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Don’t Lose the Kids! T-Shirts Show Family Unity

Going to any public place with your children, especially little children, can be nerve wrecking. It is difficult to keep an eye on them, especially if there is more than one under a certain age. It is a parent’s worst nightmare to lose a child. Even when they go out of your sight for a moment, your hearts go in your throat and adrenaline starts to pump and you are filled with that horrible feeling of dread. It drains out of you quickly the moment you see your little ones, leaving you feeling relieved, angry and scared for what could have happened.

This type of situation can happen every day, when you go to the grocery store or the library or the post office. In most of these places however, it is not so busy that it is difficult to find your children if you lose sight of them for a second. These are also not ideal places for child abductions because usually if such places are regular places you go with your children, the people who work there and frequent the place will recognize that a child is not with his or her parent. However, when you do special outings as a family to crowded, busy places, the risk of losing your child goes up dramatically. Not only is it easy for a child to get lost in crowds, it is also prime picking for child abductors. Such risky places include zoos, aquariums, theme parks, festivals, fairs and special events like Fourth of July celebrations.

There are so many different ways to try and prevent these types of situations. You can put a leash on your child. You can give them a good talking-to before going to the zoo, aquarium or theme park about the dangers of strangers and the dangers of leaving their parents’ side. You can force them to always hold your hand. However these things do not always work, and you end up running around, yelling and screaming the names of your kids and for them to come back here right now. As you do so, that horrible feeling of dread grabs you once again.

A great trick to try, that just may make special outings easier, is a set of Don’t Lose the Kids! T-shirts. You can have a custom-made matching set of T-shirts made for the entire family. This way it is obvious who belongs to whom, and you don’t have to wonder what color each child is wearing when you are visually tracking him or her. Use you imagination in customizing them. Remember you won’t be the only family with the same idea. You don’t want to get to a park and see that every family there has red T-shirts with black lettering. Get the kids involved to choose the color and find a design, pattern or something unique to help your set of T-shirts stand out in the crowds.

Make sure you don’t lose the kids whenever you are out and about by getting a great set of custom-made T-shirts for the whole family.

History of Father’s Day – T-Shirts have become a Popular Gift Idea for Dad

T-Shirts as gifts have become a big part of Father’s Day so we thought it was appropriate to provide a short history of this special day.

Mrs. Bruce John Dodd of Spokane, Washington spent a Sunday during May of 1909 in church listening to one of the first sermons directed specifically at the celebration of motherhood. She was so taken by the sentiments that she began efforts to generate support for a similar day honoring fatherhood. Her efforts are often credited with the beginning of Father’s Day celebrations in the United States.

Many countries of Roman Catholic leaning celebrate fatherhood on the Feast of Saint Joseph, the day set aside within the church to honor Joseph, the father of Jesus. Obviously, this makes sense considering that during biblical times it was rare for a man to accept, love and nurture a child who was biologically not his own.

For the United States, a secular celebration seemed more appropriate and the idea for the June came from Mrs. Dodd’s suggestion of June 5. The day is actually celebrated on the third Sunday in June, however because organization efforts were not completed in time to hold the national celebration on that suggested date. The first organized celebration happened in her hometown of Spokane in 1910, just one year later than the beginning celebrations for Mother’s Day.

The passing of a bill in support of a national celebration of fatherhood did not occur until many years later however, and gender bias may have been the reason that it took until 1972 for Father’s Day to be declared a national holiday. Traditionally, the Congress was made up of exclusively men and therefore they believed that passing a holiday with the specific intention of honoring men might appear to be a conflict of interest. Therefore, it was not until Richard Nixon’s administration that the day became nationally recognized.

When Mrs. Dodd began her efforts, it was partially because her own father had raised six children without their mother. As a young adult of 27, she had grown to realize the determination, dedication and sacrifice that her father demonstrated in order to present his children with opportunities and love.

Father’s are considered the root and support for society, and their role in guiding their children towards success and virtue is very important to the development of society. Therefore, the establishment of Father’s Day is very important in that it serves to recognize the role of a father within a family and within society as a whole.

Father’s Day is celebrated widely throughout the world, where children of all ages take time to recognize their father’s love and influence and to celebrate fathers in general. Most celebrations include a special dinner and gifts. Naturally, the holiday has become more commercialized than it was ever intended at the beginning.

Because the role and attitude of fathers throughout the world varies tremendously, there is no one specific gift that is given more than others. Of course, the cliché gift of a tie still appears occasionally. Unlike Mother’s Day, where flowers and chocolate are hot sellers, retailers have had to become more creative in their marketing efforts in order to cover all types of dads. Popular gift items do include sports equipment, steak dinners, free car washes by the little ones and of course the t-shirt. The t-shirt has become such a popular gift is that it is easy to create a custom t-shirt that has just the right message for your dad. Father’s Day t-shirts can tell how much you love your father or if you dare you can give him a funny shirt that pokes fun of him. But what is most important is that people everywhere are taking time out of their busy lives to pay attention to their own father and his role in their life.

Matching T-Shirts for Your Family Members is Growing in Popularity

Show off your pride for your children with matching t-shirts! T-shirts are a fun and inexpensive way to dress alike. Wearing matching clothing is a nice way to show your closeness with your children.

It’s so easy to create your own t-shirt combinations that are perfectly customized for your family. Take pictures of dad and son. Scan them into the computer so you can easily upload the pictures to online t-shirt design sites. Add “Big Guy” and “Little Guy” to their respective shirts. Or use their names with a picture of their favorite activity like hunting, fishing, or a sport. There are thousands of designs to choose from online or you can create your own.

You can also stick with simple text like “Team Daddy” or “I’m on Daddy’s Team.” Put your child’s picture on Dad’s shirt with “I’m Joshua’s Dad.”

When Zane Bennage turned 5, his grandparents bought he and his dad special matching shirts for dad’s favorite sports team. This football season, the father-son team has matching personalized Pittsburgh Steeler t-shirts.

Some families are buying matching t-shirts for family photos. You can put your family crest or favorite activity or everyone’s names right on the shirt. They make great holiday cards.

For mothers and daughters, the options for matching shirts are only as endless as your imagination. Try “My Mom Rocks” for mom and “My Kid Rocks” for daughter. Or, for mom and baby, “Does this diaper make my butt look fat?” and “Does this baby make my butt look big?”

You can keep your t-shirts simple with a design you like and add your names. T-shirts with giant, sparkly flowers and retro band shirts are both trendy right now.

If you don’t find something you like online, at the store or in a catalog, design your own. It’s a great father-son or mother-daughter project to draw or craft something special and unique to your relationship.

Ty Brown and his son, Mark, started with a simple graphic design program on their computer. They used their favorite motorcycle logo and worked their last name into it. Thanks to simple online t-shirt design companies, they uploaded the design and were ordering shirts in no time. Ty’s wife, Jen and their daughter May took a different approach. They went to the fabric store and really started from scratch. 6 year old May picked out accessories to embellish the purple shirts she selected. Once they had buttons, felt and sparkly rhinestones, the two were ready to get to work. Jen cut out big flower pieces from the felt. Then, May helped add the buttons to the flower centers and rhinestones around the edges. Jen used a simple fabric marker to write their names on their shirts.

When everyone’s shirts were done, the Browns had a friend take a picture and their customized t-shirt creations were featured in their annual Christmas card.

Mother-daughter and father-son t-shirts are great for family vacations, too. Get an “I Love NYC” or “Rehobeth Beach” shirt. The boys get one color and put their names on the back in a sports jersey style. The girls can choose another color and have their names embroidered on the front.

Don’t forget holidays and special events. For one group of family friends, all the mothers and daughters get matching shirts for their “girls’ day out.” The trips started as back to school shopping trips to the local shoe store when the kids were young. One year, they decided to head to the large King of Prussia mall for a weekend long visit. They decided to get customized t-shirts to mark the occasion and to help quickly spot each other in the mall. Now, that there are grandchildren to take back to school shopping, it’s become a tradition to get mother-daughter-granddaughter shirts for each family.

Wear Your Family Heritage on a T-Shirt

Having pride in your family heritage is a wonderful thing. With so many dysfunctional families, it’s wonderful to see a person show they love their family. Be proud of who you are and who your family is. All families have histories and whether that history is recent or long running, it’s still family. Celebrate and have pride in your heritage. Custom t-shirts can be worn to show how much you care for your family and your heritage. Shirts can be created with your family name, so you can tell the world who you are.

Putting your name on a t-shirt may seem like a silly idea to some, but it’s a matter of pride to others. Imagine the reaction of family members when you display your pride in the family by wearing a shirt with your name on it. Honoring your heritage is a great way to show how proud you are to have grown up in your family. Wearing a shirt with your family name is an outward way to show that honor. Custom t-shirts are easy to make and design. Designing a shirt for your style should be easy and fun if you take the time to create on just for your family. Creating a family heritage shirt is fun as there are so many options available to choose from. Simply displaying the family name involves choices!

The font used to write your family name is important. If your family isn’t athletic, then choosing a font that looks like sports lettering will not have the same effect for your family as huge sports fans. If academics are important, then choosing university style lettering would be a great choice. With the wide array of fonts available, finding one you love may take time, but will make your custom t-shirt special.

A family crest is unique and special. Each family name carries its own nobility. A family crest displays that nobility. Create a custom t-shirt with your family crest or name and display it proudly. It’s not hard to find your family crest, just search on-line to find yours, if you don’t know what your family crest looks like. The crest can be printed onto several styles of shirts to fit your needs. Look at the colors in the crest design to choose a shirt color that goes well. The color of the lettering should also accent the crest.

Creating your family t-shirt should be about finding the best in your family. Celebrate who you are because of your family. If you chose to use your family name and flag on your custom t-shirt is your choice. Just be sure that your family is part of the design. Add a graphic or two, if desired, that showcases your family traits. Whether it is a book symbolizing education, or an acorn representing your family nuttiness, it’s your family so embrace it. Whatever you chose to do your family is part of who you are. Create a shirt that shows your pride in being part of your family.

Tips and Ideas for Custom Family Reunion T-Shirts

Planning a family reunion is not an easy task. There are many things to consider. Tasks include agreeing on and confirming a location to hold your event, set up food, arrangements, and prepare party activities. Don’t forget to include items to help family member remember your event. If you are planning a family reunion, consider creating a fantastic souvenir. Custom t-shirt with your family name and date of reunion make great souvenirs. Custom t-shirts are fun to design and fun to wear. Designing your family reunion shirt is exciting. With so many options available, it is easy to find a style that will work for your family.

When designing your custom t-shirt, think about your event. If you have planned an outdoor adventure such as camping or hiking, the color of your shirt should reflect that activity. Black is not the best choice, as black has a tendency to absorb heat, making the person warmer. White may not be a great option either, as it gets dirty easily. Pick a color that will allow all wearers to stay cool in the sun without attracting stains. Color is only the first choice of many in designing your shirts.

If you want simplicity, the family name and date of reunion is effective. Adding where the reunion is held is another choice. You can also add pictures or graphics to your custom t-shirts. If you have a family picture from a previous reunion, you can add that to the shirt. Some chose to add a picture of only the parents. This idea is great for families that have deep respect for the parents that created the rest of the family. A picture of their wedding day would be beautiful. Or since most families have more than one last name, as family members married or changed names, consider adding each last name to the back of the shirt, as a way to include all members.

The graphics on the shirt can be anything from a tree, stick figures, state your family grew up in, a world globe, a flag, or more. If you would like to be more specific you can include a graphic of the activity you have planned. If you are taking a cruise, a cruise ship would be appropriate. Reunions on the beach can include sunsets, palm trees, or sand volleyball. If your family is having a barbeque, a grill would be a fantastic choice.

With so many styles to choose from, you will be able to find a custom t-shirt to suit your family reunion. After the reunion, the shirts will bring back wonderful memories of the fun that was shared. Your family will be talking about the reunion for years to come. With the right t-shirt, they could be talking about how great your design was. So go ahead and make a great memory and design custom t-shirts for your family event. No other family is just like yours, so make your special. Have fun creating your shirt, and remember how many memories you are creating. Family reunions are wonderful events to share.

Support Your Family Sports and Hobbies with T-Shirts

Having a family member participating in an activity such as a sport is an exciting time. Supporting our family members is necessary to show them just how much we care about them. Knowing how to support your family member can be confusing. Just attending the event may not seem like enough support for some. Luckily, we have the option of displaying our pride for all to see.

Custom t-shirts are a great way to show our support for our loved ones. Wearing your child’s name proudly on a shirt will tell everyone in attendance, just who you are cheering for. If the activity is a sporting event, then adding your child’s number to the shirt is a great idea. Creating the custom t-shirt can be a blast.

If you want to include your family member to design the shirt, that is a great idea. The family member can help decide what should be, or shouldn’t be, on the shirt. Some kids may not mind, and may even enjoy, seeing their picture on a shirt. For some families, wearing a shirt with the child’s picture may horrify him or her! Embarrassing your child for life may not be the best way to show support.

Adding a picture to your custom t-shirt isn’t the only thing you can do. There are graphic for almost every sport and hobby. The graphic can be pretty much anything. If you have a baseball pitcher on your hands, a picture of a ball with flames behind it might just be the answer. A similar graphic is available for all sports.

For other activities such as drama, there are options as well. The classic theater masks graphic can be used. Or choosing a witty saying such as “drama queen”, or a quite from Alfred Hitchcock, “What is drama but life with the dull parts cut out” might be appropriate. You can also choose a line from the play that might be perfect for your shirt.

With custom t-shirt designs there are more options than you might imagine. The number of font styles available will astound you. Then there is the word graphic. You can manipulate the letters to create different styles. The words can be in a circle, vertical, shaped like a cone either horizontal or vertical. Then there are the graphics. Finding the perfect graphic for your shirt can be a fun experience. With the Internet readily available, the possibilities seem endless.

There are so many activities that family members can be involved with. All it takes is a little research to find the most appropriate saying or graphic for your custom t-shirt. But the time you take to create that shirt will be meaningful. Your family member will know how much you support him or her. Attendees of the event will know just who you support and how much. It’s fun to wear a custom t-shirt showing your support for a family member. It’s also fun to see the pride in the face of those that wear custom t-shirts to support their families. Supporting your family member is a great way to build the bonds in your family. Wearing a custom t-shirt is a great way to show that support.