Tips and Ideas for Custom Family Reunion T-Shirts

Planning a family reunion is not an easy task. There are many things to consider. Tasks include agreeing on and confirming a location to hold your event, set up food, arrangements, and prepare party activities. Don’t forget to include items to help family member remember your event. If you are planning a family reunion, consider creating a fantastic souvenir. Custom t-shirt with your family name and date of reunion make great souvenirs. Custom t-shirts are fun to design and fun to wear. Designing your family reunion shirt is exciting. With so many options available, it is easy to find a style that will work for your family.

When designing your custom t-shirt, think about your event. If you have planned an outdoor adventure such as camping or hiking, the color of your shirt should reflect that activity. Black is not the best choice, as black has a tendency to absorb heat, making the person warmer. White may not be a great option either, as it gets dirty easily. Pick a color that will allow all wearers to stay cool in the sun without attracting stains. Color is only the first choice of many in designing your shirts.

If you want simplicity, the family name and date of reunion is effective. Adding where the reunion is held is another choice. You can also add pictures or graphics to your custom t-shirts. If you have a family picture from a previous reunion, you can add that to the shirt. Some chose to add a picture of only the parents. This idea is great for families that have deep respect for the parents that created the rest of the family. A picture of their wedding day would be beautiful. Or since most families have more than one last name, as family members married or changed names, consider adding each last name to the back of the shirt, as a way to include all members.

The graphics on the shirt can be anything from a tree, stick figures, state your family grew up in, a world globe, a flag, or more. If you would like to be more specific you can include a graphic of the activity you have planned. If you are taking a cruise, a cruise ship would be appropriate. Reunions on the beach can include sunsets, palm trees, or sand volleyball. If your family is having a barbeque, a grill would be a fantastic choice.

With so many styles to choose from, you will be able to find a custom t-shirt to suit your family reunion. After the reunion, the shirts will bring back wonderful memories of the fun that was shared. Your family will be talking about the reunion for years to come. With the right t-shirt, they could be talking about how great your design was. So go ahead and make a great memory and design custom t-shirts for your family event. No other family is just like yours, so make your special. Have fun creating your shirt, and remember how many memories you are creating. Family reunions are wonderful events to share.

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