How to Get Rid of Static Cling on your T-Shirt

Static cling is an unattractive and uncomfortable side effect of dry air. When an item is washed and dried in a drier, this can create the type of dry air that is perfect for static cling buildup. Sometimes, the dry air outdoors or in the house is what causes the static cling, and sometimes it’s a combination of environmental effects. But, there’s no reason to keep static cling in your clothing when there are many ways to be rid of it.

One of the easiest ways to eliminate, or to at least reduce, static cling on your t-shirt is to use dryer sheets. These are used for two purposes- to make clothing feel softer and to reduce the static cling that often results from using the dryer. These sheets are simply added to the laundry when the clothes are put into the dryer and then removed after the load of clothing is dry.

If you don’t want to use a fabric softening sheet, there are also liquid fabric softeners that can be added to the wash, and they sometimes have a similar effect of reducing the static cling. These are added at a specific time during the wash cycle as is directed by the label.

Apart from fabric softeners, there are other substances that can help to keep the cling away. One such item is talcum powder. A small amount of powder applied to the body or to the inside of clothes can keep the clothing from clinging to you or to other items of clothing. It also adds a fresh smell and can help keep clothing from being discolored by sweat.

Moisturizer is something that can be used in small amounts to stop static cling. A tiny dab of skin moisturizer can be rubbed on the inside of clothing to keep it from clinging. Or, it can be rubbed along the outside of an article of clothing to keep it from clinging to itself. To keep it from clinging to you, moisturize your skin with lotion just before putting on clothing.

There are a few products on the market that are made specifically for getting rid of static cling off your t-shirt or other clothes.. These work very quickly and are easy to use. A static cling spray can be sprayed directly onto the clothing while you are wearing it and the cling should cease immediately.

Hairspray is another inexpensive method of removing static from clothing. Spray clothing lightly with hairspray to get rid of static cling. For the best results from hairspray, use an aerosol spray and hold the can about two feet away from the garment when spraying it. Otherwise, too much hairspray will make your clothing too stiff for comfort.

Another spray to use to get rid of static on your t-shirt or clothes is spray starch. This is made to make clothing stiffer, and one of the side effects of this stiffness is less cling. It washes out of clothing easily and it will not stain the item. Follow the directions on the starch can for the best results.

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