Share your Memories: Family Reunion T-Shirts

Planning a family reunion requires a lot of time and organization. Make your event memorable for the entire family by creating something everyone can take home. Ordering customized t-shirts for the whole gang is hassle free when you shop online.You can start with a generic theme like “Davis Family Reunion. Oswald’s Park 2004.” But, don’t stop there! Use a favorite family photo or a family tree. Use the year, a family theme and nicknames. Or, shop from online libraries for artwork, inspiration and motivation.

There’s something for everyone. Try something sentimental and use the family crest or a tree with members’ names with “Baker Family Established October 21, 1945.” Or, “We are family.” Or, use your family’s ethnic flag with “McAllister. American since 1912, Irish Forever.”

Have some laughs with individualized shirts. Use the same artwork and put individual names on each shirt. Try “I’m the Nana.” “I’m the good-looking aunt.” “I’m the drama queen in this family.”

One family asked the great-grandchildren for the names of their great aunts and uncles. These new nicknames from the kids marked the shirts for the 2007 reunion. Everyone had a good laugh when John went from his lifelong nickname of John Junior to “UJ.” The teenagers said it was short for Uncle John.

Does your family have a favorite song or movie? Use it on your t-shirts. Try, “My Big, Fat, Greek Reunion. The Speryos. 2008.” Or, how about a favorite phrase of a family member? The Long family poked fun at Aunt Anne one year with these shirts, “Amen to that!”

Family reunion shirts are good for more than just laughs and memories at the party. They are great for spotting the family if your reunion is at a big public venue. One family had bright, Kelly green shirts for their 2006 party at an amusement park. It was easy to find one another among the games and rides.

It’s easy to order online. Pick artwork from online libraries or design your own. Add text, names, dates and themes. There are thousands of fonts to choose from online. Then pick shirt styles, sizes and colors. See the proof online and order. Here’s a tip from the pros: order more of the larger size shirts than smaller ones. People are typically happy to wear a shirt that’s a bit too big over a shirt that’s too small. Expect delivery to take a couple weeks.

The McDonald family holds a contest every year to create their family reunion t-shirts. It’s a big family with six children, 19 grandchildren and 34 great-grandchildren! To keep their annual party organized they form committees. It’s a real honor to be on the t-shirt committee and select the winner. Last year, they put together 30 years of shirts and made them into a quilt for grandma and grandpa. It was a scrapbook of family parties and memories. The quilt made for a very special gift.

Don’t forget to use your website. It’s becoming more and more common to set up the whole party online. If you’re using a family website or yahoo group to stay connected during the planning process, put the website right on the t-shirt! It makes it easy to remember once everyone starts posting their pictures from the party.

Your family reunion t-shirts are sure to be a hit. Give everyone a reunion gift they’ll remember for generations!

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