What to Wear with Gold

Gold dress

Gold is a color that is often associated with wealth and prosperity. Gold is also a color that many people are afraid to incorporate into their daily fashions. But wearing gold doesn’t have to be such a challenge; you simply have to know what to wear it with.

Whether you choose to wear your gold as part of your garments or part of your accessories there are literally hundreds of possibilities with gold. Here are just a few ideas of what you too can wear with gold:

Going casual: For typical day wear gold is best worn in the form of accessories by detailing. You can turn a very plain looking jean skirt into a fabulous casual dress that can be worn out just about anywhere by having small gold beads sewn across the pockets or even along the back seem. The process couldn’t be easier and the supplies can be found at any craft store. Alternatively you can buy a skinny belt that is gold and that too will jazz up the ordinary.
Carry gold accents: If you are going out for the evening and wearing black, a great way to incorporate some gold is by carrying a purse or handbag that is gold or has gold accents. If a pure gold purse is too much for you, try a black purse that has gold accents such as different gold beadings or even some gold on the strap. Some purses will even have a gold chain in place of the strap and this can make for a great gold accent as well.
Wear the gold: Of course the most obvious way to incorporate gold into your outfits is by way of gold jewelry. This can be accomplished with expensive rings and necklaces, but if you are going for a look such as the popular Bohemian look in which you layer several gold necklaces, this can tend to get a bit pricey. Luckily there are a number of great looking faux gold necklaces that can be purchased for a fraction of the price of real gold. Acquiring several of these faux gold necklaces and layering them with traditional beaded necklaces will have you pulling off the Bohemian look flawlessly and rather inexpensively. If you are wearing formal wear that is black then a simple gold necklace, gold earrings, and a couple of gold bracelets really help to not only bring out the black, but they will help tie in the entire outfit in an elegant manner.
Step out in gold: Gold shoes are another great way to add gold into your ensemble mix. A pair of gold heels, wedge sandals, or even gladiator shoes can be the perfect pairing for your hot little black dress that you like so much. Gold shoes also make for a great addition to jeans of any color, especially the darker ones.

Gold is nothing to be afraid of, it is to be cherished and used. Remember that everything that glitters is gold and that gold is glorious so wear it and enjoy it.

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