How to Stay in Style While Pregnant


Great Ideas for How to Stay Hip When Pregnant

Congratulations! Pregnancy is a life-changing event in a woman’s life. While you will experience feelings of joy and excitement, you will also feel moments of doubt and concern. For many women this begins during pregnancy when your body will reshape itself and change to accommodate the growing life inside you. Thus it’s really important to feel attractive and good about yourself during the pregnancy. So here are some suggestions on how to stay in style while pregnant.

Shop around!

Pregnancy is a great excuse to go shopping for new clothes. In fact, you must go shopping for new clothes. (Tell me you haven’t waited a lifetime for someone to tell you that!) The great thing is that maternity clothes have evolved greatly since your mother had to wear a pink-striped, cotton, moo-moo. Maternity clothes are available in sleek, stylish and comfortable fashions. The key to staying hip when pregnant is to find clothes that will suit your rapidly-changing body.

Finally – The Perfect Body!

Are you carrying this baby in front, or has he added substantially to your backside? Some women put on weight all over, which can be very disconcerting because it feels like you are shopping for a completely different person. Well here’s the good news – you are! Your body is forming the shape that it needs to have to best nurture your child. So your pregnancy shape, while it may not be model size 4, is actually perfect. If you don’t feel that way yet, you just haven’t found the right maternity clothes.

One great idea on how to stay hip while pregnant is to really embrace your curves. You are the epitome of femininity. (Try saying that 5 times fast). Seek out clothing that, while comfortable, makes the most of your assets. You will find elegant maternity t-shirts and blouses that are gathered above the belly, and flow gracefully along your curves. These come in a variety of fabrics and patterns, so you are bound to find something to suit your needs.

Style for Every Occasion

Whether you are working in an office, playing at the park, attending a wedding or going to the beach, you will be able to stay in style during your pregnancy by taking the time to seek out different maternity styles, makes and fabrics. You may opt for a combination of maternity t-shirts and casual dress on most days. Or your career may require you to wear more tailored business suits on a daily basis. Again the key is to try different outfits until you find the one that best suits your body.

Now what fits your body in the 4th month of pregnancy and the 8th month is very likely to change. Just try to view this as an opportunity to go with the flow. Pregnancy really does represent change, and while that can be challenging, it is also very rewarding. As you come up with your own great ideas of how to stay in style during pregnancy, remember to enjoy the experience. Nothing is every more stylish than the warm glow of pregnancy.

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