T-Shirts for Dad – Personalized Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Looking for a great Father’s Day gift for the dad who has everything? How about a way to let him know what a great dad he is on his birthday or Christmas? Custom-designed t-shirts are the way to go!

Every dad feels great when he’s appreciated. Showing the love to dad through hugs, kisses, and spending time with him is all good. There are lots of dads out there who would welcome the opportunity to wear a cool tee that shows off to the world how much his kids love him.

Available in almost any color, you can order one for the special dad in your life in his favorite shade. Take a look at the t-shirts he already has; then you’ll know for sure what style he prefers.

The rest is up to you! Lots of young families like to give dad t-shirts with baby’s footprints on the front; this tells everyone dad meets that he’s got a new baby in the house, and he’ll be congratulated. Of course, the tee might also be stained with spit-up after he’s worn it a time or two, but I bet he won’t mind. Another good idea for a dad with young children at home is to make a t-shirt with the kids’ pictures on the front. Witty sayings or captions like “The Hometown Team” can be printed above the photo.

For the dad who likes things understated, you can try a tee that has a smaller design, say where a pocket would be. A small graphic of a trophy surrounded with the words Best Dad Award will be sure to please. You can also choose a design that goes on the back of the t-shirt; some dads might feel more comfortable with the graphics behind him where they aren’t always catching his eye and making him feel more noticeable.

Then, there are some dads who will wear anything, regardless of how understated or how wild the t-shirt is. With these dads, your imagination can really go crazy. Try funny shirts like “My kids rock” or “Superdad!” printed on a Superman logo.

“Behind Every Kid is a Great Dad” is a shirt that will show the world that here walks a dad who puts his family first. Another favorite is “Property of My Kids, 24/7”.

If your family has some special sayings or ways to tell each other “I love you”, you can put that on a t-shirt! As kids grow older, they start to get embarrassed when mom or dad says those three little words in front of their friends. Many parents solve this by coming up with code words that mean the same thing. For example, they might say something like, “You rock” or “Until next time!” This could literally be anything.

Some tees can even show that the wearer of the shirt is a man that loves his country, team, hobby, along with his kids; “World’s Greatest Dad” printed in the style of a baseball pennant is one example.

Getting a t-shirt for dad on Father’s Day, his birthday, or even Christmas is a great, unique way to show the dad in your life how much you love and appreciate him. Have fun!

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