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What to Wear With Your Graduation Robes


Graduation is an exciting time! After years of study and work, you have finally reached the pinnacle of academic success. When preparing for your graduation ceremony, it’s difficult to know exactly what you should wear under that large, shapeless robe. But after all of the time, money and effort you have invested in your education, you should plan to look your best for this recognition of your achievements!

Keep in mind that there is a great deal of tradition behind the wearing of academic dress. The academic dress found at most institutions in the United States and Great Britain is descended from the styles of medieval European universities. While the traditional gowns, hoods and caps are typically seen only at graduation ceremonies, in some universities the ensemble is still worn on a daily basis to denote academic standing or affiliation with certain societies. Generally the more elaborate the ensemble, the more important the wearer.

What is worn underneath the gown depends largely on the institution from which you will graduating. Some older universities specify a certain dress code to be worn under academic ensembles, while other universities and high schools are more relaxed in their requirements. Conservative formal clothing is the general rule in these situations, including a suit, shirt and tie for men, and a blouse and skirt or a dress for women. Out of respect for the occasion, very casual clothing such as t-shirts, jeans and shorts should not be worn under graduation robes. Certain institutions may not allow you to participate in the procession or ceremony if you are dressed inappropriately.

An important consideration is the season of your graduation ceremony. If the weather is cool, then men should consider wearing a dark suit. Not only will this be warmer, but the shape of the jacket will give the gown more form and look better for pictures. If your ceremony is to be held during the spring or summer when temperatures are warm, or if it’s in an indoor location where the temperature will rise, men may simply opt for a dress shirt and tie. A dressy white top and dark skirt will be appropriate for a woman in either case, long-sleeved for cooler weather and short-sleeved for hot weather.

The graduation hood is worn around the neck, and is usually secured by a button on a shirt or blouse. If you are wearing a shirt that does not have buttons, the hood can also be pinned but keep in mind this may leave a tear or mark on your shirt. Ladies should keep in mind that wearing a low-cut top or dress will make pinning the hood difficult.

If it’s important to you to stand out in a sea of monotone color and square caps, you should consider wearing an unusual shoe style or, for the ladies, interesting earrings. Platform shoes and high heels can not only be a fun way to express your individuality, they can also add several inches to your height and help you to look better in pictures. So plan to dress the part for graduation, relax and enjoy the big day!


What to Wear to a Baptism


A baptism is a Christian ritual that is performed with water by which one is admitted membership into the Christian Church and is said by some to have their soul protected from evil. A baptism is a very important day for all of those that are a part of it and just the fact that you get invited to attend this special day should be met with a feeling of gratuity. So what should you wear when attending a baptism?

What you will wear when attending a baptism will all depend on the role in which you play in that baptism. Here is how it breaks down:

•    Parents: Your child only gets baptized once and you will want to dress for the occasion. Dress to the nines but don’t go all out and rent a tux. A nice suit and tie will do the trick for the dads and the moms can wear an elegant dress that is a bright and cheery color.
•    God Parents: One of the greatest honors there are is to have the parents of the child being baptized to ask you to be a God Parent of the child. This honor is usually reserved for the closest friends of the parents or may even be a sibling or another relative. A God Parent will stand with the child and the parents at the baptism and will swear to take care of the child should anything happen to the parents. Because of this honor it is important that you dress your best on the day of the baptism. You will be in photos and the day will long be remembered so you will want to ensure that you look your best. Guys should therefore wear a suit with a neck tie and women should wear a nice day dress.
•    Attending friend: If you are a friend of the family that has been invited to attend you will want to dress up but not as much as the God Parents do. For guys a pair of nice dress slacks will fit the bill topped with a nice button down shirt. It is not necessary to wear a neck tie in this case. For women you can go with a nice pair of dress pants and a chic dress blouse that is not too casual. Never show a lot of skin as that will come off as tacky.

You need to remember that the baptism will take place in a church and that you will want to dress accordingly. Just think how you would show up for a Sunday service. Would you show up in your shorts and a tank top? Of course not, well a baptism should be no different. After all, there is a reason it is called your ‘Sunday best.’

Remember it is an extreme honor just to be invited to the baptism of another person. Take that initiation to heart and be sure that you are dressed appropriately so that you will help to honor the joyful day properly.


What to Wear to Ballet


When you are trying to figure out what to wear to ballet it really comes down to are you going to be a participant in the performance or a spectator of it? Ballet at any level is a wonderful display of art that almost anyone can enjoy but there is a certain dress code when attending a ballet for both participants and spectators alike.

Ballet for the most part is a semi-formal event and attending one means that you will have to break out your best clothes especially if you are planning on attending on opening night. Here is how you can look your absolute best when attending a ballet:

•    Participants: When ballet dancers are practicing they will generally wear a black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, and have their hair pulled back. Male dancers will wear thick tights, a tank top, and black ballet shoes. But when the actual performance rolls around these warm up outfits are tossed to the side and make way for a variety of different colors and styles which will all depend on the theme of the ballet.
•    Women spectators: Women can look their best in a nice dress that is one solid color. Really any color goes, but you want to be sure that the length of the dress is not too short. Go with a dress that is no shorter than just above the knees and compliment the dress with a matching pair of heels. Accessorize elegantly but lightly and wear jewelry that will compliment your outfit such as a simple string of pearls. Do your hair however you feel comfortable but remember you definitely want to dress to impress.
•    Men spectators: Guys need to at least go in a suit and tie especially for the all important opening night. If you are attending a very fancy ballet then you may even want to go with a traditional tuxedo or other type of black tie attire. Your shoes should of course be dressy as well and like the ladies you should be going for the knockout with your outfit.
•    Children spectators: Kids should be dressed up but you do not have to go crazy with renting your little guy a tux. When dressing your kids for a ballet, think of how you would dress them to go to church and you will have a good indication of what they should be dressed like to attend the ballet. Just be sure that you don’t have them going in shorts, shirts, and hats.

There is an exception to these dress codes. If you are attending a child’s performance you may want to ask the ballet teacher first how formal or casual the event is going to be. You certainly don’t want to show up in a tux when everyone else has on jeans and t-shirts and vice-versa.

Whether you are participating in the ballet or you are going to the ballet to be entertained you will enjoy yourself the most when you dress the part.


What to Wear to a Broadway Show


The next time you are in New York you may feel the bright lights of Broadway calling your name. When this happens you will no doubt want to know what to wear to a Broadway show. While Broadway has no real dress code you still don’t want to show up looking too formal or too casual so you have to find that perfect balance in between.

Many times at a Broadway show it is not unusual to see the occasional tuxedo and it is also not unusual to see the occasional jeans and t-shirts, but the people that wear these seem to stick out. In order to better blend into the crowd you will want to go with dressy-casual attire so you not only look your best but you also feel comfortable as well. Here is how you too can pull off the Broadway look:

•    Dresses: You can always look your best in a dressy, but not formal dress. This type of dress can range from a sun dress for when the weather is hotter, to a longer flowing dress that comes down past your calves. You can compliment this look with a nice pair of strappy sandals.
•    Work attire: If you are coming straight from work then shed your work blouse and replace it with a satin or sequin top. Trade your work shoes for a pair of sling-back pumps and you will be all set.
•    Accessories: You will definitely want to accessorize, but don’t go all out. Try to find a nice mix of low key jewelry and stay away from big hoops or things that hang too low. You should also choose a smaller purse that won’t be so cumbersome when you are sitting down to enjoy the show.

•    Work Attire: If you are coming straight from work just leave on that suit and tie as it will look great going into the show. If that’s too dressy for you then shed the tie and unbutton a couple of top buttons on your shirt and trade your suit jacket for a sport coat.
•    Pants and shirts: If weather permits you can wear a nice pair of dress pants and a great looking sweater up top. Of course if it is hot out you will want to go with some sort of lightweight button down but you will still want to go with long sleeves. If you are feeling ultra confident you can also go with a classy looking pair of jeans with a button down shirt and top off the outfit with a sport coat.
•    Shoes: This is a no brainer for the guys; wear your dress shoes. Leave the sneakers, flip-flops, and even the cowboy boots in the closet. If your shoes look dull, give them a quick polish and shine just before you head out for your night on Broadway.

Now you are ready to go enjoy that Broadway show you have always wanted to attend. A word of warning; silence your cell phone as soon as you arrive. While you want people to check you out, you don’t want it to be because of your cell phone blaring out in the middle of the performance.

Black tie

What is a Black Tie Dress Code

Black tie

Black tie events are a semi-formal event such as a wedding or dinner part that requires those in attendance to dress up a bit on the fancy side. While there is a bit of leeway in what you can and cannot wear to a black tie event there is still somewhat of a dress code.

Of course your dress code will depend on if you are a woman or a man, here’s how it breaks down.

WOMEN: Women can typically get away with wearing one of two types of dresses. The type will depend on the situation of the event and whether the event is more on the casual side or formal side.

•    Cocktail dress: If you are attending a dinner party it may be acceptable for you to wear a cocktail dress. These types of dresses are usually reserved for the most laid back formal events and are generally dictated a great deal by current fashion.
•    Evening gowns: If you are attending a high class black tie event then an evening gown is on the menu. Evening gowns can be worn in a wide variety of colors and even fashions but should always compliment your shape and hopefully the man you are attending with.

The unofficial rule in determining which type of dress to go with is how well you know the people at the event. If everyone attending is a close knit group of friends then it will probably be more laid back and you can opt for the cocktail dress. But if you are attending a high society fund raising event for example, it will probably be more on the ‘stuffy’ side and require the nicer of the two options.

MEN: The black tie dress code for a man is also determined by several factors. A tuxedo will usually fit the bill for the guys and the color of the tux is usually black or dark midnight blue but there are a few exceptions to the tuxedo rule.

•    Kilts: At formal Scottish events the dress code for the men is a black tie and jacket on the top and a kilt on the bottom. This tradition has dated back throughout time and is still strong today. Anybody that has attended a Scottish wedding will have been witness to many a grown man wearing a kilt.
•    Military: The military has what is known as ‘mess dress’ that is worn at semi-formal events. These types of formal looking uniforms will sport a jacket and of course a black tie.

In all cases for the guys two things hold true. In any type of black tie dress code you will have a jacket of some sort and a black bow tie. As these are the two main components of the black tie dress code for the guys, they will always be constant no matter what.

Dressing for a black tie event usually means dressing up. Whether you are a man or a woman the fact remains there is a certain dress code when attending a black tie affair and dressing appropriately will keep you from being underdressed and sticking out like a sore thumb.


What to Wear Bowling


Possibly one of the best ways to enjoy an evening out is to go bowling. Bowling can make for a great family night or can even make a great date night. If you really get into bowling you can join a league and enhance the fun you have by participating on a weekly basis. To fully enjoy your bowling time you should dress the right way but how is that?

No there is not a rule book on what you have to wear while bowling but there are some garments that will allow you to look the part and be comfortable as well. Here’s what you need:

•    Shoes: You will have to wear special bowling shoes when you bowl. You can either buy yourself a pair that you like or you can rent them for a couple of dollars at any alley you like. Be sure that you are wearing socks when you bowl, especially if you are renting shoes as you never know who wore the shoes before you. If you do buy your own pair have fun with this. Bowling shoes are known to be hideous looking but these days they come in all sorts of fun fashions and designs. Choose a pair that will compliment your personality.
•    Pants: Relaxed fit are the operative words here. If you are wearing pants that are too tight you will no doubt be uncomfortable and that may lead to a lousy game and a lousy time. Save the tight jeans for another night. If you like you can also wear shorts. The point is to wear something that is going to be easy to move around in. It’s hard to bowl strikes when you are as stiff in the pants as Frankenstein.
•    Shirts: Ah the ever popular bowling shirt. These can be picked up at almost any bowling alley or a specialty store that deals in bowling apparel. The great thing about bowling shirts is that you can get them custom made with your name on it in almost any design imaginable. Like the pants you wear, you also want your shirt to fit rather loosely. If you are going to join a league you may want to hold off on buying your own bowling shirt as league members are usually required to wear matching shirts so you will end up with one after you get onto a team. A word of warning; bowling shirts can be uncomfortable to sensitive skin so you may want to wear an undershirt underneath your bowling shirt.
•    Accessories: Aside of a bowling ball, which you may eventually want to buy for yourself, there really isn’t much that can be added to your bowling attire. You can wear a wrist guard if you like to help stabilize your wrist for a trickier shot and some people like to wear sweat bands around their wrists as well.

Now at least you can look the part of a bowler. As for the gutter balls, you’ll have to get lessons to help with that.

Costa Rica

What To Wear In Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a Central American country that is at the forefront of the world’s efforts to live a greener lifestyle. Presently placed first in the Americas and 5th in the world for the Environmental Protection Index, it is also tops in the Happy Planet Index. It is a hot vacation spot and a popular choice for companies willing to invest overseas. If you are planning to go to Costa Rica, however, there are a few things you should know.

The weather in Costa Rica is very nice and is one of the contributing factors that makes the country amongst the top Central American tourist destinations. There are four different parts to the country in terms of climate. None of them are severe enough for a true winter, but each area is different from the others. Due to the differences in climate, you will need to bring a variety of clothes if you plan on visiting more than one area of the country. Those who intend to stay on and near the beach will have much fewer wardrobe requirements than those who want to explore the highlands or the volcanoes.

Because of the environmentally friendly aspect of Costa Rica, any shirt that promotes living green is a great choice to wear while in Costa Rica. You can have organic T-shirts printed with a variety of green messages. These are sure to be popular choices to wear just about anywhere. Hemp clothing is another wonderful option in environmentally friendly clothing to wear in Costa Rica. Be sure that you have a reusable bag to carry around when shopping as plastic bags are definitely not green.

Despite how advanced the country is in terms of being environmentally friendly, it is still a developing country and as such the clothes that you will see Costa Ricans wearing is not cutting edge fashion. The median household income there is too low to be overly concerned with fashion. However, tourists to the region are a different story. Resort wear is most commonly seen in tourist areas. Clubs and restaurants are often full of individuals on vacation who are dressing up in summer clubbing outfits.

If you are vacationing in Costa Rica it is important to bring along comfortable clothing for warm weather, as well as swimsuits and cover-ups for the beach. Bring some sandals or flip flops to wear on the beach, as well as sneakers or shoes for walking and hiking. It is advisable to bring a lightweight sweater to keep warm when the nights get chilly. In addition, if you are planning to go out for dinner you may want to bring along a jacket for the men, and either long pants or a skirt for the women. There are places in Costa Rica with a dress code. Invest in a large-brimmed hat for in the sun and remember to use sunscreen to protect your face also.

Get prepared for going to Costa Rica. With a little research you will find the ideal wardrobe for anything the country throws your way.


Work Attire: Go with the Flow (with Style!)


If you are trying to decide what items of clothing to include in your work wardrobe, this is a time when it’s OK to go with the crowd. While business attire is less about the person and more about business, just because you’re headed to the office doesn’t mean you have to leave your personal style behind, however. Here are a few tips to help you project a confident, professional image regardless of your career path.

•    In an office environment, you want to appear professional, not cute, sexy or trendy. The goal of work attire is not to capture attention, so any ensemble or accessory that does this is probably not appropriate. Choose well-made clothing, but steer away from heavily logoed designer items. While the flash may work at a nightclub, loud logos and gaudy bling will appear tasteless in an office environment.

•    Pay special attention to the colors you incorporate into your work wardrobe. Traditional colors such as black, navy blue, gray and red all function well for suits and shoes, and can be paired with shirts and accessories of softer pastel colors. Flashy colors and bold prints are probably less acceptable, depending on your corporate environment.

•    When it comes to work clothing, tailored is always the desired look. Pants and skirts should be fitted but not tight, with no visible panty lines. Jackets should button comfortably. Avoid open-toed shoes and heels that are too high, unless you work in a very casual environment.

•    Grooming should include neat hair, manicured nails and subtle makeup. Always strive for a polished appearance.

•    Avoid jangling jewelry that will be a distraction every time you move. One set of modest earrings, one bracelet or a simple necklace will do the trick.

If there are no hard-and-fast rules in your workplace about what to wear (many companies don’t have specific dress requirements), pay attention to what the higher-ups in the organization are sporting. Suits and ties or casual polos? Pantyhose or bare legs? Pumps or sneakers? Take cues for your own wardrobe from these looks. If you are meeting one-on-one with clients, it’s wise to dress as good or better than your client. If meeting dress tends to be more formal than your office environment, it’s a smart idea to keep a change of clothing on hand.

If your corporate culture is formal, there are still ways you can subtly exude personality in your dress. Try a few of these ideas to freshen up your work look.

•    Add a small splash of color with a bright tie or scarf.

•    Get regular haircuts at a trendy salon to ensure your hairstyle is up-to-date and polished.

•    Buy shoes and accessories with interesting patterns or finishes, such as patent leather pumps or a crocodile-print clutch.

•    Experiment with subtle ways to change your makeup to complement your look. A bit of gloss will add pizzazz to your lips, and coordinating eyeshadow will make your eyes pop. Save the sparkly cosmetics for a night on the town though.


What About Golf and Country Club Dress Codes?


Unlike sports such as football and basketball which are played by the masses, golf has a reputation as a rather snooty sport enjoyed primarily by the upper-class. While this isn’t true, there are certain practices associated with golf that help maintain its distinguished image. First of all, golf can only be played on specially designed and maintained golf courses, and these aren’t always readily available. There are also numerous costs associated with playing golf, such as club membership fees, equipment costs and apparel costs.

The upscale image associated with golf is also due in part to the dress worn by players. In fact, many golf courses have a dress code to ensure that players meet certain dress requirements. If you are new to the golf course scene, here are a few things to keep in mind regarding golf dress codes.

First, not all golf courses have a dress code. If you are headed to a municipal golf course (one owned and operated by a town or city), there probably will not be dress requirements. T-shirts and shorts will be acceptable on the course, though going shirtless or dressing in swimwear is probably not a smart idea. For private courses, there generally is a dress code. The more upscale and expensive the course, the stricter the dress code will be.

For the largest percentage of courses, a collared shirt and Dockers-style shorts will be the standard golfing ensemble. Modest skirts are also acceptable for ladies. Many will allow denim shorts, but a smaller percentage will have a no-denim policy. It’s a safe bet that those who show up in t-shirts, tank tops, cut-off shorts, short shorts (more than 4 inches above the knee), sweatshirts and casual athletic wear will not be allowed on the course. The most exclusive, upscale golf courses will have a no-shorts policy, so be sure to check with your respective course prior to tee time.

The centerpiece for most country clubs is a beautiful golf course, so a country club dress code generally follows the golf course dress code. During the day, patrons will be welcome to wear in the clubhouse whatever they would wear on the golf course, such as a collared shirt, shorts, skirt or slacks. For daytime events such as brunches, lunches or dinners prior to 7:00PM, semi-casual attire should be worn. This would include an informal dress, blouse, knee-length skirt or slacks for ladies, and a button-down shirt and slacks with an optional sport coat for men.

For dinners after 7:00PM or similar evening events, a nice dress or slacks with coordinating accessories should be worn by ladies. Men would be considered well-dressed in a sport coat, dress shirt and slacks. A tie is optional.

In general, dress for a golf course should always be tasteful and modest. Golf courses and country clubs frequently host special events, so if you will be in attendance at a special gala or other event, check beforehand with your club’s concierge to confirm the dress requirements.


How to Dress for an Interview


The way you dress for a job interview gives your potential boss a lot of information about you. They want to see someone who is dedicated and hard-working and who knows what they’re doing. If you come dressed properly for  a job interview, your potential boss will assume that you have no idea how to conduct yourself in an interview and may judge you pretty harshly. To avoid this, always dress very professionally, no matter what the actual job is.


No matter what the job title is, you need to wear a suit to an interview. This doesn’t have to mean a dark blue suit that lacks imagination, but it does mean that there is no substitute for a professional-looking suit.

If you are a man, wear a suit in a solid color and wear a long-sleeved shirt under it. Always wear a belt with your pants and have on a tie. No one will know if you have on a clip on tie, so it’s okay to go that route. Make sure you have on dark-colored socks and a dark-colored leather shoe. Never pair white socks with your shoes and never wear white or beige shoes to an interview.

If you are woman, you also must wear suit. It may not make you look your most fashionable, but it is necessary for projecting a professional image. A skirt suit is usually what is most appropriate, but it is perfectly acceptable to wear a pants suit as well. If you wear a skirt suit, make sure the skirt is not too short or you will ruin the professional image. If you wear a pants suit, make sure the pants are long enough to give you a slight break. This will make the length acceptable when you’re sitting down. You don’t want the pants to look like cropped pants no matter what position you’re in.

Wear a blouse that coordinates well with your skirt or pants. Wear very little jewelry, or no jewelry at all if none of your jewelry is professional looking. Any earrings should be no larger than a dime. If you are wearing a skirt, make sure you are wearing pantyhose. It may be out of style in many cases to wear pantyhose, but it is necessary during the interview process. Your shoes can be either flats or heels. Heels stand to look a little bit more professional, but a good pair of flats that match the outfit well and are in good condition can also be appropriate.


Ties for women went out in the 70s. Don’t wear one to interview. For men, make sure your tie is conservative. It should coordinate well with your suit as long as it is not too attention-getting. Stripes or even polka dots are acceptable for a tie as long as the pattern is small and the colors are neutral. Keep the width of your tie to current fashions. Ties that are too wide will look old-fashioned. A tie that is too thin may not look professional enough.


High Rollin’ in Style: What to Wear to the Casino


Casinos offer the perfect blend of fun, excitement, food and a huge variety of people, all conveniently located in one massive, glittering place. In the early days of casinos, a very formal dress code was enforced. Women wore furs and jewels, and men wouldn’t think of entering in anything but a sharp suit. Over the past decades, as the casino industry has exploded and society has become more casual in general, casino dress codes have become increasingly more relaxed. The days of dressing your best and sipping martinis at the tables, James Bond style, are long gone.

If you are heading to a European casino, you will find the clientele is generally much better dressed than their American counterparts. For American casinos, the dress code often seems to be akin to the one McDonald’s uses: “no shirt, no shoes, no slots.” Where you’re hanging out on the Las Vegas Strip or chilling at a local hole in the wall, you’ll see a huge range of ensembles, from shorts and t-shirts to designer labels. Anything goes, and fashion isn’t always the top priority. The dressed-down look of some patrons has even prompted a bit of backlash in Atlantic City, where the Tropicana Casino and Resort recently began enforcing a dress code for late-night visitors in certain areas of the complex. Baggy jeans, work boots or work shoes, t-shirts, inappropriate athletic gear or similar dress will land you back outside the doors.

•    If you’re packing for a trip to Las Vegas, Atlantic City or some smaller venue, the idea is simple: think casual! Most casinos offer no formal dress code, so you will want to dress comfortably without being tasteless. There’s already enough of that to go around. Clothing that is clean and presentable (not ragged or torn) is a must.

•    Keep in mind that the season will be important to consider when you’re deciding what to wear to the casino. Las Vegas is hot, hot, hot in the summer (the average is 107 in July), but inside the casinos the air conditioning is always pumping. You may want to bring a light wrap if you get easily chilled. For lounging by the pool or anytime you will be outside, don’t forget the sunblock and moisturizer.

•    Comfortable shoes are a must. Most casinos are huge and attractions are spread out, so your three-inch patent leather heels may not be the best footwear choice. Keep shoes flat or low-heeled and you’ll be glad you did the next morning.

•    If you’re headed out for a night at one of the high-end casinos, dress is nicer than what you’ll see during the day. Jeans, slacks, buttoned-down shirts, trendy dresses and skirts are all good choices.

If you plan to head to a local nightclub after some gambling, be aware that clubs and lounges enforce strict dress codes. Shorts, sandals, flip-flops, t-shirts and baggy pants won’t even get you in the door. Dress to impress, and you’ll find yourself in good company.