T-Shirt Storage 101 – How to Store Your T-Shirts

How to store your T-shirts is another one of those debatable topics. Many people swear that their preferred method is the absolute best and only way to store T-shirts. Whether to fold or hang T-shirts is a subject that some people can argue about for hours. In most cases it truly is a personal choice, sometimes based on the amount of storage space a person has and sometimes based on other reasons.

If you choose to hang your T-shirts, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Place the T-shirt straight on the hanger to avoid wrinkles and avoid it falling off the hanger. Padded hangers are best to avoid bumps and dents in the shoulders of your shirts. Plastic and wooden hangers are acceptable, but wire hangers should be avoided at all cost. Rotate your shirts so that none stay hanging in your closet unused for too long. When you go to use them you will encounter not only hanger dents, but also a line of dust along the shoulders. If you iron your T-shirts, hanging them on a hanger may be the best way to ensure that they remain wrinkle-free.

If you decide to fold your shirts, you need to do so neatly and place them so that they are not overcrowded or stuffed into a small area. In order to keep your shirts from wrinkling, you should fold then properly using the following technique. Hold each sleeve in your hands with the T-shirt facing towards you. Fold the sleeves inward with a crease forming at mid-shoulder. This type of folding will cause the outer sides of the T-shirt torso to fold also. You should now have an almost rectangular shape to fold either in half or in thirds, depending on your own preference and storage space. A plastic folding board may also be a useful thing to have on hand to help ensure neat folding.

One thing to keep in mind with custom-made printed T-shirts that have something big printed on them is to be careful how you fold them. You want to avoid folding the shirt so that print is not folded over on itself. It may stick together a little causing you to pull it apart when the time comes to wear it. Such action over time may cause additional wear and tear on the print and it may not last as long as you would like. You may also want to avoid folding the print itself, especially if it is a large one, because it may have a tendency to hold the crease after you unfold it, meaning you may need to iron the shirt.

Some people even suggest that a good way to store T-shirts is to roll them. This works particularly well if you have a tight space to store them in or if you are packing a suitcase. Simply fold the arms of the T-shirt inward mid-shoulder, like in the folding instructions, and then starting from the tail of the shirt, roll it into a neat cylinder shape.

There is no right or wrong way to store your T-shirts; it is simply what works best for you.  Get yourself some custom-made T-shirts today and try out the different storage techniques to find the one you like best.

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