Custom T-Shirts for Your Stuffed Animals or Dolls Are a Perfect Fit

Dolls and stuffed animals with their own wardrobe ranging from formal to casual wear are very common and popular with kids these days. It is even becoming more and more popular to have dolls and the children who own them in matching outfits. Parents pay extraordinary amounts of money to get a doll that “looks like” their child and will then buy the outfits to complete the look.

Often when you go to build a customized bear, the bear gets outfitted similar to the child making it. You can even buy extra clothes to take home so that when the child changes, the bear can too. The trend of customizing toys and dolls is really popular these days. Kids love dressing their dolls and stuffed animals in different clothes and having a toy wardrobe full of things that look like real people clothes.

Get a cool custom-made T-shirt to put on your stuffed animal or doll to dress them up with a little attitude or for fun. Here are some fun suggestions to put on T-shirts for dolls and stuffed animals:

  • I’m not a Desperate Housewife, I’m a Desperate Doll.
  • If I’m the New Barbie, Where’s My Dream House, Dream Car and Ken?
  • Don’t Dare Call Me a Stuffed Animal, the Correct Term is Full Non-Person.
  • Who’s your Daddy? Mine’s Geppetto.
  • Doll: $200.00, Coordinating Outfits: $100, Happy Little Girl: Priceless
  • I’m with her/him (and an arrow)
  • I don’t Want to Be Bear, That’s Why I Have this Shirt.

You can use popular design-based T-shirts in your search for the perfect custom-made T-shirt for your stuffed animal or doll. The popular Eat, Sleep, Whatever T-shirt could be Eat, Sleep, Be Dragged Around By a Toddler or No Eat, No Sleep, Just Look Good. You could go with the design Hi, My name is ___ and add the toy’s name or a funny nickname or something sassy.

Another fun thing to do with T-shirts for teddy bears is to have custom-made ones for special occasions. Groom Dennis and Bride Jo-Ann would love to receive a teddy bear couple outfitted with T-shirts with their names on them. Amanda, Class of 2009 will be thrilled with a bear in a shirt stating just that. A bear whose shirt says Happy Birthday Luke will be popular with the birthday boy.

If you are looking to do any type of fundraiser, having custom-made T-shirts made up for dolls and stuffed animals is a unique and interesting way to raise money. With the popularity of dressing up dolls and stuffed toys, such shirts will be sure to sell. You can even include them in a line of T-shirts for people. Just having the T-shirts arranged in size from largest to toy-sized will get lots of attention. Little girls especially will be thrilled with the idea of getting new and unusual matching tees for them and their dolls and stuffed animals.

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