Why Does My T-Shirt Have Discoloration?

Don’t you just hate it when you go out and get the absolutely perfect T-shirt and after the first time you wash it, you pull it out to wear it again and you are struck by the discoloration of your new T-shirt! It just isn’t right. T-shirts are not meant to be something that you wear just one time. They should endure numerous wearings and still look good. So what is behind those mysterious discolorations? Surprisingly, it could be any of a number of things.

T-shirt discoloration can easily result from spills and stains that occurred while you were wearing the T-shirt. Unfortunately stains can set in and become hard to remove if you do not treat them promptly. Sometimes we don’t even see the stain until it has gone through the wash and dry cycle. That dry cycle is hard on stains as the heat tends to set them and make them very hard to get rid of. The trick to avoiding discoloration of your favorite T-shirt is to check it carefully for stains before laundering, so they can be treated properly. If you notice a stain on your T- shirt, treat it immediately in order to avoid it becoming permanent. Before putting it in the dryer, make sure the stain is completely gone. If not, treat it again and re-wash it.

T-shirt discoloration may also be a result of bad dyes used in the dying process of the yarn or a sub-standard technique used while coloring the textile. Major fading often occurs on very cheap products. If they have not been dyed properly using quality products, you run the risk of the color bleeding, running or fading fast. It will only get worse with every wash. Adding table salt to your very first wash of a new item of clothing will help to set the dye in it. This will reduce color fading and help you keep your clothes looking newer and more vivid longer.

If you have a T-shirt that suffers from discoloration, it may be time to invest in a new one. If you want to make sure that you never have to contend with such issues again, the key is to make sure you purchase quality T-shirts. By buying only custom-made T-shirts, you will ensure top quality products that do as you expect them to. You can also choose the absolute perfect color and style to coordinate with the other clothes in your closet. You can even personalize the T-shirt in any way you’d like. Some of the great things people do with customized T-shirts include:
•    state their beliefs
•    show their support of a particular cause
•    brag about someone or something they are proud of
•    flaunt their hobbies
•    show they belong to a group
•    make a joke about their profession or spouse
•    tell about accomplishments
•    commemorate special events and much more.

Get your high-quality custom-made T-shirt today and never worry about discoloration from poor dye jobs again.

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