Customized T-Shirts Make a Great Gift

Give someone a real personalized gift! Their own customized t-shirt. It’s easy to craft a shirt unique to your friends and family.

You can put a name on any kind of t-shirt. Use shirts you’ve bought on your own and have names added or custom design shirts from scratch. Of course, having a personalized shirt is just fashionable, but it’s also useful. Named shirts are great if your kids are heading off to summer camp, private school or for gym class. When it comes time for their laundry to be sorted, there’s no question which t-shirt belongs to which kid.

We typically think of having names put over the left breast pocket area, but that’s not the only space for a monogram. Put it at the shoulder cuff on a short-sleeved T or at the wrist. At the top of the back collar is another good spot. Using a sports-jersey style name across the back shoulders is popular, too.

With an increase in casual wear at work, putting names and your business logo on shirts is a great way to be walking promotions for your business. Putting employee names on the shirts makes it easy for customers to know who they’re working with.

T-shirts customized with names make great personalized gifts. You can use them for groups or families. Every Christmas, Rose Baker makes matching pajamas for her family. Now that her children are grown and the number of grandchildren is growing, it’s become a real chore to make everyone pjs during the busy holiday season. So, she simply orders matching holiday t-shirts for everyone. She embroiders each family member’s nickname on the shirts. Rose gives them out on Christmas Eve and everyone wears their shirt when they arrive on Christmas morning for a family photo. One of her daughters has kept years worth of shirts. The family has a good time watching nicknames change as the grandchildren come up with new things to call everyone.

Want something special for a family photo? Try matching t-shirts with family members’ names or nicknames. These shirts are also great for special picnics and parties. Choose a theme like “Maddie’s 50th” or “The Siberian Club Annual Picnic” or “The Smith Family Reunion.” Design a special logo or choose one from an online library. Pick a shirt color and then add names for each participant.

Don’t limit yourself to having your own name on a t-shirt. It’s quite trendy wear “gas station attendant style” t-shirts with another guy’s name on it like “Larry’s Sunoco” or “Moe.” For women, try a Mel’s diner shirt that says “Flo” in the upper left pocket and “Kiss My Grits” on the back.

It’s easy to personalize t-shirts with names so what are you waiting for?

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