Use T-Shirts for Unique Fundraising Opportunities

Fund-raising. Ugh. There aren’t many hyphenated words that send such a shiver down my spine. I used to really get into it; I always sold the most hoagies and doughnuts for marching band in high school. I even (gasp!) went door-to-door in my old neighborhood selling candles and wrapping paper when I was a 10 year old. I don’t know if it was a lot safer 25 years ago, or if people were more trusting, but out I went, the youngest traveling salesman in the neighborhood. Ironically as an adult, I absolutely despise attending or participating in almost every kind of fund-raising activity. If you feel the same way, but still need some fund-raising ideas, this one just might inspire you to hit the pavement (or at least hit up your family, friends, and coworkers).

How about selling t-shirts as a fund-raiser? Because t-shirts are so cheap to produce and to print on, this is a virtual money-maker that can’t’ lose. Everyone needs clothes, and lots of people hate going to the store. It’s hard to turn down a good bargain, and that’s exactly what a fund-raising t-shirt is–a high-quality article of clothing for a great price. Who wouldn’t like that?

OK, so what’s the hook? Maybe it’s supporting a charity. Every charity has its supporters–from breast cancer research to Alzheimer’s to fair trade to saving the environment–and can always use more funds to continue their work. Hosting a t-shirt drive is one way these organizations can raise money at the local level. Why not buy a t-shirt emblazoned with the symbol of the cause you feel strongly about? You most likely want to get others involved in your charity and buying a t-shirt through a charity fund-raiser is a great way to do it.

What if your kids’ school is trying to raise money for new playground equipment or new books for the library? Selling t-shirts is the way to go! Teachers, especially elementary ones, like for their classes to all wear the same tee on field trips–it makes it easy to identify them in a crowd–and it’s an easy way to raise money for the school. Bearing the name of the school, maybe it’s mascot or theme, and perhaps the school song, this tee is sure to be worn by everyone in the school; students, teachers, staff, administrators, and even parents or grandparents.

Maybe your church’s youth group is hoping to take a trip out of the area to do some mission work or to go to camp. Again, this is a great opportunity to sell some t-shirts. Church congregations are nearly captive audiences to the sales pitch, and are eager to help support the young people who attend their church. Groups of teens who are engaged in something helpful such as a mission trip, or who are staying out of trouble and learning more about their faith are activities that the adults of a church will support. If that means buying a t-shirt or two, there’s no doubt that they’ll do so.

There are many fund-raising opportunities in which selling t-shirts is a great way to go. It’s unique, inexpensive to supply, and cheap to purchase, plus, it gives people something tangible for their support.

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