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Does Tucking Your Shirt Bring Out A Muffin Top Belly?

Muffin top

How you wear your clothes can say a lot about you. It definitely leaves an impression on others about your style, your size, your attention to detail and much more. For many of us who are body conscious, there seems to be a never ending list of questions we have about dressing to look our best. We often ask if a color looks good on us, how to tell if something fits right, what is the right length to wear, what matches what and more. For those with a few extra pounds in the tummy area, it is important to know whether tucking your T-shirt in your pants, jeans or skirt brings out a muffin top belly and what to do about it.

In addition to those extra pounds or not-so-rock-hard abs, clothing size and style largely determines whether or not you will have a muffin top belly. In fact, the muffin top belly was commonly associated with a look that was trendy a couple of years ago: low rise jeans worn with tiny, tight T-shirts that often exposed bare skin bulges. Simply wearing clothes that actually fit properly and avoiding this particular clothing combination will eliminate cases of muffin top for most people.

If you decide to tuck in your T-shirt, make sure that your pants, skirt or jeans fit properly. If they are too tight, you run the risk of producing a muffin top situation. If you notice that your bottoms are a little tight, keep your T-shirt outside the waistband. This will draw attention away from those few extra pounds. If your bottoms fit properly, feel free to tuck in your shirt. This will give a more pulled-together, neater look to your outfit. A tucked in shirt never looks sloppy and can make you look slimmer, rather than like you are trying to hide your shape.

Another trick to downplay the possibility of a muffin top belly is to wear dark colored T-shirts.  Dark colors give the illusion of being slim. You can also wear a T-shirt that matches your pants, jeans or skirt in color. This will give you a sleek, seamless look that totally detracts from any extra weight you may be carrying.

When you are looking for T-shirts to de-emphasize a muffin top belly, custom-made T-shirts are the way to go. You can choose the color, cut, style and size that work best to flatter your figure. You can then customize the shirt in any way you choose. Your new T-shirts can show off your passions, heritage, accomplishments, hobbies and more. Custom T-shirts can tell that you are proud of someone, show support for a cause, educate others and do a variety of other things. You can even recreate a favorite T-shirt that no longer fits or one that emphasizes a muffin top belly a little too much.

Get new custom-made T-shirts that fit perfectly today and say good-bye to the muffin top belly forever.

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