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How to Dress Like Lindsay Lohan – Fashion & Style Advice

Lindsay Lohan is known for her wild, youthful style. At her young age, she has already influenced millions of girls as well as grown women with her unique sense of fashion. She has several signature pieces that she wears with other items to create a look that is all her own.


The one piece that Lindsay Lohan is known for above all others is her leggings. She wears leggings with just about everything, no matter what the season, what the rest of the outfit is made up of and what the event is. She has formal leggings, winter leggings, casual leggings, ripped leggings that look punk rock and leggings that are suitable for hot summer weather.

Some of her leggings are short, coming just below the knee or just above it. Most of the time, however, her leggings are long and come all the way to the ankle or even below it. She has even been seen in tight stirrup pants on occasion.

If you want to get the real Lindsay Lohan look, you can pair a tank top or t-shirt with a pair of black leggings. Getting leggings like Lindsay’s is easy because she has actually come out with their own line of leggings. She has dressy as well as casual leggings line for anyone who wants to look just like her.


Lindsay Lohan usually wears a low-cut top with her leggings. She likes to wear tank tops and halter tops with spaghetti straps. Usually, the tops are in black, red or in a deep color. The top should have a deep V neck and either short sleeves or spaghetti straps to look authentically Lindsay.

Occasionally, she will wear an asymmetrical shirt with short sleeves on one side and no sleeve on the other. She also occasionally wears large, blowsy shirts with large belts. These are worn over leggings for an 80’s style outfit.


There are two constants in Lindsay’s shoe wardrobe- ankle boots and flats. She has flats in just about every color and every style imaginable. Flats with leggings show off her long legs and are a fun look for any occasion. Her ankle boots are generally black leather boots. Some of these tie in the front and some of them are slip-on varieties. Often, her ankle boots are black patent leather and worn along with her leggings and large t-shirts.


Lindsay is a big fan of necklaces. She has just about every color and wears them with every type of outfit. She will pair a silver necklace with a t-shirt and leggings, or a small choker with she’s wearing a formal outfit. Often, the necklace is small but has intricate design on it. For the best Lindsay look, choose either silver or gold, and make sure the details are small. If you have a long chain, you can put a small pendant on the end of it for another signature Lindsay look. Necklaces are a must, but she rarely wears other types of jewelry. She’s not known for wearing earrings or bracelets.