When Thongs are Wrong – Underwear Alternatives that aren’t Granny Panties


There are many times in a woman’s life when she may want to wear a pair of thong underwear as that is what she is used to, but a certain situation dictates otherwise. Perhaps it is inappropriate at her place of work, her place or worship, or maybe her child’s school. Whatever the case may be there are times when a thong is wrong, but what are some underwear alternatives for women that aren’t granny panties?

Just because you can’t wear a thong doesn’t mean you have to go with the fluffy white cotton granny panties. In fact there are so many alternatives these days that you never have to wear granny panties again if you don’t want too. Here are some alternatives to wearing your thong:

•    Bikini: You can always go with a nice pair of bikini panties as an alternative to a thong. Bikini panties are made to ride on the hips and fit in a snug fashion so they won’t bunch up like the traditional granny panties do. Bikini panties can be very comfortable as they will fit you, as the name implies, like your bikini bottoms would. You can even go with a string bikini cut which still sits on the hips but the sides of the panties are reduced to a string. This decreases the chance of panty lines appearing on the sides and tends to fit and feel more like a thong.

•    Hipsters:
Hipsters obviously rest on your hips and are another great alternative to thongs. They tend to cover the hips a bit more than the bikini panties do and there is also a little more coverage in the rear. The only drawback to so much coverage is an increased chance of seeing panty lines. You also have the dreaded riding up of the panties that can occur which leads to the ever embarrassing wedgey pick.

•    Boyshorts:
Boyshorts are a great alternative to a thong and are usually a bit more comfortable as opposed to the hipsters and bikini panties. Boyshorts sort of resemble men’s briefs but are meant to fit snuggly and offer great coverage in the rear without the hassle of riding up.

•    Cheekees:
Similar to boyshorts in that they offer great coverage in the rear they are called cheekees for a reason. Usually cheekees are not as snug fitting as boyshorts and because the cut is different, cheekees tend to let, well, your cheeks begin to show.

•    Commando:
Another alternative to wearing a thong is wearing nothing at all or ‘going commando’ as they say. While it is an alternative and you certainly won’t have to worry about panty lines, if a thong is inappropriate for an occasion, then going commando would be a cardinal sin.

Just because a thong is not in order it doesn’t mean that you can’t still wear a comfortable pair of panties. With all the options that are available these days, the death of the every hated granny panties are only a matter of time.

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