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An Example of Raising Awareness of HIV with T-Shirts – Red Cross Cayman Islands

The Red Cross in the Cayman Islands is spreading HIV awareness with t-shirts. According to the Red Cross the t-shirts have been very effective because they have “HIV” in bold letters on the front and the back of the shirt says “until proven negative. Get tested”.

The t-shirt phrase was created to challenge people’s assumptions about their HIV status. Anyone can have or get HIV no matter what your appearance, profession, economic or social status.

Over 100 t-shirts are being worn around the Cayman Islands and because the area is small and the topic of HIV is not discussed much it has received a positive response. This type of program probably wouldn’t be as effective in areas like London or San Francisco.

The Cayman Islands Red Cross started their HIV awareness program in 2003. Raising awareness by t-shirts was started because it is believed that the problem of HIV in the Cayman Islands is far greater than what has been recorded so far.

Red Cross Cayman Islands

For more information visit Together We Can, the British Red Cross Overseas, and Reuters.

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