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How to Dress Like a Zombie


Who hasn’t seen the classic movie night of the Living Dead? If you haven’t seen it, the movie features the ‘living dead’ or what are better known as zombies walking the streets in a quest for fresh brains. Once one of these zombies bit a living person, that person was quickly transformed into a zombie and they too began to roam the streets. Sound fun?

If walking amongst the living dead sounds like your sort of thing, here are some sure fire tips that will have you looking like a zombie:

•    Shirts: Since the zombies were simply the living dead, they really wore whatever they died in. But to truly pull off the zombie look you want to go with a shirt that is dirty and tattered as this will show that you may have once been buried, but rose again to eat some brains. An easy shirt to use to pull off this look is a white long sleeved button down shirt that is half tucked in and half untucked. Unbutton the top two or three buttons and wear a dirty tie, just be sure it is tied loosely.

•    Pants:
Slacks do the trick here, especially with the button down shirt look. To get the authentic zombie look go ahead and tear one of the pant legs and tear it good. Be sure that the skin that will be exposed through the tear is dirty.

•    Shoes: A nice pair of dress shoes is the ticket and be sure that you leave at least one untied. Again, you have to be sure that the shoes are dirty and worn looking to give it the proper look. You don’t want to look grubby everywhere else and have sparkly clean shoes. Want to throw everyone for a loop, try wearing only one shoe. This gives the illusion that you lost one of your shoes rising from the grave, or perhaps because you were chasing down an unwilling brain donor.

•    Women:
Alright those tips were certainly for the guys but there are surely ladies that want to dress like zombies too. Your look is even easier than the fellows. Simply get a nice looking sun dress or any other type of dress and make sure you get it nice and dirty. If you want to tear your dress in certain spots that is great and an easy tear to accomplish is a strap being sure to leave it dangle after tearing. You will have more skin showing than the guys so be sure that your flesh is showing its fair share of dirt. You can also try wearing only one earring as if to show that your trip through the dirt was not an easy one, or go with big hoop earrings that are mis-shapened.

•    Hair:
The messier the better. This applies for both the guys and the gals. Get it good and tattered looking and hold it in place with some extra firm hair spray.

Now just practice walking around with your arms straight out in front of you and mumble a lot and your zombie look is complete. Just be sure to stay away from the brains, you don’t need to be that authentic.