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Are Undershirts Sexy?

Undershirts are often worn by guys of all ages. From little boys to retired gentlemen, undershirts are a common find in male wardrobes. There is a time in childhood, especially in cold climates, when little girls too wear undershirts, but for the most part, they are a male phenomenon. Whether or not undershirts are sexy is something that young men and teenagers tend to wonder as they get older and capturing the attention of the opposite sex is increasingly important.

Whether or not undershirts are sexy depends on many different factors. It primarily depends on whom you are asking.  If you are asking someone who grew up when undershirts and leather jackets were the epitome of cool, she is likely to say yes. If you ask someone who grew up when only nerds wore undershirts, she would say no. Most of today’s generation will tell you that it just depends on who is wearing it.

The wearer of the T-shirt will definitely help to determine if undershirts are sexy. For some guys, no matter what they put on, it will be sexy. For others, it just won’t be. If the person wears an undershirt with confidence and with other clothes that are sexy, then an undershirt will also be sexy, especially if he happens to be hot too.

Something else to take into consideration is the reason that wearing lingerie can be sexier than a woman being naked. Sometimes leaving a little to the imagination is sexier than showing it all. A guy who is nicely dressed with an undershirt under a button down will be infinitely more appealing than one who has his chest on display though a filmy shirt or from too many undone buttons.

Another factor to consider in the sexiness of the undershirt is the shirt itself. If your undershirt is in bad shape with holes, stains, major wear or fading, it will definitely not be seen as sexy. In fact, any hint of sexiness can be thrown off by a shirt in disrepair. It shows that you do not take pride and care in your appearance, which is definitely an unsexy trait. If your undershirt is dirty or dingy, it is also distinctively not sexy. Remember to take care of your clothes well if you are striving to look sexy. Women notice such details.

Do High Neck T-Shirts Look Good on Men?

High neck T-shirts have gone through many periods of popularity. And while there have been times that they were not very popular, they generally have a classic look that goes well with a preppy, put-together style. High neck T-shirts are often considered to be a preppy look, and they are often worn with blazers or with dressy pants for this reason. A high neck T-shirt with a pair of tan pants is a classic look that has never gone out of style.

On men, there are many different ideas about what neck lines look best. For some women, seeing the little bit of chest that is visible with a V-neck T-shirt is the best look. Some women like to see men wearing A-shirts because they show off a man’s chest as well as their shoulders and arms. However, the high neck T-shirt is a very different look that gives a man a very different image. That image is generally a studious and thoughtful one that many women find very attractive.

When wearing a high neck T-shirt, it’s important to pair it with something appropriate for the entire look. Many men wear high neck T-shirts with jeans, and that is a good, coordinated look as long as the jeans are in good condition. A high neck T-shirt with torn jeans is a disjointed outfit that does not provide a cohesive look. A white high neck T-shirt with medium-blue jeans is a classic look, as is any black high neck T-shirt with dark blue jeans.

To really set off the look of a high neck T-shirt, pair it with an unbuttoned over shirt or a casual blazer. These both work well together with a high neck T-shirt and serve to call attention to the high neck. This in turn calls attention to the wearer’s face, and this can be a very attractive look.

To make it look even more preppy, wear neutral colors with your high neck T-shirt. A pair of tan or navy blue pants works well with a neutral colored high neck T-shirt in a coordinating color. Wear dark colored, neutral shoes with this look to keep it looking preppy. Black leather shoes or tan suede shoes will look best.

In many cases, a clean-shaven, short-haired look works best on a man when wearing a high neck T-shirt. A T-shirt with a high neck worn by a man with long hair can often lead to a messy look that doesn’t quite go with the preppy image of the shirt. Short hair will always work, but long hair will not coordinate well.

It’s also easy to make a high neck T-shirt look dressy. It can be an attractive look on a man when paired with a nice suit jacket and a dressy pair of slacks. The high neck can give a dressy outfit a bit of a fun look that can be attractive to many women. It’s a little bit unconventional and dressy at the same time, and that’s exactly the reason that it works.

How Many Times Can You Wear A T-Shirt Before Washing It.

Everyone tends to have their own schedule of wearing clothes for a certain period of time before washing them. Some items can easily be worn more than once, depending on the type of clothes, where you wear it and what you do while wearing it. In the case of a T-shirt, typically they are washed after each use. However, in reality there are several variables, which can affect this. So in order to determine whether or not you can wear a T-shirt again before washing it, weigh the following factors.

•    If the T-shirt was worn next to the skin, you may not be able to wear it a second time before washing it. If you layer your T-shirts, the one on the outside will not be exposed to the oils and perspiration of the skin and will remain clean enough to be able to be worn more than once before needing to be washed, providing you don’t get it dirty in other ways.

•    How long the T-shirt was worn also determines whether or not you can wear it multiple times before washing it. If you put on a T-shirt and wore it for just a few hours, you may be able to wear it another time or two for a similar time period before needing to wash it.

•    What you were doing while wearing the shirt will help you decide if you need to wash it after one wearing. If you wear a T-shirt while sitting around watching TV or doing computer work in a climate controlled room, you should be able to get a second wearing out of it. However, if you wear it to the gym, outside, while doing exercise, while cooking, in an environment that has a strong odor or while doing dirty work, you will not want to wear it again until you have washed it.

•    The fit of a T-shirt helps to determine the frequency of washes. If your T-shirt is form fitting, it is more likely to pick up oils and odors from your skin and will need to be washed more often. If your T-shirt is loose fitting and barely skims your torso, it may be one that you can wear twice before needing a wash, depending on the other factors above also.

If you have a favorite T-shirt or one that you need to wear repeatedly for some reason, you can save yourself from having to do laundry everyday by following a few simple tips to make sure you get the most use of your tee between washes. Wear it only when you need to and for as short a time as possible. Put another solid colored T-shirt under your favorite one. Restrict the activities you do and the places you go while wearing it. You can also buy a duplicate T-shirt to make sure one is available when you need it.

Get a custom-made T-shirt printed to duplicate your often-worn T-shirt. Custom printed T-shirts can replicate practically any T-shirt, so you have exactly what you want on your shirt and have the quality, cut and style of T-shirt that you want too.

The Difference Between a T-Shirt and an Undershirt

Many people wear undershirts on a regular basis, and they may notice that their undershirts look much like the T-shirts that they wear as outerwear. They might even wear an undershirt under their T-shirt, and wonder what the difference is. In some cases, the difference is very minimal. As a matter of fact, is perfectly acceptable to wear a regular, outerwear T-shirt as an undershirt. Some people wear their older T-shirts or T-shirts that have been stained or that have holes in them as undershirts. This is an inexpensive source of undershirts, and it provides some coverage that many people prefer to have.

There are some differences however, with some types of undershirts. T-shirts that are marketed as undershirts are often crew neck T-shirts that are made from a thinner material then many outerwear T-shirts. This provides you with a little extra coverage without adding too much bulk to your frame or making you feel overheated. In colder climates however, a regular T-shirt may be preferred as an undershirt. Or, a thick, ribbed shirt can be worn as an undershirt for extra warmth. Some people choose to wear a thick, long sleeve shirt under their over shirt. This type of undershirt is easy to tell from the typical T-shirt.

Some people choose undershirts that are shaped differently from most crew neck T-shirts. A V-neck T-shirt is a popular item to wear as an undershirt because the lower front means that it will not be visible under the over shirt. Many people like to leave a button unfastened to make their collar looser, and a V-neck undershirt means that they can do this and still keep their undershirt out of sight. It can also keep them a little cooler if they are worried about their undershirt making them too warm when paired with their over shirt.

A sleeveless shirt that is worn as an undershirt is often called an A-shirt. This shirt style is popular to wear under other shirts because it has no sleeves and often has a scoop neck to keep it out of sight. This means that it covers only the areas that the wearer wants extra coverage for and doesn’t add extra fabric in the form of sleeves. These look much different than the typical T-shirt and may be ribbed or have other texture to them that further makes them look different from a T-shirt. The thickness of A-shirts varies quite a bit along with the style of the shirt. Some are made from very thin fabric like other undershirts, and others are thicker and can help the wearer to stay warm.

An undershirt is generally not a shirt that most people would wear by themselves when going out in public. If you have a T-shirt that you wouldn’t consider wearing out in public, either because the shirt is in bad condition or because it is very thin, or perhaps because it has a sleeveless cut, that shirt is a good candidate to wear as an undershirt.

How Much Hotter is a Black Shirt that a White One?

You may have heard that wearing a black shirt will make you hotter than wearing a white shirt or a lighter colored shirt. This is true because the darker the color of a shirt is, the more light and heat it will absorb into the fabric. It will also heat up far faster than a shirt that is a lighter color. This will change the way you feel in a black shirt in many different conditions, depending on how much sunlight you actually get.

If you are indoors and you are not in the sunlight, you will not notice a difference in your temperature. Indoor lighting will not be enough to make you feel hotter in a black T-shirt. If you are indoors and are sitting in a window, you may feel a difference, however. The direct sunlight shining on your black T-shirt will rapidly heat it up and make you feel hotter far faster than you would have felt otherwise. The difference between wearing a black T-shirt and a lighter colored T-shirt will often depend on how hot the sun is and how long you’re sitting in it. If you sit in that window for a few minutes and the sky is overcast, you likely will not notice much of a difference at all. However, if on a hot and sunny day you spend a lot of time in front of this window; you may not be able to tolerate it after just a couple of minutes.

When you are outdoors, the same principle applies. How much hotter you are in a black T-shirt will depend on where you are located, how much sunlight is on you and how long you spend in the sunlight. If you are in the shade, even on a hot day, you will generally not notice much of a difference based on what color shirt is. A black shirt will feel the same as any other colored shirt in this case. Just being in hot weather without being in sunlight will not take a black T-shirt any hotter than any other T-shirt. However, if you venture out of the sunlight, the sunlight will quickly be absorbed by your T-shirt and you will very rapidly fill your shirts start to heat up. If the sky is overcast, this will happen more slowly if at all.

There are a few times when this does not apply, however. If you are on the beach or out on the water, the sunlight may be reflected up from the sand or water and it may heat up your T-shirt just as quickly as if you were out under the direct sunlight. You may have noticed that sitting under an umbrella on the beach does not protect you from sunburn. The same is true if you are out in a boat. The sunlight will reflect off the sand or water just like it would off the surface of a mirror and can result in sunburn and a very hot black T-shirt if you’re wearing one.

What To Do If Your Shirt Neck Is Too Big?

Finding the perfect sized T-shirt is often a problem. Many people find that they are given customized T-shirts that they are expected to wear for a variety of reasons and those T-shirts rarely fit well. Yet, what do you do with a free T-shirt or a shirt that is for a special event and everyone else is wearing it? One of the most common problems with one-size-fits-all T-shirts and ones that are bulk-ordered without specific sizes in mind is that the shirt neck is often too big.

One of the best solutions is to wear an undershirt under your T-shirt. You can match up the color of the oversized T-shirt with an undershirt of the same color for a seamless look. You can also opt for a contrasting color so the layering stands out more and gives you a stand out from the crowd look. By putting another shirt under the one you need or want to wear, women can cover up sufficiently to avoid a risqué look or in the case of men, too much chest hair showing.

If you are in a situation where time is a premium and you don’t have an undershirt to wear or can’t wear it for some reason, double-sided tape will also solve your problem. Simply position the T-shirt as it looks best, tuck it in to keep it taut and gently place double sided tape inside the shirt so it adheres in strategic places to your skin and the shirt. This way the neckline doesn’t shift and overexpose you.

Since the biggest problem with a shirt neck that is too big is the risk of it moving and showing you off too much, anything you can do to help tighten it overall so that is doesn’t move is helpful. Tie a knot in the end of the shirt to get it under control. You can also put a clamp-style paper clip on the back.

Why Do T-Shirts Fade In Color?

We all love new, vibrant colored T-shirts. In fact, when we first buy them, we often choose T-shirts because they are the perfect color we are looking for. However, the rather unfortunate thing about cotton T-shirts, in particular, is that they will inevitably fade. Some fade very quickly while others keep their color longer. Purchasing certain types of T-shirts and specific care techniques will help to ensure your T-shirts stay looking good longer. So, why do T-shirts fade in color at all?

There are multiple factors that play a part in T-shirts fading with time. Below is a list of the most common ones.

•    Certain fabrics tend to hold dye better than others. Cotton, the most common fabric of T-shirts, is not one of these fabrics. In fact cotton is notorious for fading quickly in color.
•    The laundry is a primary culprit in making T-shirts fade in color. Color cotton tees have a tendency to fade with washes and especially when dried in the dryer, because the T-shirt fibers break down over time.
•    Hanging color T-shirts to dry outside is also not a good idea. The sun has a natural bleaching effect on clothing, so it is advised to let colors dry inside, away from the sun’s rays, to preserve the intensity of the color.
•    The dye process used in the fabrication of the T-shirt material will also impact how quickly or slowly a T-shirt fades. Cottons that have been dyed using hot, longer processes will have more resistant color than other processes, as the chemical process needed to bind the dye to the cotton will be better activated.
•    The quality of the T-shirts is important for fading. Often T-shirts that are cheaper and of less quality will fade much faster than others. This is often because the production methods were not good quality and attention was not paid to the colorfastness of the item.

Tips to prevent T-shirt colors from fading:
•    Turn them inside out before washing them.
•    Use a mild detergent and warm or cool water, not hot.
•    Do not put them in the dryer but hang them inside to dry instead.
•    The first time you wash a new vividly colored T-shirt, add a cup of vinegar or some table salt to the water with the detergent. This will help the dye to set in better.
•    Use one of the new detergents that is specially formulated for dark colors.

If you happen to have some faded out T-shirts, the absolute best way to replace them is with custom-made tees. You can have a shirt completely replicated through custom printing so that it perfectly matches the one that no longer looks good enough to wear.  When you are making the choices required when ordering a custom-made T-shirt, be sure to order the highest quality one you can, especially if you are getting one in a dark or vivid color. They will hold the color best and stay looking good much longer.

What Is Your T-Shirt Body Type?

Knowing your T-shirt body type is very useful when it comes to choosing the perfect T-shirt for you. Whether or not we want to admit it, we all have a specific body type that fits into a certain category. Choosing the right T-shirt for our body type will result in a flattering look that is sure to be appreciated by the wearer.

If you happen to be very thin or sporting some extra pounds, the loose fitting short-sleeved T-shirt is the perfect tee for you. Loose fitting shirts skim the torso showing a little of the shape but not too much. The less than perfect details are nicely hidden and you tend to feel much more comfortable than you would in a more form-fitting T-shirt.

If you have a great shape and are confident enough to wear more fitted clothes, then form fitting T-shirts are the choice for you. They nicely flatter the best figures and show them off to advantage. They always look neat and can easily transition from casual to more dressy affairs.

If you are pear-shaped, you may want to consider wearing T-shirts that have a line of text or something printed across the chest part only of the T-shirt. It draws the eye up and no one will notice your less than perfect sized hips. Likewise, if you are top heavy, a T-shirt that has printing on the tail will draw the eye down and you will appear more balanced.

If you have a short neck, remember that the key to looking your best in a T-shirt is the neckline. You should always opt for one with décolletage, such as a V-neck or a scoop neck. Such T-shirts give the impression of a longer neck, making you appear more balanced proportionately. These types of necklines are also sure to add to your sex appeal, another great reason to choose them.

If you have a bigger weight problem, do not be tempted to use oversized T-shirts as a way to cover up. Oversized T-shirts look like you are trying to hide something no matter what size you are. Therefore the illusion is busted right away. Oversized T-shirts are best used for sleeping in, never for day wear.

When you have discovered the T-shirt body type you have, it is important to make sure your wardrobe reflects that. You will want to get rid of shirts that are plainly unflattering to your body type. Then, you will need to invest in a variety of great, new T-shirts in the style that best fit your body type. The ideal way to do so is to get a selection of custom-made shirts printed that are exactly what you want. You can choose the colors you need, the weight, the style and the quality. You can also opt for a line or two of text printed on the T-shirt. It can be a fun, witty line, a joke, a belief, something you are proud of, an accomplishment or something or someone you love.

What To Do If Your Iron Stains Your Shirt

Stains on a T-shirt can turn a great looking tee into one that is your official house cleaning shirt. Stain removal is one of the biggest concerns for T-shirt owners, as stains happen so easily. Eating, cooking, working, playing and even caring for your shirt can result in stains that are hard to remove.

Leaving water in an iron often leads to rust in its water reservoir. When the same iron is used to press your clothes, whether with the old water still sitting in it or with fresh water, the rust can taint the water, which will then transfer onto clothes that are being ironed with it. Telltale rust spot stains stand out like a sore thumb and look hideous. To make matters worse, the heat of the iron helps to set the stain in quickly, so it is critical to deal with such stains right away. Luckily, there are several ways to get the problem under control.

An all-natural method of treating rust stains from your iron is as follows:
•    Soak the item in a 1 to 5 parts mixture of vinegar and water overnight.
•    Wash the shirt as usual.
•    Inspect the item to be sure the stain is gone before drying it, as drying often sets the stain permanently.

If this method does not work for you or you wish to treat the stain more aggressively, the following steps are recommended.
•    Immediately take the T-shirt and pre-treat it with a product especially made for harsh stains, such as from rust and other mineral deposits. Such treatments may be specifically for laundry or may be for general cleaning purposes, but work well for laundry also.
•    Follow the directions carefully for using commercial rust-removal products, as many such products are very toxic.
•    If no instructions are given, soak the T-shirt in this pre-treatment for about 15 to 30 minutes. Gently rub the product into the spot.
•    Wash as usual and inspect it to make sure the stain is gone. If the stain persists, repeat the process leaving it on the stain longer.
•    Do not dry the shirt until you are sure the iron stain is out.

If all else fails and you are stuck with a permanent stain on your T-shirt from your iron, rest assured that you do have a couple of last ditch solutions. You can camouflage the stain by having something printed over it or dying the whole T-shirt a darker color so the stain blends in.

Another alternative is to get yourself a replacement T-shirt exactly like the one you have ruined. A custom-made T-shirt can be made to exactly replicate your stained one. You can have it printed any way you would like, choose any color you want and even select the style and quality. In fact a new custom-made T-shirt is usually even better than the one you ruined.

How Do I Get the Smell Out of My T-Shirt?

Over time, anyone can end up with a t-shirt that smells bad and resists your attempts to get the smell out of it. The smell can occur because of excessive sweat, the odor of food or the specific smells of the workplace. If the smells don’t come out when the t-shirt is washed with the rest of the laundry, there are several ways to get rid of the offensive smell.

One of the easiest things to do is to hang the t-shirt on a clothesline outdoors to try to rid it of the smell. If you don’t have one, simply hang the shirt over your patio or balcony railing and let the fresh in their blow through your t-shirt. This can go a long way toward giving the t-shirt a fresher smell. Once you have done this, there may be some lingering odors left. If so, you’ll need to soak the t-shirt in something that will lift the odor from the fabric. Using a regular, scented laundry detergent will not necessarily remove the odor. Often, detergents just work to mask the odor with a new fragrance rather than ridding the t-shirt of it. So, when the detergent fragrance wears off, the bad odor is left behind. There are several substances that will rid the t-shirt of its odor without simply masking it.

Vinegar is a good rinse for a t-shirt that smells. You can use vinegar to soak the t-shirt for a few minutes before washing it in the laundry, or you can add a little bit of vinegar to the laundry detergent in the washer. Vinegar is extremely efficient at stripping odors from fabric. It may end up with a vinegar smell afterward, and the t-shirt may need to be washed again after the vinegar has done its work.

Baking soda is another great substance that can be used to pull the smell from a t-shirt. When mixed with water, it can be used as a presoak for your t-shirt. The shirt should be soaked in a solution for about half an hour and then put into the laundry as usual. Another way to use baking soda is to add a cup of it into the laundry along with the detergent. This can be extremely effective at removing foul odors from laundry.

Another method is to use a fabric softener to absorb the odor. To do this, take the t-shirt and one or two fabric softener sheets, depending on how bad the odor of the t-shirt is, and seal them together in a plastic bag. Keep the t-shirt in the bag with the softeners for two weeks. Once you remove the t-shirt, the fabrics softener sheets will have absorbed most, if not all, of the odor from the t-shirt. If there is any odor left in the shirt, try this method again with brand-new fabric softener sheets. After two weeks, you’ll be left with a sweet smelling t-shirt that has not simply been masked with a fragrance. The offensive odor will actually have been absorbed by the sheets.

How to Remove Condiments From Your T-Shirt

Condiments are items that can mean a lot of trouble for clothing because of their very nature. They are generally both drippy and thick, and because of this they often end up on t-shirts as well as other articles of clothing. One of the main problems with condiments, however, is that they are brightly colored and therefore can be difficult to get out of fabric.

Mustard and ketchup are generally the most commonly used condiments, and because they are fairly thin, it’s easy to stain t-shirts with drops of mustard and ketchup. Other condiments such as hot sauce and pickle relish can also create very difficult stains and t-shirts. When you first get a stain from one of these condiments, start blotting them away from the t-shirt as quickly as you can. Use whatever you have on hand such as a napkin or paper towel. If there is a lot of the condiment on your shirt, start with a butter knife to scrape it away from the t-shirt. Get as much of it away from the t-shirt you can before you attempt to treat the fabric.

Take off the t-shirt and put it under cold running water. Make sure the water is running directly through the stain. Don’t use a trickle of water – make sure the water is running swiftly ordered to power of the stain out of the fabric. If the condiment stain is fairly fresh, the cold water should take much of it out of the t-shirt. Rub the fabric together under the cold running water in order to force more of the condiment out of the fabric. If it is a fresh stain and this method gets most of the condiment out of the T-shirt, you can then soak it in cold water for a while. Simply fill up the sink with cold water, put the t-shirt in there and push it down to the bottom to make sure that air bubbles don’t force the t-shirt to the surface. The entire t-shirt needs to stay under the water for best results.

Soaking a new condiment stain in cold water should remove the stain completely and the t-shirt can then be washed in the laundry with other clothing. Use cold water and a strong detergent to make sure all of the stain is out of your t-shirt. For white t-shirts, put a little bit of bleach into the wash with the t-shirt. For colored t-shirts, use color-safe bleach only. Don’t use a detergent that contains ammonia or you may cause the stain to set into the fabric permanently.

If you’re condiment stain is very old, it may take a professional to get it out completely. You can try a pre-treating stick or spray and letting it soak into the condiment stain before washing the shirt. If it still doesn’t come out, there are home dry-cleaning kits that may work better. If these also fail, take the t-shirt to a reliable dry cleaner can ask whether they can remove condiment stains.

Should I Wear a Heavyweight or Lightweight T-Shirt?

A heavyweight t-shirt is one that weighs more than 6 ounces. Its heavier weight comes from its thicker material. A t-shirt with a thinner material, weighing under 6 ounces, is considered a lightweight t-shirt. How thick your t-shirt should be depends on several factors. These can include the type of weather you can expect, how the t-shirt looks on you and how it personally feels to you.

A heavyweight t-shirt can be worn to keep you warmer when the weather is cold or when there is a lot of wind. But, that’s not the only occasion to wear a heavyweight t-shirt. They can also be worn if you want better coverage from your clothing. A heavyweight t-shirt is one that will not show your figure as easily. For women, this can be a very important factor in which weight they choose. Because the coverage is better, wearing a heavier t-shirt is often more appropriate for the office and for many social occasions than a lightweight t-shirt. In many workplaces, it may be mandated how much coverage a person needs. If a bra line is visible through a T-shirt, it may be considered inappropriate by the boss.

Men may find that they have figure flaws that they wish to conceal behind a heavier weight T-shirt. If they have any chest fat or love handles, a thicker t-shirt will cover these more easily. The heavier weight pulls the t-shirt down so it does not cling as easily to the body. Women may have similar figure flaws that they wish to hide as well. A heavier weight t-shirt may make them feel better about themselves because they feel their perceived figure flaws are being hidden instead of being put on display by thinner material.

Thicker t-shirts also tend to last longer than thinner t-shirts. A heavyweight shirt will last through more washes than one that is lighter. It will also hold its shape for a longer period than a thinner t-shirt will. This can make it a lot easier to buy a heavyweight T-shirt so that you don’t have to keep shopping for T-shirts as often. It also means that the ones you already have will not stretch out as quickly.

Some people simply preferred the way a lightweight t-shirt feels. A lightweight t-shirt will breathe better and may allow a breeze that you can feel right through the fabric. Many people choose lightweight t-shirts if they live in very hot weather or for beach vacations. And when going to sleep, a loose, lightweight t-shirt provides a comfortable item of clothing that will not be constricting.

It’s known that a lightweight T-shirt usually costs less than a heavy weight t-shirt, and that might influence some people to choose a lightweight t-shirt over a heavier one. However, a heavyweight t-shirt usually lasts longer than a lightweight one. This can make the difference between the two prices negligible. What the decision often comes down to then is how much coverage as needed and the climate in which it will be worn.

Should I Tuck My T-Shirt Into My Underwear?

There are many times that the person wants to tuck in their shirt. There may even be times when it’s required that they do so. The question for some people is whether their t-shirt should be tucked into their pants or skirt or directly into their underwear. The answer to this is a personal preference, usually depending on their level of comfort.

For some people, it is an embarrassment for their shirt to ride up on them and expose their skin. If a person has gained weight or has figure flaws they don’t want on display, they can tuck their t-shirt into their underwear in order to make sure the t-shirt stays put for a prolonged period of time. Tucking a shirt into your underwear will keep it anchored more securely than simply tucking it into your pants or skirt.

Four other people, the discomfort can occur when a shirt rides up in the back. This may expose them to a cold breeze in the back or it may make them feel self-conscious. If a person is wearing a jacket or overcoat, having their shirt come un-tucked from their pants in the back may make the shirt bunch up. This can be very uncomfortable and awkward to remedy. Tucking a t-shirt into the underwear can make sure that doesn’t happen.

For children, tucking their t-shirts into their underwear is a great way to make sure their t-shirt stays put. It can be hard for any young child to remember how to tuck in their shirt and even to remember to do so. For social occasions or events in which a tucked-in t-shirt will look best, tucking the child’s t-shirt into their underwear is a great way to make it stay put. For casual schooldays, tucking a child’s shirt into their underwear will spare them a lot of trouble trying to tuck their shirt back in. Because they raise their hands in school and engage in physical exercise, their shirts will come un-tucked rapidly if they are not tucked in securely.

Because pantyhose isn’t worn as commonly anymore, many women have started tucking their t-shirts into their underwear because they used to tuck it into their pantyhose. For anyone used to the security of a shirt tucked into their pantyhose, using the underwear as a substitute can be a good alternative. It can give them the peace of mind that they had before with pantyhose.

For many people, however, there are other comfort issues involved. Tucking a t-shirt into your underwear may feel awkward and uncomfortable to you because it is new and unfamiliar. It may make you feel self-conscious and it may even make you wonder whether it is hygienic to tuck your shirt into your underwear. If tucking your shirt in this way is uncomfortable for you then there are alternatives to keeping your shirt more securely tucked. You can buy a larger sized t-shirt. Because it is longer, you can tuck more of it into your pants and keep it there more securely.

How to Brighten Your White T-Shirt?

Over time, any white t-shirt can start looking dingy and dull. Some may even turn a shade of yellow or gray. Some end up having a brown tinge because of age. Though it is normal for this to happen over time, there is no reason to live with a dingy t-shirt. There are several ways to brighten a white t-shirt and to make it look more like it did when it was brand new, clean and white.

Bleach is the most obvious answer for brightening a white t-shirt. However, bleach is a very strong substance and can be extremely harsh on fabrics. If you want to use bleach, use it sparingly and not very often. Perhaps use a small amount of bleach in the wash every other time you wash your white t-shirt. This will brighten it up without making the fabric brittle. One way to keep the amount of bleach that you use low is to add both baking soda and bleach to the laundry. The baking soda will give the bleach a boost and allow you to use less of the bleach.

Hydrogen peroxide is another chemical that is very effective at brightening white t-shirts. You can use bottled hydrogen peroxide on your t-shirt as a presoak and then wash the t-shirt in the laundry. Hydrogen peroxide can also be mixed with a little bit of baking soda and used in a pre-treating paste for the t-shirt. This paste is spread over the t-shirt to whiten and brighten it.

Lemon juice is another inexpensive and time tested method for brightening white clothing. Lemon juice can be used as a presoak or a pre-treating liquid for the t-shirt. If you are using it is a presoak, mix lemon juice and water and let the t-shirt soak before you launder it. If you want to use it is a pre-treating solution, put lemon juice diluted with a small amount of water directly on a dull area of the t-shirt before washing just as you would with a commercial pre-treating product.

With lemon juice, you can also add it directly to your washing machine. To do this, take 1 cup of lemon juice and add it to your washing machine during the rinse cycle. This is a way to bleach your t-shirt lightly with out damaging it.

Washing soda is a substance that is known to make whites a lot whiter than most commercial laundry detergents. Washing soda is used in a washing machine just like detergent. It doesn’t need any extra detergent and it is considered safer for the environment than many laundry detergents.

Perhaps the easiest method of whitening a white t-shirt is simply to bleach it out with solar power. Sound complicated? It couldn’t be easier. It’s done by simply laying the T-shirt out in the sunlight and allowing the sun to bleach it clean. It may take a few days to get the desired effect on your t-shirt, but it’s free and it’s easy to do. Be sure to flip the t-shirt periodically so that both sides get bleached by the sun.

The Basics of Undershirts

Undershirts are an extremely versatile garment that comes with its own set of rules. There are several different kinds of undershirts, each with its own use and its own reputation. Everyone has their own favorite style of undershirt for their own fashion and comfort reasons.


The A-shirt is one that has fallen out of favor recently because of the “wife beater” nickname commonly used in the press and among young people. The A-shirt is a thin undershirt that is vertically ribbed. Some people wear these undershirts under their t-shirts in order to keep their sweat from soaking through to their outer t-shirt.

V-Neck Shirt

A V-neck shirt is an undershirt that has a V-shaped neckline in the front. These are useful to wear if you like to keep a button or two undone on your outer shirt and don’t want your undershirt showing. V-necks are very popular garments because the wearer doesn’t have to worry about how high their over-shirt is in the front and their undershirt peeking out above it.

Crewneck Shirt

A crewneck shirt is one that has a rounded collar. It is popular as both an undershirt and an over-shirt. These provide the maximum coverage for those who want to keep their sweat from soaking through their t-shirt, want to cover up their chest hair or want to hide figure flaws. Other people choose it simply because this style is widely available, classic and comfortable.

Ways to Wear an Undershirt

For some people, they don’t wish their undershirt to be seen at all by others. For them, it is an undergarment like any other and should be kept from sight. There are some people, however, who choose to wear an undershirt with an open over-shirt so that the undershirt is seen plainly. You can wear a crewneck t-shirt with a button-up shirt over it, leaving in a few buttons undone. If you are in a dressy situation however, allowing your undershirt to show is generally considered unacceptable.

When you wear an undershirt, the generally accepted practice is to wear a clean, fresh undershirt each day. Never wear an undershirt again without washing it first. Undershirts can soak up odors and two wears between washes is far too many. When you wash your undershirts, be sure to brighten them by occasionally using bleach or baking soda to keep them white. If you wear an undershirt that will be visible to others, make sure it’s not dingy or stained.

When you choose your undershirts, make sure you pick the best size for your needs. If you choose an undershirt size that is to large to be worn as an undershirt, it will be bulky and will bunch up under your over-shirt. If you choose one that is too small, it will not be comfortable. Once you choose the right size, it will not bunch up or ride up in the back and will hug your body with out being uncomfortably tight. Once you find this perfect size, buy a lot of them to ensure that you always have clean undershirts.

Should I Wear a T-Shirt for My School Pictures?

What you wear for your school pictures is something you will remember for decades to come. For this reason, a lot of anxiety can go into what to wear on picture day. Parents, friends and other people may give you advice, but the answer has to come from yourself. You will want to show off your own style and personality with what you wear in your picture. Years later, you will want to be able to look at your picture and remember the person that you were and the style that you had.

If you feel a lot of pressure to dress up for your school pictures, there are many ways to wear a t-shirt and still be dressy. You can wear a tie or a necklace over your t-shirt. You can wear a nice jacket or blazer over your t-shirt. You can pair your t-shirt with a collared shirt worn under it. You can wear a simple black or white t-shirt and dress it up with accessories. A scarf can be tied around your neck or put over your shoulders for a more unique look. Some people like to dress up the t-shirts with a brooch or pin.

For most pictures, wearing something extremely complicated with a lot of buttons and patterns on it can make the details too difficult to come out in the picture. This makes a t-shirt the ideal thing to wear for school pictures. A t-shirt, even if it has a printed image, will be less fussy and complicated for the pictures. And because school pictures are so small in the yearbook, wearing something simple is generally the best idea.

When you wear a t-shirt on picture day, you can be assured that you’ll stay cool and comfortable all day. The alternative is wearing something stiffer and less comfortable throughout the day for the sake of your school pictures. But, there’s no reason to be uncomfortable just because you want to look good.  With a dressed-up t-shirt, you can look great as well as stay comfortable.

If your style is very casual, wearing a t-shirt on picture day is a must. A t-shirt shows that you have a cool, comfortable style all your own. What color t-shirt you wear should be chosen based on the colors that are most flattering to you as well as what the background colors are. Most school pictures are taken against some type of colored background. This may be one color, a picture, or swirl of colors. If you can find out what color the picture background will be in advance, you can better coordinate your t-shirt color to the back ground color.

If you have friends that you spend a lot of time with, you can coordinate with your friends in advance to wear matching t-shirts for picture day. This will remind you in the years to come about how close you were with these friends and will remind you of some of the good times you had together.

How Do I Remove Red Kool-Aid From My T-Shirt?

Anyone with children has had Kool-Aid spilled on them at one time or another. The key to keeping your clothing intact is to learn how to get the Kool-Aid stains out of your clothing effectively. Because Kool-Aid is so heavily pigmented, Kool-Aid stains are legendarily difficult to remove. Red stains in particular are one of the hardest colors to get out of fabric. Red Kool-Aid binds to the fibers of the fabric and makes it difficult to get the stain completely out of the t-shirt.

If the shirt is white, the easiest thing to do is to apply a small amount of bleach to the affected area. You can do this by pouring bleach into the cap and then pouring it over the stain. The bleach will have to sit for 15 minutes or more before you will see very much improvement in the stain. After that time, if the bleach has not taken the stain out of the t-shirt, try rinsing the bleach out and beginning again.

If the t-shirt is a different color, it will be much more complicated to get the red stain out of the fabric. How well the stain comes out generally depends on how quickly you start treating the fabric. To begin with, try to rinse out as much of the stain as you can. Put the stained area of the fabric under the faucet and run cold water straight through the t-shirt. This will loosen up the Kool-Aid that has not bonded with the fabric.

Once you have rinsed the area, you can start pre-treating it. This is an important step before you wash the t-shirt. You have a much greater chance of getting the stain out if it is treated before putting it through the laundry. There are many pre-treatment sprays, sticks and liquids that you can use to try to get the rest of the Kool-Aid out of the fabric. Apply one of these treatments and let the t- shirt sit flat for at least as long as recommended on the pre-treatment package.

If this doesn’t completely remove the stain, it will at least lighten it quite a bit if the stain is new. Once you have done this, you may need to rinse the pre-treatment substance away from the t-shirt. Read the directions to find out whether you must rinse it before laundering the shirt. If not, you can put directly into the laundry.

When you do wash the t-shirt in the laundry, be sure to use only cold water. If there is any part of the stain still lingering, using hot water will bind it completely to the fabric and make it extremely difficult to ever lighten it again. If you use cold water and the t-shirt comes out of laundry with some of the stain still left on it, you can try pre-treating it and laundering it again for better results. You may find that after two or even three times of pre-treating and washing, the stain is removed completely from the t-shirt.

How to Remove Candle Wax From a T-Shirt or Clothing

Candle wax spilled on t-shirt may seem like it would be impossible to remove. It ruins the look of the t-shirt, and it even changes its texture of the shirt in the area were it was spilled. You may think that your t-shirt is now beyond repair, but there are several methods of getting the wax off a t-shirt. If you can get any of the wax off while it is still pliant and warm, take off as much as you can. This can be difficult however, because as soon as the wax is cool enough to handle it will get stiff very quickly. Once the wax is hardened there are two main methods of getting the wax out. One way to do it is to use heat and the other is to use cold.

If you take the t-shirt and put it in the freezer for an hour or two, the cold will freeze the wax. Once the wax is frozen, you can break it much the way you would break glass. If the wax is very thick, use a hammer to break it up into pieces and then discard the pieces. If it is thinner, rolling the frozen portion of the shirt should break the wax up and make it easier to get rid of the frozen pieces.

The other primary way of getting rid of wax on a t-shirt is to use heat. You can use heat by placing the t-shirt into boiling water to loosen the wax. This will heat the wax enough to make it make it liquid again and it should float to the top of the pot of water. When this happens, skim the liquid wax from the top of the water to keep it from settling back on the shirt once you take the shirt from the water. Once the water has cooled, pour out the water and check t-shirt for any remaining wax once it is cool enough to touch. It may need to be boiled again or at a higher temperature if there is still wax left on the shirt.

Another way to use heat is to turn the t-shirt inside out, put sheets of newspaper inside the shirt and lay the shirt and newspapers flat. Then, take a hot iron and iron the t-shirt. Don’t use the steam setting for this method- only heat. The iron will melt the wax which will then be soaked up by the newspaper. Using an old towel instead of a newspaper will also work for this method.

If you try any of these methods and still can’t get the very smallest pieces of wax out of the fibers, you can use a needle to dislodge those pieces. This is often easier if the wax has been frozen first. Then, simply sit and push the tiny parts of wax out of the fabric with the needle. This is painstaking work, however, and it’s easier to try to get the wax out with the other methods.

Should I Wear a T-Shirt on a First Date?

There are no hard and fast rules about what you must wear on a first date. There’s no dress code and there is no one way of dressing that will impress any date that you may have. The main rule when dressing for a first date and any subsequent date is to dress properly for the specific occasion. Keep in mind the environment that you will be in with your date.

The problem with wearing a t-shirt on a first date is often that it is worn casually to a place that is not supposed to be casual. If you are taking a date out to dinner, it is possible to wear a t-shirt the right way in order to be appropriate to the occasion. The trick is to dress the t-shirt up or down according to where you and your date will be headed for the evening.

If you’re going to a picnic or a sporting event, wearing a t-shirt and jeans is certainly appropriate. If you are going out for a nice candlelit evening, you can still wear a t-shirt as long as you pair it with dressier items. If you wear a jacket or blazer over your t-shirt and pair it with a nice pair of pants, your t-shirt will look perfectly dressy and very appropriate for a nice first date. For women, pairing a t-shirt with a nice set of jewelry will make it look far dressier. That way, you can look dressed up and still remain in a comfortable t-shirt.

If you are going for a casual date, you should still pay attention to how your outfit coordinates. Don’t wear a t-shirt with the clashing pair of pants or a scarf that doesn’t match your shirt. Put together your outfit with care so that it flows well. Try to color coordinate so that your t-shirt is part of a well-thought-out outfit.

No matter where you’re going to no matter how casual the event is, it’s important that your t-shirt should be clean and in good condition for your date. Wearing a dirty or rumpled t-shirt is a sign of disrespect and will not impress your date no matter how casual the date is supposed to be. To show your date that you respect him or her and that you have made an effort with your appearance, hang up your t-shirt the day before you wear it so that any wrinkles will have the chance to fall out. You might also consider ironing your t-shirt so that it looks its best.

For any date, wear a t-shirt that is not stained and does not have a collar that is stretched out. If you want to wear white t-shirt for your date, wear one that is not dingy has been taken care of properly. If you can show your date that you made an effort to look your best even for a very casual date, you will have done your part to make the date a success.

Should I Wear a T-Shirt Under My Basketball Jersey?

You may have seen people wearing t-shirts under their basketball jerseys and wondered whether this is a good idea. There are a number of reasons why people wear this look. For many people, there is a matter of personal comfort, a matter of the way the basketball jersey fits as well as a matter of their own personal style.

Basketball jerseys tend to be very thin, flimsy garments. For this reason, it can be extremely cold when a person is wearing a basketball jersey. One way to combat the cold is to wear a t-shirt under the basketball jersey. Because basketball jerseys usually fit very loosely, wearing a t-shirt under one is never a problem. A t-shirt under the jersey will keep a person insulated until it is time for the game. Other than players, many people wear their basketball jerseys to school or when going to a game to watch as a spectator. During this time, wearing a t-shirt under the jersey can make it far more comfortable to keep the jersey on for a long period of time.

In addition to the temperature factor, there is also a matter of style. Many people wear a t-shirt under their basketball jersey because they want to make a casual style statement. Wearing their favorite color under it is a way to demonstrate their own personality and style while still wearing the team’s jersey. If you want to show off your own personal style as well as your love for the team, wear a t-shirt that corresponds to one of the colors on the jersey. That makes for a completed look and one that has a lot of visual impact.

And for some people, wearing a basketball jersey simply feels too revealing. Basketball jerseys generally have perforations to allow an athlete some air circulation. This can help when a person is sweating and needs air flowing through their jersey to cool them down. However, wearing a basketball jersey off the basketball court can make some people feel too self-conscious. The perforations make the garment extremely revealing, particularly for girls. To keep this from occurring, wearing a t-shirt under a basketball jersey can give a person the coverage that they need to feel confident.

For some people, disguising their figure flaws is the idea behind wearing the t-shirt. Because basketball jerseys tend to be so thin, a t-shirt can make it more difficult to see any flaws that the person doesn’t want to reveal. A loose t-shirt under the jersey can make the person’s figure completely unrecognizable in the outfit. A tighter t-shirt can simply add a little more coverage without adding bulk to the person’s figure.

For people who sweat a lot, they may feel less self-conscious about it if they are wearing a t-shirt under the jersey. This will allow the cotton t-shirt to soak up some of the sweat and to make them a little more comfortable. It will also keep them from worrying about how they will look when they start to sweat.