Celebrities Wearing T-Shirts – Issue 1 (February 1-6 2009)

Below are a few of the celebrities spotted wearing t-shirts during the first week of February. Not everywhere is cold! T-shirts can be worn in much of the country even in February. To see the pictures of the celebrities please each of the sources below.

Katie Price was seen at a gas station wearing a really cute and white t-shirt with a really unique daisy type flower that covers most of the t-shirt. The daist appears to be made from little colored beads swen on the shirt.To see Katie Price in the t-shirt visit Splash News Katie Price was also spotted wearing a very bright orange t-shirt over a long sleeveed shirt. The orange t-shirt is a Vison Charity  t-shirt with a big circle and sort of a hand drawn face on it which is the Vision Charity logo. See Katie wearing the orange t-shirt at Spash News.

Mandy Moore was seen wearing a very thin white t-shirt with a large scoop neck. The white t-shirt is actually so thin that you can see her black bra under the shirt. Is it fashionable to wear a black bra with a white t-shirt? Check Mandy Moore’s t-shirt at Pop Crunch

Spencer Pratt was seen wearing a dark gray t-shirt with a simple plant like logo on the front. Check out Spencer in his t-shirt at Splash News.

Eric Dane was enjoying the California sun while wearing a tight black t-shirt with a white undershirt showing underneath. Check out Eric in his black t-shirt in Pacific Coast News.

Christian Bale was super casual in blue jeans and a light grey heathered t-shirt. The shirt was blank and a little on the boring side. View Christian in his grey t-shirt at Celebitchy.

Harrison Ford was seen wearing a tight fitting subtle yellow t-shirt and blue jeans on a sunny day in California.   See Harrison in his yellow t-shirt at Pacific Coast News.

Paris Hilton was wearing a t-shirt with a hoodie over it. The t-shirt has a strong vintage look with what appears to be the text “you think” and a cartoon of a Chihuahua wearing glasses and holding a heart but its really hard to tell from the available pictures. It might actually be part of her Paris Hilton clothing line at Kitson. View Paris in her shirt yourself at The Insider.

Madonna was with her daughter wearing a grey v-neck tank top t-shirt with a black and white lion with some color designs in its background. See Madona in her t-shirt at PopCrunch.

Miley Cyrus gave it typical peace sign when being photographed with a very cute and thin textured t-shirt with a painted rainbow and the text “Spread the Love”. Check out Miley’s t-shirt at Ecorazzi.

Liev Schreiber wore a brick red v-neck t-shirt for a bike ride with Naomi Watts and their child. View Liev’s t-shirt over at Celebitchy.

Kristen cavallari wore a white t-shirt with some type of fancy glittery printed giant heart that made up the majority of the front of the shirt. Check out the red heart shirt at Spash News.

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