How to Dress Business Casual

The style of business casual has been taking over business dress codes for a long time. Business casual is a classic style that is easy to dress up or down, depending on what happens during the business day. Your business casual clothes are fine for catching a late dinner with co-workers or going on a date after work as well as for talking to the president of the company during the day. The main idea behind any business casual outfit is to make it look neat, classic and well put together.

Women’s Business Casual

For women, there are many business casual options that can keep this wardrobe from looking too boring and plain. There are a wide range of pants, skirts and dresses that can all be classified as business casual. Skirts and pants should look casual, but they should be in very good condition and should not be made from denim. A skirt or dress should come to the knees or lower. They should look pressed, even if they aren’t, and should generally be in a neutral color like gray, navy blue, cream or white. These are easy colors to pair with other neutral items on top. With a number of classic separates, you can put together a large number of outfits that all look classic and businesslike.

The top you choose can have a scooped neckline, but it should not be at all revealing. A V-neck or boat neck is flattering to some shapes, but make sure they don’t go too far. A jacket or blazer in a coordinating color can pull together an outfit made from separates and create a cohesive look.

Avoid wearing anything that is too trendy. Anything that is not a part of a classic look is out of place in a business casual environment. Make sure your clothing fits well and doesn’t reveal cleavage. It shouldn’t be too short or too tight, but it shouldn’t be too baggy, either.

Men’s Business Casual

For the most part, men’s business casual does not require a suit and tie. In most business casual offices, a tie is not necessary. A long-sleeved shirt is usually considered to be more businesslike than a short-sleeved shirt, though a nice, button-up short-sleeved shirt is also appropriate in most business casual offices. Always tuck in your shirt, no matter how dressy your shirt and pants are. Men are also generally expected to wear a belt. The pants should be any nice, unwrinkled pants in a neutral color that are not jeans. They should have no wear obvious to them and should have no fraying at the ends.

Men often wear jackets along with their business causal pants to take the place of a suit. The jacket can be a suit jacket or a more casual jacket, but the function is to give the outfit the same lines and basic look as a suit without making a tie necessary. The jacket should be in very good condition and should not have faded elbows. It should be in a neutral color to coordinate with the shirt and pants.

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