Do All Color T-Shirts Go With Blue Jeans?

Jeans and T-shirts seem to go together like so many other classics: hamburger and French fries, prom and dresses, bat and ball and cookies and cream. It just feels right and is a natural combination. The greatest thing about the jeans and T-shirt combination is that it requires no thought at all. They always go together and always match. There is no bad color combination of T-shirt and blue jeans. Whether the T-shirt in question is red, green, black, blue, orange, yellow, purple, white, gray, beige, pink or some other color, it matches blue jeans. Jeans and a tee make for easy dressing for the millions of us who love to wear our blue jeans every chance we get.

If you were to change the jeans color to anything other than blue or black, then you will have complicated the matching process. White jeans work well with almost any color T-shirt with the exception of white and off-white tones. Putting white and white together tends to give the look of wearing an all-white uniform typical to certain professions. When the jeans are any other color besides blue, black and white, you run into the regular color matching questions that you’d find in any wardrobe dilemma.

Depending on where you live and what you do, jeans and a T-shirt can be pretty much an everyday outfit. For many people they can even be worn to work. When outside of work, jeans and a tee make a perfect outfit for doing chores, running errands, socializing and more. It is even acceptable to wear jeans and a T-shirt in many restaurants, churches and other places where traditionally one has needed to dress up. Our world is becoming a much less formal place and a clean T-shirt and jeans can go almost anywhere.

In fact, the matching of blue jeans and a T-shirt is so versatile that it can be dressed up or down to match the occasion. By wearing sandals or sneakers with a regular T-shirt and blue jeans, you will give a casual and relaxed appearance. By dressing up your blue jeans with a nicer T-shirt, high heels, boots or nice shoes and a blazer or a wrap, you will have successfully transformed your look into something much more stylish. It will be appropriate for going out to dinner, to a club, or anywhere else that you want to present a more polished look.

You can get a custom-made T-shirt for yourself that talks of the versatility of the classic blue jeans and T-shirt combination. Some options to have printed on a tee are:

  • Yes, blue jeans and a T-shirt do go with everything
  • This is my dress-up T-shirt
  • A match made in heaven – blue jeans and a T-shirt
  • Blue jeans and a tee – my uniform for life
  • I’m a blue jeans and T-shirt kind of guy/girl.

Get your custom-made T-shirt today in any color and proudly wear it with your blue jeans, knowing that you are perfectly matched and ready for just about anything.

One thought on “Do All Color T-Shirts Go With Blue Jeans?

  1. Mighty

    You have officially lost all fashion sense and your wardrobe is hereby declared commandeered by someone who is more qualified to handle such matters. Furthermore, you are barred from making any further suggestions on the topic of dress.

    BLUE IS A COLOR! It’s not white. It’s not black. It no more falls into the category of black or white as does any other color. The reason you think blue denim matches with everything is because you have been brainwashed by a fashion challenged society. You see people everywhere wearing blue jeans with everything and so your mind has come to believe that it is right and proper.

    BLUE COULD NOT POSSIBLY MATCH WITH EVERYTHING! Likewise, yellow cannot match with everything, nor green. If the pants were not jeans, but instead cargos, would you also pair those with everything? It’s insane! To suggest otherwise violates the basic principles of the color spectrum. In addition, denim is a very particular texture. Not all textures match all other patterns or textures.

    Blue or denim should only be paired along the same lines as any other choice of color or texture. Blue jeans are not some special category of clothing which are exempt from the laws of nature. They are blue pants with a denim texture. That is a very limited palette with which to work. Blue jeans are a very specific article of clothing. Such a specific article must be paired specifically in order to match.

    The world has lost it’s mind. I’m declaring a moratorium on blue jeans until a large percentage of the people get their brains back.

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