Raise Money and Awareness: Illness Awareness T-Shirts

Raising money and awareness about an illness that’s affected your family is easy with customized t-shirts. You can be a walking and talking billboard that informs and educates anyone with questions.

Try some of these curiosity-raising ideas for your shirts.
“I have lupus, What’s your excuse?”
“Diabetics are naturally sweet.”
“Juvenile Rhuematoid arthritis: I’m worth the cure.”

You can customize a shirt with your friend or family member’s photo too. Try their picture with “A lung transplant saved my life. Be a hero. Be a donor.” Or “CF Superhero.”

Any of these attention getting slogans could have you signing up donors to your local organizations. The best part of customizing t-shirts, is that you can add the website address and phone number for your group right on the shirt. It’s an easy way for people to get access to your group and help with an issue that’s important to you.

Buying the shirts is easy online. You pick your t-shirt color, add text, pictures, and names. You can choose from ideas and ready-made art and slogans or use your own. You can also choose from different styles. Then, get a quote. In some cases there is a minimum order. But, usually, the more t-shirts you buy, the better the discount. It typically takes about two weeks for your shirts to arrive.

Check with the shirt company to see if they offer discounts or incentives for non-profit groups. It’s easy to sell the shirts as fundraisers on your group’s website and at events.

When the Amy R., president of the Canton Young Professionals, was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 28, her colleagues jumped into action with supportive, fundraising t-shirts. They chose the edgy slogan, “Feel Your Boobies” to encourage other young women to do a simple self-check for breast cancer. The shirts were a hit at the group’s American Cancer Society fundraiser. Even the men wore them! Not only did the shirts inspire and bring the group together, they helped everyone keep a sense of humor during Amy’s recovery. The group sold the shirts and raised a couple hundred dollars in one night!

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