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Fencing T-Shirts Can Intimidate Others – En Guarde!

Fencers are an interesting group. They get dressed up all in white, wear masks, and then go at each other with their swords. Extremely athletic, they have catlike reflexes and can turn on a dime. You may know someone who is a fencer; you may even be sitting next to one right now. They can be young or old, male or female, of any race or ethnicity. The point is, they’re among us.

How can you tell? Well, aside from thrusting at everyone you pass with a sharp, pointy object to see who can block you, you can’t. Unless, of course, they’re wearing a fencing t-shirt. But we can’t go around requiring fencers to wear special t-shirts to identify themselves, can we? No, probably not, but for the fencer in your life, a custom designed fencing tee is a great gift idea!

This is a sport that has obviously been around for centuries; but it is now gaining popularity among the most unlikely of groups –teenage girls. Yep, they’re picking up their epees, and learning to fight.

For anyone who’s ever had even a small amount of interest in say, pirates, learning to fence is a great way to imitate them. Sci fi enthusiasts might also benefit from fencing lessons, the better to imitate Jedi warriors; and wearing a fencing tee on top of all of that will let the world know that you are prepared for anything and everything.

Some high schools even have fencing teams, and fencing has become an Olympic sport. If you’re a fan, wearing a fencing tee to any exhibition or competition is sure to show everyone present the depth of your support. It will let even the most casual bystander know that you at least know someone else who’s good with a sword, and that you just might be the one with the skills. Chances are, they’ll ask, and that’s a spectacular way to share your excitement for this noble pastime.

Coaches or parents of fencing teams can get matching, custom designed tees for the whole team; this will give the team a feeling of unity and team spirit, which is always important.

I suppose that wearing a fencing tee could give you some measure of security, as well. If a thug is considering you as a mark, wearing a fencing tee that communicates that you know how to handle a weapon may discourage them. I’m not suggesting, of course, that everyone wear one for “protection”. I’m simply suggesting that, should the thug in question take the time to look at your clothing, knowing you are good with a sword may encourage him to move on to easier prey.

Fencing tees come in all styles; from witty sayings to quotes to graphics of fencers, the choices are practically endless. They come in a multitude of styles, colors and fonts (for those with writing) and there are sure to be more than one style that suits you!