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Alicia Rivera

How to Dress Like Alicia Rivera

Alicia Rivera

Of all the characters on the fictional show ‘The Clique’ perhaps the most popular is that of Alicia Rivera who is better known on the show as ‘Leesh.’ Of all the girls on the show, Rivera is the girl that is described as the richest and prettiest of all the girls in The Clique and though she is not the actual leader, her rebellious attitude that makes her want to be so is what also has many girls wanting to copy the way she dresses.

To dress like Rivera you have to have confidence as the character is always striving to be the best she can be. Here are some steps to follow in order to pull off the Leesh look:

•    Shirt: To begin with you will need a short sleeved but colored polo style shirt. Go with a lighter gray or white, but be sure to steer clear of a darker color as that will clash with the rest of the outfit.
•    Dress: The dress should be a bow tie satin dress and should slip right over the polo shirt you wear. The color is really up to you but if you want to emulate Rivera best, go with a dark purple or dark blue dress.
•    Shoes: Leesh usually wears a rounded-toe leather pump with the word ‘love’ across the front. Of course the color should match the dress and if you can’t find pumps with the word love on them, any rounded-toe pump will do. Make sure that the heel of the shoe is not too high as this will detract from the rich girl look.
•    Hosiery: The typical Rivera dress is usually accompanied by some sort of knee high hosiery with some type of pattern. Part of the pattern will match the dress and if you can have another part of the pattern match the polo shirt.
•    Gloves: This may be a rich girl thing, but Rivera is often seen sporting silk gloves. Her gloves are usually a dark gray and will feature some sort of fancy design on them.
•    Accessories: Go big and bold here. Leesh is often seen wearing big and flashy gold necklaces and her earrings are sometimes flashy and sometimes conservative. You can also go with a nice broche on the upper right side of the dress if you really want to nail the look. When you go for a purse think designer. You may not be able to afford a Gucci or other designer type, but you can pick up a knock off brand at the mall that will look just fine.
•    Hair and make-up: Rivera’s hair and make-up are always done to the nines. You should take extra time to give your hair some added curl if it is not already curly and never wear it up. When applying your make-up you have to go all out and remember that you are going for the rich girl look so you can expect to spend a little more time than usual in front of the mirror.

Remember to be confident and act as if you are rich when dressing like Rivera and you will have no trouble at all pulling off the look.