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Where is it Socially Acceptable for men to Wear Skirts


In an every changing world where men and women seem to be gaining in equality by the second a new trend has hit over in parts of Europe and is starting to eek its way ahead; men in skirts. While the idea of a man wearing a skirt is strictly taboo in some parts of the world it is actually gaining popularity and if history is any indicator, skirts on men will be here in the United States before you know it.

It makes sense when you think about it. More and more clothing that would only be considered for one sex is making its way across the gender line and showing up where you least expect it. The pants suit for women is a classic example of a fashion that was originally designed for one gender but made its way to the other. Designers certainly pulled that off so why not skirts on a guy?

For now though it is not generally accepted for men to wear skirts except for some certain circumstances. Here is when it is most commonly acceptable to have a man wearing a skirt:

•    Scottish formal events: This is probably the only time for now that you will think it is acceptable for a man to be in a skirt. Of course these skirts are referred to as kilts and are a traditional garment for a Scottish man to wear especially to a formal event. Should you attend a wedding that has a Scottish Bride or Groom chances are you will see more than one kilt floating around.

•    Celtic events:
Much like the Scottish, the Celts have their own form of the kilt and they too can be seen on Celtic men. Also like the Scottish, it was tradition to dress up in your finest kilt for the most formal of times.

•    Foreign military dress: Though they have not been used in battle since the 1940s, there are still certain regimens of the British, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, and South African armies that still use kilts as part of their everyday dress and uniforms.

•    Military ceremonies:
The U.S. Marines, the Coast Guard, and the U.S. Air Force have all developed ceremonial kilts that are worn by certain members of the pipe and drum bands. Though not part of the everyday uniform, these kilts are being seen at more and more military ceremonies.

•    Halloween: Let’s face it, if your buddy came over right now wearing a skirt, you would check your calendar to see if it was Halloween. On this occasion men can definitely get away with wearing a skirt if the costume they picked out dictates one. If it’s not Halloween, maybe your buddy just got back from a European vacation and loved the new fashion that he saw while over there.

While at the present time it is really only a kilt that is an acceptable form of a skirt for a man, the day is coming whether we like it or not that men will stop putting their pants on one leg a time and put both in a skirt at the same time.