What Color Shirts Make You Look Tanner?

Many people wish to look tanner to make them look more youthful, healthier and more attractive or desirable. Nowadays it is not always possible to find time to sunbathe to get a tan. Nor is it considered wise, as too much UV exposure causes skin damage and can even lead to skin cancer.

Alternatives to tanning naturally include tanning beds, spray tanning and self tanning lotions and sprays. All of these require some planning and consistency of usage in addition to money and time to maintain the tan. As a result, many find themselves paler than they might like and wishing to look tanner.

Color can be a very powerful tool. By wearing a certain color, you can completely change your appearance. This is all possible through the creation of optical illusions. Color provides us with a remarkable capability to change chameleon-like through the simple application of color use.

The general consensus seems to be that light colored shirts tend to make you look tanner. Darker colors tend to be more dramatic and harsher against the skin. Colors like chocolate brown and black can make skin look pale and washed out by comparison.

When looking for specific colors to bring out a tan, look to the pastel color family.
Shades like powder blue, sea foam green, pale pink and light yellow help to make a tan pop. Don’t forget white. White is the premiere color for a shirt that will make you look tanner.

There are many shades of white. You will be amazed. And the amazing thing is that all of them should make you look tanner, unless you are ghostly pale. If you are paler than the white shirt you are trying on, it is best to stick to the pastels.

Outside of the pastel family, some insist cool colors tend to do the trick of making you look tanner much better than warmer colors, which tend to want to conflict and compete with the skin, rather that compliment it. Others insist warmer, bright colors are the way to go in picking shirts that will make you look tanner. The key really seems to be finding a color that compliments your skin tone and undertones.

Hold up shirts to yourself and see what you think. Experiment by using your existing wardrobe before you head out shopping. Drape various colors across your torso, leaving your neckline, face and arms exposed to see which shades suit you best. Be sure to note which colors really seem to bring out your tan. Once you know which colors to look for, keep these shades in mind when shopping.

Remember, the focus is on illusion. Color acts as a tool, to help create whatever illusion you desire. There is no formula that works for everyone. Experiment and come up with you own palette that is personalized to you. Then go shopping and buy some new shirts and other items that will make you look tanner, or make your eyes look bluer, or your hair blonder, or whatever your color goal may be.

3 thoughts on “What Color Shirts Make You Look Tanner?

  1. Sara

    thank you..i just went tanning this past week and i havent gotten the results i was really looking for this really helped me πŸ™‚

  2. Charles

    Not completely true.

    Light colours can make you look paler.

    If you have a white dot for example, in the middle of loads of black…the white dot can look grey (darker)…it’s sometimes the same for people.

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