What to Wear to Ballet


When you are trying to figure out what to wear to ballet it really comes down to are you going to be a participant in the performance or a spectator of it? Ballet at any level is a wonderful display of art that almost anyone can enjoy but there is a certain dress code when attending a ballet for both participants and spectators alike.

Ballet for the most part is a semi-formal event and attending one means that you will have to break out your best clothes especially if you are planning on attending on opening night. Here is how you can look your absolute best when attending a ballet:

•    Participants: When ballet dancers are practicing they will generally wear a black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, and have their hair pulled back. Male dancers will wear thick tights, a tank top, and black ballet shoes. But when the actual performance rolls around these warm up outfits are tossed to the side and make way for a variety of different colors and styles which will all depend on the theme of the ballet.
•    Women spectators: Women can look their best in a nice dress that is one solid color. Really any color goes, but you want to be sure that the length of the dress is not too short. Go with a dress that is no shorter than just above the knees and compliment the dress with a matching pair of heels. Accessorize elegantly but lightly and wear jewelry that will compliment your outfit such as a simple string of pearls. Do your hair however you feel comfortable but remember you definitely want to dress to impress.
•    Men spectators: Guys need to at least go in a suit and tie especially for the all important opening night. If you are attending a very fancy ballet then you may even want to go with a traditional tuxedo or other type of black tie attire. Your shoes should of course be dressy as well and like the ladies you should be going for the knockout with your outfit.
•    Children spectators: Kids should be dressed up but you do not have to go crazy with renting your little guy a tux. When dressing your kids for a ballet, think of how you would dress them to go to church and you will have a good indication of what they should be dressed like to attend the ballet. Just be sure that you don’t have them going in shorts, shirts, and hats.

There is an exception to these dress codes. If you are attending a child’s performance you may want to ask the ballet teacher first how formal or casual the event is going to be. You certainly don’t want to show up in a tux when everyone else has on jeans and t-shirts and vice-versa.

Whether you are participating in the ballet or you are going to the ballet to be entertained you will enjoy yourself the most when you dress the part.

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