Is it Fashionable to Wear Oversized T-Shirts

Oversized t-shirts can be worn in so many ways that it’s easy to stay fashionable with them. One look that is currently popular with many young Hollywood stars to wear an oversized T-shirt with a pair of skinny jeans. This look can make the wearer look thinner by creating a long, straight look. A popular way to do this is to wear a light colored oversized T-shirt with a pair of black skinny jeans.

Another look that is becoming popular right now is to wear an oversized T-shirt in a way that evokes a retro 80s style. This can be done by putting a brightly-colored belt over the oversized T-shirt. If the T-shirt is really huge, you can wear it as a dress or wear small shorts under it along with the belt. If the shirt is not large enough to do this, wear jeans or capri pants with it and cinch the belt over the shirt and around your waist. Another 80s look is to use the oversized T-shirt as a loose dress and to wear one or two loose belts over it that are worn across the hips. This look goes well with large earrings and flats for an authentic 80s look.

Another fun look is to wear one of the sleeves of the oversized T-shirt off the shoulder to create an asymmetrical look. This is often done with a belt over the shirt at the waist or with a short skirt worn with the T-shirt. Some people wear the off the shoulder T-shirt with a studded belt that fits around the waist. This is then worn with a pair of black tights or leggings and a pair of pumps or boots. This is a fashionable 80s look that has been coming back with some of the young singers that are popular with the tween set.

Another look that was popularized in the 80s was the knot at one side of the T-shirt. To do this, gather up one corner of T-shirt and roll it until shirt fits the way you would like it to. Then, take the rolled portion of the shirt and tie it in a knot. Leave the knot as it is, or you can roll the knot under the order of the shirt to keep it out of sight. Both looks work well with an oversized T-shirt and can make it fit more like a T-shirt that you normally wear if the larger size is not comfortable.

Another option is to tuck an oversized T-shirt into your pants or skirt. Doing this can make the shirt looked as if it fits a little better, and it can keep some of the extra fabric out of your way to make activities easier. If you don’t want to play up the look of the larger sized shirt, this can make your T-shirt look smaller by cutting off some of its length. If the sleeves are too long, they can be rolled up in order to fit better.

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