Anthropology T-Shirts are Great Cultural Artifacts for Today

Anthropology is the study of humanity, civilization and culture. It is most often accomplished through long-term study and immersion in the culture in question, usually as a participant observer. Quite often when people think of anthropology, they think of anthropological digs, where people are uncovering information about long gone cultures. In reality, the study of cultures that still exist is a much more common, practical and useful form of anthropology. It is the focus of most anthropology studies and can tell us a great deal of things that are important to know about what sets us apart from other groups of people.

Anthropology has been around since the 1800’s and has evolved and changed greatly since then. Anthropology developed in North America with interest in native Indian groups that lived her before western Europeans moved to this part of the world and “discovered” it. Cultural comparisons play a huge part in anthropology, because everything is relative when it comes to culture. Normal for one culture is not for another. Therefore any study you read on a particular culture will be slightly colored by the culture of the anthropologist who did it.

Anthropology has many different aspects that make it a unique type of subject. This study of humanity is said to be made up of studying all humanity that has ever existed and all the different parts of each group of humanity. There are four different specialized areas that make up anthropology:
– physical or biological anthropology
– socio-cultural anthropology
– archeology
– linguistic anthropology.
Each of these is its own unique specialty and has its own areas to focus on.

There are many other fields of study that can overlap some of the things that interest and concern anthropology. Sociology, psychology, social sciences and physical sciences all touch anthropology, however, it is still a study that is unique in itself and can not be completely or accurately covered by another. It comprises the cultural aspects that set one group apart from another and these include: folklore, tradition, knowledge, beliefs, laws, art, morals, customs, habits and anything else that makes up the society.

For an anthropology buff, nothing says how much you love the study of cultures like anthropology T-shirt. You can get a custom-made shirt that talks about anthropology in general, specific cultural studies, or the fact that you love the subject. You can get a fun shirt that says “I am a cultural anthropologist doing a study on your culture. Do something interesting.”

For anyone who belongs to an anthropology group or faculty, having custom-made tees made up for the members is a great idea. It shows group unity and pride of membership. It also promotes the existence of the group or presence of the faculty. Custom tees can even be used as fundraisers for groups. Anyone who is a present student of anthropology, an alumnus of the study or even anyone intrigued by the subject would love to have anthropology T-shirt to wear.

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