What Makes a T-Shirt More Dressy?

A t-shirt is one of the most versatile parts of anyone’s wardrobe. A t-shirt of any color can be made dressy or casual with just a few simple steps. If a person needs a dressy outfit, a t-shirt can be made to look like a part of a dressy outfit. If the occasion is far more casual, the same t-shirt can be worn in that occasion and fit in just as well. It’s possible to wear a t-shirt to the dressiest occasion if it is presented in the right way.

There are two main things that determine how dressy a t-shirt looks. The first of these is the presentation. That means that if a t-shirt is wrinkled or left un-tucked, it will not look as dressy as if it is free of wrinkles and tucked in to the pants or skirt you are wearing. To make it look even more dressy, add a little starch to the t-shirt. Simply lay the t-shirt flat and spray starch lightly on to the shirt to make it look a little straighter.

The second criteria for making a t-shirt look more dressy is the accessories that are used with it. Any t-shirt can be dressed up by simply adding a few pieces to the outfit. If the t-shirt is paired with a dressy necklace, it will add an interesting touch to the outfit and will make it look dressier. If the necklace is paired with matching earrings and perhaps a matching bracelet, it will look that much dressier. A scarf or a dressy sweater paired with the shirt can also lend a more formal look to a t-shirt.

The type of shoes are worn with a t-shirt is also a big consideration. If the outfit is worn with any type of athletic shoes, the outfit will look far more causal. Flip flops also look extremely causal. But, with dressy shoes, the outfit immediately becomes dressier. A man should wear loafers or black dress shoes along with the outfit. A woman can wear high heels or dressy flats with the outfit for a dressy look.

Pair the jacket with a pair of slacks or a skirt instead of jeans to give it a more elegant look. Jeans almost always look casual, and it’s harder to dress up anything if it’s worn with jeans. If the t-shirt is tucked in, also try pairing a dressy belt with it. The combination of a dressy belt and a tucked-in shirt will immediately make the outfit look better put together.

Wearing a jacket over a t-shirt is another option for making it look dressy. With a nice jacket, the t-shirt will look like a part of a complete, dressy outfit. Try to match the jacket to the color of the t-shirt as well as the color of the pants. How well these colors go together can have a lot to do with how presentable the entire outfit is. If the colors don’t match, the entire outfit looks more casual.

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