Can I Take The Design Off My T-Shirt?

From time to time people ask “Can I take the design off my T-shirt?” The short answer is no. If you happen to have a t-shirt that you no longer like and want to change it, there are things you can do, but taking the design off the shirt is not one of them. All the various processes that are used to print T-shirts result in a permanent design. Certain quality of prints do not wear as well as others and may look like they may be coming off or disintegrating, but if you try to remove them yourself, the result will be disastrous. In all likelihood, you will destroy the T-shirt in question by making holes and rips in it. However, even if you succeed in getting lettering or designs off a shirt without too much damage, you will be left with the outline of the design below in a different shade than the rest of the shirt. In short, it’ll be ugly!

If you have come to the point of hating the design of your shirt, you will be relieved to know that you have solutions other than taking the design off your shirt. You can dye the shirt to the predominant color in the design, so that it blends in with the shirt and is not noticeable. You may be able to find a printer who will print something over the existing design. You can also have something printed on another part of the shirt to correct the error. For example, if you have a great comfy T-shirt that says “I love George” but you just don’t anymore, you can have NOT added below the existing line and your tee is perfect again.

However, the logical solution to a T-shirt with a design you don’t like is to get rid of it and get a new one. Custom-made T-shirts are the perfect way to go if you are looking for a new T-shirt. You can choose one in the color and style you want. You can personalize it any way you like. You can hand choose your favorite new T-shirt made to your exact specifications. The list of what you can have printed on a custom-made T-shirt is endless. Here is just a sample of the things you can print on a custom tee:
•    a picture of your favorite person
•    information about a cause you believe in
•    a picture of your favorite thing, animal, place, food, sport, etc.
•    a cartoon
•    dance steps
•    your personal slogan
•    your name
•    your feelings or mood
•    things you love
•    things you hate
•    your nationality
•    a flag or map of a country, state or city
•    your accomplishments
•    your goals
•    your religious beliefs
•    advice to others

Get yourself a new favorite T-shirt today. Have it custom-made in the design you want that says exactly what you want it to say. As for the tee with the design you no longer like, find it a new home! Surely someone will like it.

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