockers. These types of pants are more geared towards individuals that have to look good in their line of work but still need a rugged pair of pants. Top the pants off with a black belt that is not flashy whatsoever.

•    Shoes: For shoes, go with a black pair of lace up shoes that have a thick rubber soled bottom. Stay with low tops as EMT’s rarely wear high tops. For socks wear whatever is most comfortable for you and color really doesn’t matter.

•    Accessories: Here is where you need to get just a bit creative. There are many places online that you can order a few EMT iron-on patches from and added these to your costume will certainly add to the authenticity of it. Some EMTs have been known to wear a stethoscope around their neck so that makes for a good prop if you can find one. You can also get a walkie-talkie hand held radio to carry with you and simply clip it to you belt. If you really want the authentic look wear a pair of latex gloves so it looks as though you are getting ready to go to work.

•    Crisp look: Before you put on your costume make sure that you have ironed your shirt and your pants. Use starch so that you can create nice crisp creases. Looking ultra crisp is essential to pulling of the EMT look.

Now you are ready to go to your Halloween event dressed to the nines like a professional EMT. Just remember, you only look like an EMT, you really aren’t one.