Liquid leggings

What to Wear with Liquid Leggings

Liquid leggings

Liquid leggings are just like regular leggings except that they are made of some sort of shiny material that gives them the appearance of being ‘wet.’  Thanks to start like Lady Gaga these liquid leggings are making their way into the mainstream of fashion at a very fast pace. Because there are a number of different colors of liquid leggings there are a number of different possibilities when you think about what you want to wear with your liquid leggings.

Liquid leggings are made to be noticed so when wearing them you need to pair them with garments that will compliment them and highlight them at the same time. Here are a few examples of how you can utilize liquid leggings:

•    T-shirts: This is the look that Miley Cyrus has helped make famous. Wearing black liquid leggings and a t-shirt that is on the long side, you too can accomplish this look. Use a wide belt to tie the outfit together and wear high top shoes like Converse to complete the look. You can also opt for a fun and stylish hat if you like.

•    Frilly blouses: Blouses that have frilly tops and frilly sleeves also go rather nicely with liquid leggings. If the blouse is long enough you can use a skinny belt if you wish. If you are wearing black liquid leggings then you can go with lighter colored tops such as white and yellow, but if you are wearing a metallic colored pair of liquid leggings then stick with black blouses as these will look great with the gold and silver colored leggings. Finish off the look by wearing a pair of high heels that compliments the entire outfit.

•    Dresses:
You can wear any number of cute short dresses over your liquid leggings for a casual and cool look. Choose to tie in the outfit with a belt or be a bit different and use a sash. If the weather dictates, you can wear a lightweight jacket and still look great. Go with heels once again when choosing your footwear.

•    Miniskirts:
A sexy way to jazz up a pair of black liquid leggings is to wear a black spandex miniskirt over top. This can be topped off with a short white blouse and fished with a lightweight black leather jacket. This is the ultimate in sexy cool. You will of course want to go with a pair of very high heels that are black.

•    More liquid:
Lady Gaga often wears her black liquid leggings and a top that is made of the same material. This look gives her an overall wet appearance and everything is very tight. That said if you are not comfortable in everything tight then you will want to skip this look. If however you are confident enough to go for it then pair it with black heels and you will have the Gaga look down.

Liquid leggings are a sexy and fun alternative to the ordinary. Pairing them with the right outfits will have you too looking your best no matter where you roam in your liquid leggings.

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