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Kristin Cavallari

How to Dress Like Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari is well known for her enviable style. She has a style that reflects her beach-going lifestyle that so many people want to capture. The look is laid back but stylish at the same time.


Like her laid-back lifestyle, her tops are no-fuss shirts that aren’t too tightly fitting. The tops are usually in easy-going colors like light gray and pastels. She also wears a lot of white shirts that are loose and low cut. The shirts should be slightly too large but they should still show the shape of the figure. She chooses shirts that are made from clingy fabrics to make this look possible.

She is also known for her sheer tops. She famously wore a sheer black top that was worn with a white bra under it. This look got her plenty of attention and it’s easy to emulate. This look can also be worn in reverse, with a sheer white top and a black bra worn under it. To get this look, make sure the bra color contrasts enough so that it will be visible under the shirt.

A white tank top is another simple look that Kristin Cavallari is known for. A simple tank top can be dressed up with an over shirt or it can be worn on its own for a seaside look. She sometimes builds on the tank top look by wearing a white tank top that has more detailed styling on it. A shirt that has ruffles or lace on it is a perfect Kristin Cavallari shirt.


Kristin Cavallari wears a lot of denim skirts as a part of her laid-back look. It’s an easy style that can be found anywhere and goes with everything. It’s the kind of look that can be thrown on as you run down to the beach. The skirts can be paired with anything that is loose fitting and low cut. If the tops have an interesting neckline with a contrasting color at the neckline or some extra details there, the look will be complete.

Another hot look that she often wears is a simple white skirt. A white skirt evokes images of easy-going times at the beach, and it can be paired with anything at all for a cohesive look. Keep the white skirt short for a flirty look.


Kristin Cavallari almost always wears jewelry. In keeping with her breezy style, the jewelry should be small and should be gold in color. Look for simple gold necklaces and one thin gold bracelet. If you wear earrings, keep those small as well.


To get her handbag look, go for designer looks made form black leather. She loves to wear a large, slouchy leather bag in black. She usually pairs the black handbag with a pair of black shoes, sometimes in black leather to more closely match the style of the handbag. Keep the handbag large to match the current style of huge handbags. The straps should be short and the bag is carried over the arm rather than on the shoulder.