Avoid See Through T-Shirts – Three Pointers

Sometimes you may wonder why you’re getting the stares you’re getting while you walk down the street. It could be you simply didn’t realize how see through your t-shirt was before you walked out the door, or maybe you simply choose not to care if your nipples or chest hair are obviously showing to the world. I prefer to think the former. And if the latter defines you, then please realize that your chest hair and nipples are not so attractive when shining through a t-shirt. Whether you’re showing it all and it leaves no need for imagination, or your chest hair and nipples are obviously there, but it’s up to us to determine the details (ugh!), here are some pointers to help you avoid this embarrassing dilemma.

Watch out for thin materials or worn out t-shirts
If you purchase a t-shirt that’s too thin, then you’re asking for trouble. If a t-shirt is too thin, it allows for the shape of your nipples to show (especially when you’re cold) and whether you have a little chest hair or you’re hairy like a monkey, you’re hairy forest will be obvious through a thin t-shirt. Avoid thin cotton and rayon/cotton blends that show almost any shape under a t-shirt. Also, a t-shirt that’s too worn out can be 1) too thin and/or 2) so worn out it’s see through. If you have a favorite t-shirt that’s too thin, see through, or both, then please pack it away in a safe place out of reach from more wear and tear. Choose t-shirts that are made of good quality, heavier material (and newer vs. worn out).

Beware of white or light colored t-shirts
The lighter the color, the more likely it is for nipples and chest hair to show (details and all), especially if the t-shirt is made of a thinner material. White t-shirts are great and versatile, but go for a heavier white material that reflects a good quality t-shirt that leaves no room for imagination. And indeed, please add color to your wardrobe, no matter how light the color, but heed the same advice as if you’re purchasing a white t-shirt. Go for a heavier material to avoid the ‘see through syndrome’. In addition, it will help the color look better, as well.

Check out the mirror before you leave
This would seem rather obvious, but you’d be surprised to know how many men walk out the door prior to looking in the mirror (or their mirrors only show from the neck up), and they often don’t try a t-shirt on prior to buying it as they would a button up blouse or pair of slacks. This being the case, they don’t realize how see through the t-shirt really is, or if not see through, how obvious it is to know that he has cold nipples or chest hair. By simply checking it out in the mirror before leaving home, it could help save all involved from the embarrassment. If in doubt, then ask a friend!

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