Can I Wear a Scarf With a T-Shirt?


Scarves go in and out of style, but for some, they remain a personal expression of the wearer’s own taste in clothing. While it may seem that a scarf is best paired with a turtleneck or some type of formal outfit, it can certainly be paired with a t-shirt. And, there are so many ways to wear a scarf with a t-shirt that anyone with any type of style can find a way that appeals to them. The color and pattern on a scarf can drastically change the look of an outfit and can make a t-shirt look spectacular.

One of the easiest ways to wear a scarf is to simply wrap it around the neck once and to let the ends flow naturally at the sides. Many people do this to dress up a t-shirt or to add some color to the outfit as a whole. Another variation on this theme is to wrap the ends up into the folds and to keep them from flowing at the sides. This can also be done by creating a larger knot in the scarf at either the front of the neck or to one side.

If you want a larger splash of color, try draping the scarf over your shoulders. The scarf can be kept in place with a loose knot in the center, or it might be kept in place simply with its weight. For a lightweight scarf, this might not be possible. These types of scarves can be kept in place with a scarf pin. A pin or broach is often used to hold a light scarf in place by pinning the t-shirt and the scarf together to keep the scarf situated the way you choose.

If you want to wear the scarf and the t-shirt but you don’t want to put the scarf over your shoulders or neck, you can always wear the scarf in your hair. The scarf can be used like a headband by tying it over your hair and fastening a knot under your hair where the ends of the scarf will be hidden. The knot can also be tied at the top of the head and the ends tucked under or left free. You might also choose to wrap the scarf around you hair and to tie a bow at the top of your head.

For another variation, try using the scarf as a 50’s-style ponytail holder. To do this, either use the scarf to hold you hair back, or use it to cover your ponytail holder, Then, tie the scarf in a knot at the top of your ponytail and let the ends hang down on each side. This is a vintage look that goes great with vintage or vintage-style t-shirts.

If you have a very long scarf, you can wear it like a winter scarf and drape it around you neck. This can be done with one loop around your neck, or it can be draped around the back of your neck without looping it around at all.

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