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How to Take a Nap without Wrinkling Your Clothes


How many times have you found yourself alone in your office and you can hardly keep your eyes open? You’re so tired that you feel like your eyelids weigh about 100 pounds each and that couch in your office is calling out your name. Sometimes when this happens, if you have nothing pressing for the next little while a great thing to do is get in a power nap for about 15 to 20 minutes. Many times that’s all it takes to recharge your batteries and make you as fresh as a morning daisy. Here’s the problem…how do you take a nap without wrinkling your clothes?

Cat naps are great, but wrinkled clothes are a business no, no so you have to go about your napping in just the right way. Here are some ways that you can catch some much needed Zs and still maintain your wardrobe:

•    Nap at your desk: You remember how to do this right? Back in the days of high school when you stayed up way too late. Just as you did then simply stay at your desk and put your elbows up on the desk. Now rest your forehead in the palms of your hands and close your eyes. This will keep your clothes fresh and your hair unaltered but it will leave you with red marks on your forehead for a few minutes so make sure that you don’t wake up two minutes before your next meeting.
•    Remove clothing: No this is not a suggestion to nap in the raw, but if you can, remove some articles of clothing and hang them up while you nap. Remove jackets and even shirts so long as you have an undershirt and hang them up so that they will still look great once your nap is over.
•    Bring napping clothes: If you are in the position of being able to close and lock your office door, then plan ahead and bring a pair of shorts and a t-shirt from home to just leave at the office. Call these you napping clothes. Now whenever you get the chance to catch some shut eye you can quickly change into your napping clothes and keep your work clothes crisp and clean.
•    Invest in wrinkle releaser: There is a wonderful product out now called wrinkle releaser and it, well, releases wrinkles. This product is simply sprayed onto the clothing while you are wearing it and then you pull down on the material and watch the wrinkles go away. It’s not perfect but it beats bringing an ironing board and iron to work.

Of course if you are going to nap at work you should be sure that you are able to and that you are not going to get into trouble over it, but you should also make sure that the nap you take is not going to wrinkle up your clothes and make you look like an absolute mess for the rest of the day. So be careful with your clothing while you nap and have sweet dreams.