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Rolling T-Shirts To Save Space When Packing

One of the biggest challenges when doing any type of travelling is packing your suitcase. In fact, properly packing is practically an art form. Many seasoned travelers have their own pattern of packing down to a system that they either love and totally rely on or are continually looking to improve upon.

Anytime you are packing, space is a premium. It’s always easier to find extra things to bring along or even to use smaller luggage if you pack efficiently enough and have extra space, but more often than not, the opposite is true. You pick out the things you want to pack and begin putting them in a suitcase only to find that you run out of space and need to remove things or move to a bigger bag or additional bags to accommodate all the original items. Luckily there are techniques that will help you to save space while packing, so you can get the most in your luggage and be ready for anything.

The absolute best space saving tip when packing is to roll your T-shirts, and other clothing too, before placing them in the suitcase. By folding the sleeves inward and then rolling the T-shirt into a tight cylinder you will find that you can fit tons of T-shirts in your luggage. Rolled T-shirts also make it easy to see at a glance which shirts you have on hand. They can all be placed side by side, so when you are putting together an outfit, it is easy to grab the right color. You’ll never again have to search through stacks of folded T-shirts searching for the one you need.

Another bonus which comes from rolling T-shirts for packing is that it reduces wrinkling. Rolled T-shirts stay looking good and don’t form the creases and wrinkles that folded ones do, while in a suitcase. This means you can just pull a T-shirt out of your bag, put it on and go. You don’t have to worry about taking the extra time to iron it.

T-shirts are an absolute lifesaver when travelling. They travel easily, are absorbent and comfortable. They are easily washed and require very little in extra care. They can be mixed and matched for a variety of different looks. You can dress T-shirts up for a special event. They are also perfectly suitable for the most casual of times, when working out or even for sleeping. Make sure that when you travel you carry a good selection of T-shirts with you.

What Are The Best Hangers To Hang Your T-Shirts And Clothes

Finding the perfect hangers to hang your T-shirts and the rest of your clothes is much more than simply a matter of personal opinion. There are many different types of hangers that exist and people often have very different opinions about each of them. Some people regard certain hangers as fodder for the trash can, while this is the only type others use. Some swear by certain types of hangers as being the only way to hang your clothing and keep it looking good.

Wire Hangers: These are the ultimate in throwaway hangers. Dry cleaners and alterations shops give away this type of hanger with finished products, meaning that many people have a very steady supply of them coming into their homes. While these types of hangers are great for retrieving things in tight spots and roasting marshmallows over a fire, they are not the kindest to clothes. Wire hangers tend to leave unwanted dents and bumps in clothes, making it necessary to press them or even relaunder them after taking them off the hanger.

Plastic Hangers: These come in many different forms. There are the freebies from many stores that work well; especially the ones with built in grips on the shoulder part. There are also the triangular tube hangers, which provide good support. T-shirts rarely slip off them. Plastic hangers are a good multi-purpose choice.

Luxury Hangers: There are many different types of hangers that one would consider luxury hangers. These include wooden hangers, bamboo hangers, cedar hangers, padded satin hangers, velvet hangers and hangers with built in clips. While these each have their specific purpose and are excellent for certain clothes, they are not ideal for T-shirts.

Padded hangers work great with knits and delicate items. Velvet hangers are perfect for tops that need the extra gentle grip to stay in place.  Wooden and bamboo hangers are designed for heavier items. Hangers with clips are ideal for suits. Cedar hangers are specialty items especially for use when storing out of season items.

There are tons of great sites that offer the latest and best in hangers for T-shirts and all types of clothes. Some of the top ones include: www.clotheshangers.com, www.hangers.com and www.onlyhangers.com. If you are in the market for some great new hangers or just want to see what your options are, check out these sites.


How To Organize Your T-Shirt Wardrobe


Organizing your T-shirt wardrobe is the easiest and quickest way to be able to put together a great look in no time flat. There are a variety of ways to efficiently organize your T-shirt collection and no one way is right or wrong. It is important however to organize them in a way that works for you to get maximum enjoyment and maximum wear from all your T-shirts. You simply need to choose the way that best fits your style and sense of organization and you’ll be on your way to simplifying the process of getting dressed time each day.

An obvious and very useful way to organize your T-shirts is to group them by color. By doing so you know exactly where to look for a particular T-shirt, and will be sure to find it quickly and easily. You can even organize them according to the range of colors, and have all pastels, darks, brights and whites each together in their own space.

You can also organize your T-shirt wardrobe in terms of the style of T-shirts you own. You may want to group T-shirts by whether they are dressy, everyday wear or old favorites. It will make it much easier when it comes to putting together an outfit for work, going shopping or if you’re just cleaning the house.

Some people swear by hanging T-shirts, while others prefer folding T-shirts and grouping them in piles. There are several things to remember when doing it either way. If you choose to hang T-shirts, be sure there is plenty of space in the closet or your shirts will wrinkle. If you have shirts that you wear very infrequently, like ones for specific holidays, you may want to take them out of the closet and store them folded. This will give you more closet space and prevent hanger bumps in the shoulders of your T-shirts.

If you prefer to fold T-shirts and store them flat in piles, it is important to do so neatly. If you carefully fold the T-shirts when they are fresh from the dryer or immediately after ironing, they will remain looking good. Another suggestion is to fold T-shirts following the same method retailers use. Lay the shirt face side down and fold sleeves inward from mid-shoulder. Then fold the shirt in half once. By doing it this way, you minimize wrinkling, make T-shirts easy to stack and the design on the front will be easily visible when you are searching through piles of shirts to find the right tee for your needs.

Organizing your T-shirt wardrobe seems like a lot of work, but it is really very simple and will save you a lot of time in the long run. By doing it this way, you will also be able to quickly see at a glance which color T-shirts you may need to buy and if you are running low on T-shirts for work or for everyday.  You can even recreate old favorites by ordering custom-made T-shirts in any design you choose.

Rolling Your T-Shirt Is a Great Way to Go

Of all the different methods of preparing your t-shirts for storage or packing, you might find that rolling them is the best. Folding t-shirts can have its disadvantages, especially the tendency to create creases in the t-shirt. Also, folding t-shirts is not the most practical method when you need to pack them in a suitcase.

But there are many good reasons why rolling t-shirts is such a good method. First, rolling t-shirts saves space. Also, rolling them can help prevent wrinkles when packing. When stored in a dresser drawer or open shelf in your closet, t-shirts that are rolled look really neat and uniform. Rolling works especially well for t-shirts, because they’re made of a thin, stretchy fabric. This method doesn’t work as well for bulkier items or stiffer fabrics such as jeans or sweatshirts.

The best way to roll a t-shirt is to follow these steps:
1) Lay the t-shirt on a clear surface with the front of the t-shirt down
2) Fold each sleeve towards the center of the t-shirt so that it’s shaped like a rectangle
3) Roll the t-shirt from bottom hem to neckline, making sure to keep it even and tight
4) You now have a neatly rolled t-shirt, which you can keep as is, or secure with a rubber band around the middle in order to ensure that it won’t unroll in your luggage.

It is possible to stack many t-shirts or t-shirts and other items of clothing in one big bundle, and roll them all together. However, the most practical way to roll t-shirts is to roll each t-shirt individually. That way, if you’re on vacation, and you just need to get one t-shirt from your luggage, you only need to unroll that one. Otherwise, you’d have to unroll, restack, and re-roll all the clothing in the bundle. Also, when you roll each t-shirt individually, you can take advantage of little pockets of space in your luggage that might otherwise be wasted. As a result, rolling t-shirts can go long way towards helping you be able to carry a smaller suitcase or fewer pieces of luggage.

However, if you’re preparing for a long trip, and plan on unpacking your suitcase once you get to your destination, it can work well to roll your t-shirts and other clothing in bigger bundles. This method works especially well if you roll a bundle of items that are the same size, such as several t-shirts. When you want to roll t-shirts in a large bundle, with other t-shirts or different garments, one way you can protect them even further from wrinkling is by placing the whole bundle in a large garment bag before rolling.

There are lots of gadgets on the market to help you save space and prevent your clothes from wrinkling in your suitcase. But once you know how to roll your t-shirt, you have a great way to save space and prevent wrinkling that’s easy and completely free.

T-Shirt Storage 101 – How to Store Your T-Shirts

How to store your T-shirts is another one of those debatable topics. Many people swear that their preferred method is the absolute best and only way to store T-shirts. Whether to fold or hang T-shirts is a subject that some people can argue about for hours. In most cases it truly is a personal choice, sometimes based on the amount of storage space a person has and sometimes based on other reasons.

If you choose to hang your T-shirts, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Place the T-shirt straight on the hanger to avoid wrinkles and avoid it falling off the hanger. Padded hangers are best to avoid bumps and dents in the shoulders of your shirts. Plastic and wooden hangers are acceptable, but wire hangers should be avoided at all cost. Rotate your shirts so that none stay hanging in your closet unused for too long. When you go to use them you will encounter not only hanger dents, but also a line of dust along the shoulders. If you iron your T-shirts, hanging them on a hanger may be the best way to ensure that they remain wrinkle-free.

If you decide to fold your shirts, you need to do so neatly and place them so that they are not overcrowded or stuffed into a small area. In order to keep your shirts from wrinkling, you should fold then properly using the following technique. Hold each sleeve in your hands with the T-shirt facing towards you. Fold the sleeves inward with a crease forming at mid-shoulder. This type of folding will cause the outer sides of the T-shirt torso to fold also. You should now have an almost rectangular shape to fold either in half or in thirds, depending on your own preference and storage space. A plastic folding board may also be a useful thing to have on hand to help ensure neat folding.

One thing to keep in mind with custom-made printed T-shirts that have something big printed on them is to be careful how you fold them. You want to avoid folding the shirt so that print is not folded over on itself. It may stick together a little causing you to pull it apart when the time comes to wear it. Such action over time may cause additional wear and tear on the print and it may not last as long as you would like. You may also want to avoid folding the print itself, especially if it is a large one, because it may have a tendency to hold the crease after you unfold it, meaning you may need to iron the shirt.

Some people even suggest that a good way to store T-shirts is to roll them. This works particularly well if you have a tight space to store them in or if you are packing a suitcase. Simply fold the arms of the T-shirt inward mid-shoulder, like in the folding instructions, and then starting from the tail of the shirt, roll it into a neat cylinder shape.

There is no right or wrong way to store your T-shirts; it is simply what works best for you.  Get yourself some custom-made T-shirts today and try out the different storage techniques to find the one you like best.