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Mummy costume

How To Create A Mummy Costume

Mummy costume

It’s Halloween and you need a costume. Maybe you want to be a little more creative than the store-bought cookie-cutter outfits that are offered at a lot of the major retail chains. To be a hit at your costume party, or to simply make your child stand out when trick-or-treating, a mummy costume might be the way to go.

Creating a mummy costume will require time, but not a lot of time. You are probably picturing the fancy, purposefully antique-looking dark monsters from mummy films you’ve seen and thinking it would be impossible to recreate something like that. Actually, it’s a lot easier than you think.

Don’t get overwhelmed. The creation of a mummy costume can be broken down into simple steps, all of which don’t have to be completed at the same time.

1)  First, gather the materials. You’ll need white everything. Get a twin set of white sheets, a pair of white pants or jeans, and a long sleeve white shirt or sweatshirt, preferably a turtleneck. All of these materials can be collected from a thrift shop for under 10 dollars.

2)  Next, color the whites to achieve that rustic, having-sat-in-a-coffin for centuries look. To do this, dye all of these white materials in black tea. Add black tea bags to warm water in 3-5 gallon buckets, add the materials, and steep for about 4-6 hours. After soaking in the water, lay the now off-white clothes out in the sun to completely dry.

3)  First you’ll need a lot of mummy bandages. Start with the white sheets. Cut 2-3 inch slits down one side of the sheet. It doesn’t matter if it’s the long side of the short side. Then tear the strips up the length of the sheet . You’ll find that the strips will tear evenly and also have a very authentic looking frayed edge.

4)  With the turtleneck shirt laid out on a flat surface, wrap the mummy bandages around the shirt loosely up to the level of the armpit. To hold them in place you can use safety pins. Then, using a sewing machine, sew the strips to the shirt. This can be time consuming, but keep in mind that all you want to do is make sure the strips don’t fall off. Also, the more sloppy and haphazard you can do this will make the costume look better in the end. Feel free to overlap the strips and make some look longer than others. Avoid perfection at all costs!

5)  Now the arms. Cut along the inseam of each of the sleeves up to the armpit with a pair of scissors. Spread out the sleeves and then wrap around the mummy bandages in the same fashion. When finished, turn the shirt inside-out and sew the sleeves back together.

6)  For the pants, rip or cut the inseam all the way up to the crotch. Spread the material out on a flat surface and wrap or cover with more mummy bandages. Start from the bottom and begin sewing strips onto both legs. You can stop at the crotch because the shirt will cover the rest. Then turn the pants inside out and sew the legs back up again.

7)  At this point you’ll be running out of mummy strips. With any that are left-over, cover your face.

8)  When you’re wearing the suit, sprinkle baby powder all over for that ancient mummy effect.
That’s it! Simple! Now have fun!

Jack Sparrow

How to Dress Like Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow

The Pirates of the Caribbean movies really put Jonny Depp on the map as a marquee actor. What’s more is that it ushered in a whole new style in fashion. Call it the “pirate fashion” or the “Jack Sparrow fashion” but if you want to achieve the look you have to be particular in what you wear.

It should be noted that the look of Jack Sparrow turned out totally different than what the writers envisioned. The original design for Jack Sparrow was a much more dumbed-down version than the version you saw on the movie screen. Once Johnny Depp was hired to play Sparrow he brought on a whole host of changes that really spiced up the outfit.

Starting at the head you will need to get a red bandana. Don’t use a bandana with paisleys or any other design, stick to a solid red one. If you really want to go for the look all the way then you have to get yourself a tricone which is the signature three cornered leather hat worn by Sparrow in the movie.

Your shirt should consist of a white silk shirt with puffy sleeves. Make sure that at least the top four buttons are undone and do not button the cufflinks. Your coat should be a lightweight silk tweed frock coat and needs to be light brown in color. While wearing the coat never button it up, always leave it open.

As for your mid-section you will need a rather thick belt with an outrageously big buckle. Depp later wore two belts but one will suffice if you don’t want two. Next a nice pink silk sash needs to be worn. Simply tie it around your waist and let it hang off to one side.

The pants can be any type of trouser that is light brown in color. If you wish a pair of corduroys will do the trick. Just be sure that the color of the pants is one shade lighter than the thigh high suede boots –folded down- that you will also need to wear.

As far as accessories goes you can get a satchel and have the strap go diagonally across you chest and hang it off your side. Old looking guns and swords are a nice touch too.

If you really want to commit to the style, you will need earrings, several rings, and trinkets for your hair –if your hair is long enough.- Dark makeup around your eyes is also part of the look. Jack Sparrow had several gold teeth but that is not a necessity for the fashion. Finish it off with a scruff face and a long goatee with two braids.

If you go to these lengths it will hard for anyone to distinguish you from the real Jack Sparrow. Now all you will need to do is talk like you are drunk or do what Depp did for the movie and mimic the voice and movements of Rolling Stones guitar player Keith Richards and the illusion will be complete. Now you will be living the Jack Sparrow fashion.