Wow To Look Great At The Beach, No Matter What Your Weigh

Guide for Swimwear for Heavy Bodies – Look great, no Matter what your Weight

When the warm weather rolls around and it’s time to hit the beaches and the pools in your area you want to look your best in your swimwear. Many people however feel that because their weight is what would be considered ‘hefty’ that any type of swimwear fashion is out of the question. This is simply not the case.

In today’s fashion savvy world in which we live there are many options for those of you that may be a bit larger in stature than others. Here are some great tips for both the ladies and the guys:


Wrap it up: So many women are self conscious about their backsides and if you are one of them fear not. There are a number of stylish wraps that can be purchased that do what they sound like they would do and wrap around your lower half to provide you with the coverage you want. This will allow you to walk the beach or poolside freely and not worry about if anyone is critically looking you over.
Bikini options: Just because you can’t wear a string bikini doesn’t mean that you can’t still wear a bikini. Now they have bikinis that have shorts as bottoms as opposed to the typical bottoms that allow for better coverage and increased comfort. If you a little self conscious about your mid section then get a bikini top that has extra material that hangs down on the front. This will still allow you to wear a bikini and cover up at the same time.
Sun dresses: There are so many stylish sun dresses available now that you really have no excuse not to pick one up. Wear it over your swimwear while walking onto the beach or pool area and take it off when you go in the water. Want to go for a walk? Throw it back on and walk away.

Bottom line is ladies; you don’t have to wear a one piece suit or shorts and a t-shirt when you want to get wet.


Nix the Speedo: Do Speedos look good on anyone? If you are one the hefty side, you can still get some really cool looking swim trunks that will offer you great coverage and comfort and you don’t have to go ultra short either. You can stick with the traditional bathing suit or go with the more contemporary board shorts. These types of shorts are typically seen on surfers and they tend to come in wilder designs than your average swim suit does.
Rash guard: If you do not like the look of your gut, then pick up a rash guard. A rash guard looks like a t-shirt but it is made of a material that is similar to a wet suit. They have SPF built right in so you don’t have to worry about burning and no one will look at you like you are wearing a shirt, because so many guys, thin and hefty, wear rash guards these days.

All you will need at that point is a surf board and no one but you will know that you really aren’t a surfer.

Looking great at the beach or the pool can be done no matter how much you weigh. Just remember to go with what you like and have a great time in the process.

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