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How to Choose Your Knock-Out Clothing Color


Do you know that the colors you choose to wear can make or break your style? The perfect look for you includes a combination of factors such as cut, length, pattern and material. Finding just the right color will tie your overall look together to create a knock-out style combination.
Choosing the wrong color can make you look tired and washed-out, even older that you really are. On the flip side, the “right color” will freshen your look and give you a tremendous boost of confidence. When you’re wearing these colors, you exude radiance. The people around you definitely notice — and even compliment — your look.

To determine which colors are best for you, you will need to focus on your skin tone, your eye color and your natural hair color. A professional color consultant can help you pinpoint the colors you’ll look great in, or you can use the following guidelines to experiment yourself.

•    Skin tones are divided into “seasons”. Cool skin tones are “winter” and “summer” complexions, while warm skin tones include “spring” and “autumn” complexions. To determine your season, look at the inside of your arm in natural light. Note the undertone of your skin and the skin color.

•    “Winter” skin tones have blue or pink undertones, with white, yellowish-olive or dark skin. These complexions have a lot of contrast between their hair color, eye color and skin. Many Asians and African-Americans fall into this category. Winters are often brunettes with dark eyes. These people should wear intense, rich colors with high contrast, such as white, black, navy, red and fuchsia. Avoid pastels and subdued shades such as beige, orange and gold.

•    “Summer” complexions also have blue or pink undertones, with pale pink skin. These people have a low level of contrast between their hair color, eye color and skin tone. Summers are often natural blondes or brunettes with light-colored eyes. These skin tones look best in pastels and soft neutrals such as lavender, plum, soft blue and rose. Black, orange and other intense colors should be avoided because they will appear harsh next to these complexions.

•    “Spring” skin tones have golden undertones and white or peach skin. Springs are often redheads or strawberry blondes with rosy cheeks, freckles and light-colored eyes. They look best in warm colors such as golden brown, golden yellow, camel and peach. Dark colors do not complement these complexions.

•    “Autumn” complexions have golden undertones, and include redheads and brunettes with dark eyes. These people have a deep, earth-tone quality to their coloring, so rich, earthy tones found in nature will always compliment their complexion. Autumns should select clothing with golden undertones, including beige, orange, gold, dark brown and camel. They should avoid clear, bright colors such as bright white and black, as well as blue tones.