Rock concert

What to Wear to a Rock Concert

Rock concert

When you go to a rock concert, you have a license to dress like you wouldn’t at any other time. The more all-out you can go, the better your rock ‘n roll look will be.

The Venue

One of the most important things to consider when dressing for rock and roll concert is to consider the venue. Where the event is scheduled will be one of the biggest things that influence what you wear. If you’re going to an outdoor rock concert, you might need sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat and a short sleeve shirt or coat, depending on the weather. If the concert will be in a field, you will need boots because of the mud.

An arena concert is a very different thing. You don’t have to dress for the outdoors, but you will have to dress to take care of yourself in the crowd. You may want to wear boots indoors if the venue will be very crowded. Many concertgoers opt for steel-toed boots for the best protection. This will keep your toes from being crushed when they are stepped on- and they are likely to be stepped on. You may also want to leave all their valuables at home so that they aren’t grabbed or broken while you’re there. Necklaces and earrings are a bad idea in general because of the risk of injury and theft.

The Genre

After the venue, the genre of the rock music is the biggest factor in what you wear. There are many, many different subcategories of rock ‘n roll now, and each has its own style of dress. But for most of them, the universal way of dressing is to wear jeans and leather. A band t-shirt from one of the band’s other concerts is perfect for a rock concert. The shows that you are a big fan of the band and not someone who just showed up because the band was in town.

A t-shirt in a solid color is always a good bet for concert. It’s inexpensive, and it won’t matter if he gets stained torn during the concert. You may not plan to get into the mosh pit, but the spirit might move you once you’re at the concert. Make sure that your shirt and jeans are not too tight. This will ensure that you have enough freedom of movement to dance and move around the way want to. Don’t wear jeans that are too baggy however, when they might get stepped on or pulled in the crowd.

No matter what genre of rock you are listening to, a pair of 501 jeans is always very rock ‘n roll. Wear these with a leather belt, a pair of boots, a t-shirt and a leather jacket and you will look as rock ‘n roll as a person can. The t-shirt can be plain black, plain white or any other color that matches your mood. Make sure you don’t wear too much clothing however, or you may end up sweating so much that it becomes a distraction. If you think you might get too hot, leave the leather jacket at home and stick with jeans and t-shirt.

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